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May 17, 2010


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I LOVE coming to your blog and seeing what you've been up to in the kitchen. You're so talented... always coming up with something new to do.

Can't wait to see what your cupcake decorating hints are. I am forever making cupcakes for various events for my kids! :)



I love those cookies!! awesome job as always!

pamela ponder

love the cookies and I know the cake is going to be beautiful..can't wait to see your cupcakes..

Amanda Sikes

I love it ALL!! Everytime I see a new post I get so excited. I keep thinking I will try some of your ideas. But with four young children and another on the way, my decorating whim will have to wait for another day, or year!! I will just keep enjoying all your fun creations!!! I have an idea about the cookies that I won. I want to use them when we have the baby. I wil have a c-section so I can tell you when it will be and I can have them at the hospital to celebrate with all our visitors!! It will be so much fun!! But now I must wait until Oct. for that!


If you blink really fast when you look at the cake...weird things happen.


OH! I'm excited to see your cupcake tutorial because my daughter wants me to make cupcakes for her party too!! LOL

Oh...and I'm sending you your check tomorrow!!!!! I can't wait!!!


Mmmm...I have had cupcakes on the brain lately! Can't wait!
Beautiful cakes and fun cookies! Wish I could be your sous chef for a day!


I'm loving the pic of all those Super Mario cookies. My son just ordered Mario Galaxy 2 today online, and it's all he can talk about!


Looove the cookies! And yayy for the upcoming Manda cupcakes!! :D Yes please to the fun tutorial!! You are so creative and talented with everything you bake, you always give me baking inspiration :)


oooooh!! waiting for your cupcakes!! Uou know I've asked my colleagues who will be returning to the US for the summer break to bring back some cupcake liners. The ones here in India are too flimsy. yay!!! I cant wait to try it out.


I think the cake that you want to change looks really cool!! I still can't wait to see what you do with it. :)

Jessica (j-wood photography)

Great stuff! Ever get tired of making 4,675,742 of the same cookie?

You may get this question a lot, but what do you do with all the cakes you don't use or mess up on? For example, your practice cake (love that deep dark blue color, by the way).

Joy Ellis

great job! My son is actually thinking of joining the Air Force! So I loved that cake! Our family is also a big Mario fan!! Loved the cookies! You are so talented. I look forward to see what you come up with next!! Thanks for sharing!!


Awesome job! My girls love the cookies, they are big Mario fans. Super cute.


WOW! Great job on everything!! How did you make the cookies? Did you use a circle, then manually cut around the face? Y


The super mario cookies are really adorable. And I like the navy blue on the cake. So what changes are you going to make that brought on the ugh?
Can't wait to read about your cupcakes!


So, what is the practice cake for, my dear? I think it's kind of plane on top, but I do like the dots on bottom. And what did you put in the middle of the air force cake? Come on! I know you did! :)

Joshua Rachman

You're right -- looks like shit! LOL

Joshua Rachman

Sorry -- I was just joking above! Much better than I ever hope to do.....!


We love your stuff and will be looking forward to more pictures and more creations!


I can't get over those mushroom cookies. I love me some Mario :)


Amanda- I saw the title of your post and thought I had written it! Our entire life is Air Force (husband is active duty), Mario (my son is OBSESSED) and cakes (that would be me). I found you through Bake@350 and love love your blog and ideas. Although I will not show my son your Mario cookies, because then I'll be in the kitchen all night!


where did you find the cookie cutters for the mario cookies? great job...come see me over at www.bakingwithashley.blogspot.com

Amanda Rettke

I cut out each cookie by hand! :)


Every single one by hand? You are so dedicated!!!

Alex Erynn

I absolutely love your practice cake. As much as you hate the colour, size, and glossiness, I love it. Your handiwork is fantastic. I'm going to have to start practicing if I want to get anywhere with cakes!


The practice cake is amazing! How in the world did you keep those lines straight? Great job! And those cookies are adorable.


I am so in love with the Super Mario cookies!


Wow, how did you do all those dots on the cake without going bonkers?!? So straight and symmetrical! :)

Amanda Rettke

LOL I almost DID go bonkers! That is why I was so crushed when it didnt turn out as beautifully as I had imagined. Next time... I will plan it out better!

Be blessed!


Wowwwwwwww. How did you do the icing for the mario cookies because they look perfect!!

Amanda Rettke

Here is little tutorial Vanessa!



oh my, the mario cookies are adorable! I'm also loving your test cake, it's so striking!

Vanilla Cardamom

i just discovered your blog and i LOVE IT.
it's probably THEE cutest thing that exists on the internet.

i look forward to an upcoming diy!!!


I just love your Super Mario Bros cookies! And I hope we get to see more of the Airforce cake. I'm also very interested in what you are going to do to tweak that cake. Thanks for sharing!

bridget {bake at 350}

You are so amazingly talented!!! Cake, cookies, cupcakes...I can't wait to see everything!

I was telling kiddo about your Mario cookies this week...I could just see his little mind working. "Hmmm...wonder if I can trade MY cookie maker mom for that COOL Mario cookie maker mom." You may be getting a call.


i really like your practice cake! and the super mario cookies are super cute ;-)


I love your blog!!!
Congratulations , everything looks delicious!!!

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