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Jun 16, 2010


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Beautifully done! It looks great! I was just thinking about you, I thought you've been rather quiet on Twitter & on your blog, I figured you were busy creating something amazing :)


Amanda! Everything is so beautiful. Your *artsy fartsy* photo is stunning with the dark blue background and I absolutely love your little bees and the fact that you made them in green :)

Joy Ellis

I LOVE it!! Just gorgeous! Love how you copied the little green bees and that blue is just beautiful on that cake. I love the little blue embellishments on the cupcakes!! Loved the picture with the dark blue background. Totally awesome!!


That cake is beautiful! I hope that you're doing well-you've been quiet lately!


Love,Love,Love it.
I would love to have just a smidg-it of your talent.

ashley bridger

gorgeous! great work! I love the colors. you have a steady hand.


I don't think I've ever enjoyed a blog more than I do yours. It's pure pleasure to see how you decorate your cakes and cookies. I am so impressed with your artistic talents and wish I had just a teeny iota of your talent!


You are an artist!! Love it...love your blog. Excellent.

Kristin Morris

Amanda, I love love this!
Those bee cookies are so adorable, and I love the colors for this cake! You did a fantastic job. {As always ;)}


Gorgeous! I love the bee too!


Awesome job on this! Yay for being challenged - it's good to make your brain work.


WOW!!!! Amazing as usual!!! I LOVE the cake and especially the bee cookies! Awesome!! You already know how hugely talented I think you are :-)


Just showed my 3 year old daughter your cake,cupcakes and cookies. She said that you make "Beautiful things".


Amazing! Absolutely lovely :)


GASP. That is all.

bridget {bake at 350}

Geez a lou...that's an expression, I swear...is there anything you can't make? I want to follow you around while you are making such masterpieces. Every single thing is beautiful...and I love those little bees!


this is gorgeous!


This has got to be my favorite looking cake EVER! I am in love with it.


As usual - I am amazed!


Once again, an amazing creation! You are incredible!
(and to Bridget: 'Geez a lou' is an expression, I've used it! And I think we're in different parts of the country, so that means it's national and not just local. LOL).


Simply amazing! Beautifully executed... I think you could seriously become professional :)



It is gorgeous! I have a million blogs in my reader, so when I get behind I flip through the images really quickly. I can always tell when they are yours! Beautiful!


Fantastic! I love finding things like fabrics, scrapbook paper, etc for inspiration. The bee cookie is my FAVORITE.


Seriously, Amanda???????????

All of that looks just too good to eat!!!!!! I can imagine how all that looks in person!!! Wow!!!!!!! It's all just perfect!


Love it!!!

Kim Hassett

Beautiful... Is the cake covered with fondant and then your royal icing flowers? Everything looks so smooth and crisp.. wish I could get things to come out that perfect!


Absolutely gorgeous!!


Amanda, you never cease to amaze me with your talent. WOW girl. That is just gorgeous. God bless.


wow, i love!


Wow - so beautiful!!! Lovely, lovely, lovely!


Very Amy Atlas! You are an artist!

Becki D

Totally gorgeous. You are so talented!!!


Great minds think alike! I just finished some fun Bee sugar cookies for an order-I'll have to get your opinion on them :) I'm loving your whimsical flair!

Natalie @ Keep It Sassy

I'd say you definitely pulled off the 'artsy fartsy' look! :) Love the cupcake toppers and the cake is gorgeoussss.

I think I'm going to have to try royal icing for my next batch of cookies!

Erica B.

OH WOW!!! This is so pretty!!!


I like it when you're artsy fartsy!


Positively gorgeous!! I've been loving a blue/green combo lately--the color of crisp summer leaves against brilliant sky. You captured it perfectly. :-)


So fabulous, Amanda - as usual!

Hopefully this won't sound offensive in any way, but I think that's surprisingly some good inspiration for my new bathroom!!! How ironic is that??? Seriously, though, I've been debating colors for my bathroom. Blue with browns? Or green with browns? Heck, why not blue AND green and NO browns?! I'm loving it.

Hugs to you!


Beautiful! I love the colors and the design and LOVE the bees! Once again, I'm in awe. Thanks for sharing!

Jamie @ My Baking Addiction

What a stunning cake! I love the color combination...so aquatic and calming. It is just gorgeous!


nice job!

Amalia Standard

WOW....beautifully done. The cake is gorgeous.... and those bees...simply exquisite. Your attention to detail is just incredible. Thanks for all of the inspiration you give those around you:)


Pardon me while pick my mouth up off the floor because it just totally dropped after seeing these! Those bees!!!!! That piping work!!!! That smooth icing!!! Those photos!!! I mean WOW.


oh wow gorgeous! are the motifs on the cake itself royal icing too?


I never comment..... but I had to tell you- I LOVE this! Good job.


really pretty :) you are so talented! i love the bees too, very cute!


You are extremely talented. Amazing work.


This is so pretty!! love them all! Awesome work & piping!


Very nice - love the colors!


you are trying to be an artist ??? but YOU ARE AN ARTIST !! it's just fantastic what you do :) !

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