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Jun 07, 2010


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Wow - you are so ambitious - I can hardly keep up with my one blog and two kids....I'm in awe of you. :)



Very exciting! I can't wait to check it out :)

Jessica @ How Sweet

Very cool, Amanda! I love the idea. Going to check it out now. :)

meaghan (chic cookies)

cool beans... I'm off to check it out!


Brilliant! I'm an LJ addict so this makes me very happy! Joining now!


Just checked out your Live Journal. You have been a Busy Baking Mommy! Best wishes with this latest endeavor of yours Amanda, I'm sure you will have a huge following.


Don't know how you do it : wonderful blog posts, gorgeous photos, beautiful desserts . . and now : 3 blogs! lol. I'm going to go check it out.


That's so cool! I joined immediately :D Looking forward to a lot of posts! (But hopefully not too many repeats... :S)



Wow, how exciting!! I'm going to register!!!

Natalie @ Keep It Sassy

I'm not a mommy but I love the community! I think Livejournal is a really great medium for bloggers to use, and contrary to popular belief it's not just full of melodramatic 13 year old girls (anymore!).


Awesome!! I've had an LJ for many years, long before I ever blogged, so I'm thrilled to join your community. My user name there is idriveacamaro, ha!

Amanda Rettke

Exactly!! I am really new to it all, so I never had an issue with the teeny boppers. (totally just dated myself huh) But I have met SO many great folks who are kind and intelligent and fun! Its been wonderful!!


Looking forward to checking it out, and linking to my current blog - maybe I can pick up my traffic! lol Thanks for the info!


Can't wait to check it out!!!

tia @ buttercreambarbie

eeks. I don't think i'm talented enough to balance TWO Blogs! lol.


HOLY CRAP YOU MADE SPOTLIGHT ALREADY. That is so awesome! Congrats!

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