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May 12, 2010


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Great cookies Amanda (duh, like they'd be anything but great!) I bet Tina will love them. Well done.

katie r.

Very clever, Amanda!


You never cease to amaze and delight me! My sister is an RN and when she graduated years ago, if I was decorating cookies then I would have made her these (had you been blogging then of course and already posted this!) Wonderful cookies. Tina will be delighted and I love your heart cookie and the survival rules.


Very Funny! :) Love it!


That's greatness! I think the survival list is hilarious, too! Good job!


LOVE IT! When I'm done will you do some for me too??


Those are perfect! Your detail is amazing...spoken by the ziplock baggie decorator!


Amazing talent! These are so creative. ;)


SO cute and the big cookie is funny. I bet she loved it! This is a fantastic idea. You were right, there are ways it coulda gone wrong (ie: bandaids might not go over well, depends on the crowd), you knocked it outta the park. I cant wait to hear how she liked it!


Very cute! I always look forward to your posts.

bridget {bake at 350}

Oh, you are too cute! LOVE the survival cookie. And the tiny stethoscope! Oh, and the heartbeat thingy...on the HEART! You are so clever and never cease to amaze!


Love them! I can't wait to tell you what Tina thinks of them. I'll do a post sometime after Saturday!

Thanks so much! I knew your artistic interpretation would be great.

Amy's blah, blah, blog

You did it again! Awesome!


I love them!! I am currently in nursing school.. I commend Tina for passing! Its quite the challenge!!


These would have been a great gift at my hospital for Nurses' Week, which ended today. As a nurse, I think these are super!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

They are so perfectly done, you are wonderful.


These are just fabulous!! You are so creative! Love the design!


Cute - you did a great job.


Absolutely fabulous! So creative. And I LOVE the band aid cookie and the little stethoscope is adorable. Hubby is a doc, he would love these. The big cookie rules is an inspired touch.


Wow, how in the world did you pipe that tiny little stethoscope so perfectly?? I love the heartbeat hearts too.


I LOVE the band aid and the heart beat ones:) Heck all of them!! Your piping is perfect!

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Super cute and fun cookie idea! I love your little drawings on the letters!


Very cute idea and execution was fantastice even the the survival list!!!


very fun ... I love letter cookies. :) So tell me though ... how did you package them?? The few I have done with words have been a bit of a challenge in the packaging department.

Healthy Foods Blog

That is amazingly creative! I'm sure that tastes more delightful than the way it looks.

- Tera



You never cease to amaze me...really!!!!!!!

Can you ship goodies to California????? Seriously! What are your rates???


I'm such a nerd - or maybe such a mom. I don't know which. Maybe both??? Ha ha ha. But when I saw the title of this on my blog reader, I totally was thinking, "Umm... Please don't let this be a bunch of bras and booby cookies!" Like I said, I'm a nerd.

These are adorable!

Hugs, Susan


I survived Nursing School 7 years ago :) LOVE the cookies. The heart cookie is too cute and the survival list made me laugh. Great job, as always.


I wouldn't want to even eat them if they were mine!!
I like the heart one, cute idea.


been a nurse for 30 years...I work with infection control nurses, and they would love your rule #1. I think the idea is delightful and you are a gem!!


Love them!!! Tomorrow is my last day of culinary school :)


Oh my. Here you go again! This is gorgeous! I bet she was thrilled and you are so darn clever. I love your little nursing decorations on the cookies. I am continually charmed when I visit you.


Now why didn't you post these a couple of years ago when my sister in law graduated from nursing school! They are so cute!!


Well, these are amazing, as per usual! So cute! I've been unable to log on from my computer due to a move for some time now, so I just went back through the posts I missed and so many pretty ideas! I especially LOVE the cookie jar idea, I wish I'd seen it before mothers' day! Although I ended up making her cupcakes using Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake recipe and a weird icing recipe that uses flour - and although they turned out messy as hell she loved em and squealed over em, so I count that as a success! I do wish badly I had your talented hands, though!


underwhelmed? no. try wonderfully impressed, as usual. my favorite is the heartbeat line on the heart-shaped cookie. good stuff. :)


Ok, as a nurse - I. Love. These. Seriously LOVE. Love love love.

tricia williams

survival list is fantastic! ... in nursing school presently. Found you on lj. enjoying your site!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Love these! The heart with the little EKG on it is absolutely adorable!

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