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May 29, 2010


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Kristin Morris

Amanda, YOU NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME!! My cookies do not look like this, although I have literally done them once, bahaha. But anywho, they are precious, and I am sure you won't hear any complaints about food. :D


You're such a genius!! How cute are those!! Hope y'all have a blast! :)


Love them! Adorable!!


My goodness, Amanda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just when I thought I saw it all!!! I'm so excited to see Miranda's cookies!! You know you're going to have a complete blog post dedicated to you!! LOL


LOVE them! I bet everyone else will too. Great job!

bridget {bake at 350}

They are going LOVE them! Your printing on those is impeccable! I want to come, too!!!


OMG - wonderful! You're so, so talented Amanda!


Those totally comprise a dish to share ~ Adorable!! Lucky campers have something wonderful to look forward to. Have a wonderful weekend!


so cute! i recently foumd your blog and i'm so happy i did.

meaghan (chic cookies)

These look great!!! My "dish to share" is ALWAYS cookies. Careful though, from here on out, you'll not be allowed to bring anything else, especially after these beauts make an appearance.


those are awesome ... such a creative girl!


I am SO copying this idea for Boy Scouts!


So cute! I love them!!! :)



These will definitely beat out smores any day. What a super cute and creative idea. Why I am not surprised?! Hope you have a great gathering will all the family and friends.

Amanda Sikes

Awesome cookies! Enjoy your camp out. We are headed to camp (in a tent) for the next six nights. We leave tomorrow after church services. Can't wait! I love camping!!

Alex Erynn

Always have to have a last minute cookie idea. Don't you love when you don't read the full invitation? ;)


Wow, I love the designs on these!!!! Perfect!!! SO so cute!!!! I love the flames and logs!!


These look amazing! How long have you been decorating cookies? You're incredibly talented... :D


Amy's blah, blah, blog

You know, I had come by earlier to see if you had any fun red, white and blue cupcakes to share for the holiday, but no, you go so above and beyond. Unbelievable. I'm sure EVERYONE liked them!


Seriously? These are sooo fun! Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!


WOW, these are stunning. You have incredible talent!

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Super cute cookies! I'm sure everyone is going to love them, and I'm sure your "dish" will definitely be the most creative and delicious at the campout! Hope you and your family have a great weekend!


These are so awesome! I love how you "just whipped them up!" What tip do you use when you write? I tried a 1 & 2 last night w/some cookies I was doing. The 1 seemed to thin and the 2 seemed too thick. I think maybe my icing was a little too thin? I'm still working out lots of kinks but I'm getting better! If only practicing didn't take 6 hours! hahaha Have you ever used PME tips?


"I didnt have a cookie cutter for the fire so I just made one quick."

Lol, I love how nonchalant that comment was! Like it was just no biggie! ;) Do you even KNOW how amazing you are? I sure hope so ;)

I just realized I haven't been getting your emails for when you update this blog so I've missed a bunch of posts! I'm excited to catch up! Sad (for me) that you're booked through August, so I'll have to snag you for my son's September birthday before you fill up ;) I'm excited that you've been doing so well with this! Thank you for sharing your talents with others!


What's not to like? I'm sure everyone will LOVE them!


They are perfect! The colors and marbling on the fire look beautiful!
I'll try your icing recipe this week, wish me luck!


Did you use your signature icing for these? You've said before that they take a few days to completely dry - but it sounds like you only had a few hours to whip these together before it was time to pack up and head out. How did you get the icing to dry quickly enough for stacking them?


soo cute! im sure everyone loves it!


As always, your cookies look fab.

I love that you "just made one" for the log/fire cutter. Could you please explain that one a little more... I notice that you've done that before too - made your own cutters based on the need. A tutorial on that, with some photos and samples would be greatly appreciated.


3d cookie designs, a new trend? the air bubbles turned out to add a great effect--bravo!


These are awesome! You are so talented! And I do love the logs as well. Some of the best inventions and ideas come out of us being in a hurry. Great job and I hope everyone loved them!! Thanks for sharing!


QUESTION: You say you didn't have a cookie cutter for them so you made one. How did you make it?? Genius!


I completely JUST found your blog and fell in love. I went through every page tonight and was in awe. I am attempting my first rainbow cupcake endeavor tomorrow and you inspired me to go for it!!

I can't wait to keep up with you and all your beautiful work!


love the fire
i made cookies for memorial day too

Christine Trebendis

Although I may not always leave a comment, I do love your work and check out your blog daily. You are truly amazing. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful creations.

Jana Cinnamon

Love the fire effect! You never cease to impress. :) I'm sure this was more appreciated that a traditional 'dish.'


These cookies are so awesome! :)


These are TOOOOOOO cool! Or should I say hot?? I like them all packed up in that tin bucket, what a great way to present them. Hope you had a good weekend!


These are the cutest and most delicious-looking memorial day cookies I have ever seen. I just want to curl up to a camp fire and eat these cookies one after another.

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