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May 25, 2010


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Sassy Molassy

How do you do the flower like frosting? Not the pink stuff, but the white? So pretty and simple seeming!


Love the cupcakes and the flowers. So beautiful.


seriously- I get to be the 'first' comment! Those look great!

Jessica @ How Sweet

Beautiful! I love the beautiful peach one in the center. :)


I love it! Your pink rose sticking out is beautiful. I may have to take it for some of my won cupcakes. I'll be sure to give credit though. You're amazing!


How do you do it?? That is awesome! I need to take lessons from you. How much do you charge. ;)


Adorable! Looks difficult but its not, that is the best kind of decorations :)


I think that my heart broke a little too ... seriously bummed for you that they didn't make the transport. :( But they were adorable.

pamela ponder

WOW those are awesome!!

Jessica (j-wood photography)

Sorry they broke - that really must hurt.

You should do tutorial videos for those of us who are not cultured in the way of baking.


Beautiful, as usual!!


these are so beautiful!


adorable. I would next time take the flowers very carefuly seperate and then add them when I got there. I don't know they are sooo adorable though.


Even if they broke - they are gorgeous! Just like everything you make! How I wish you lived close to me - I don't want to have to attempt a 16th birthday cake for my daughter next month!! I'd hire you!! :o)




Awwww, That's too bad that they broke:( They really make a statement! Very original and creative, but very delicate:)


Everything is so delicate and pretty. Shame that the royal icing roses broke. Super idea to do your church initials in the leaves. Love how your coloured your frosting on the cupcakes.

Amanda Rettke

I just used a #1M tip... make a small spot in the center, then one big circle around it. It took a few tries to get the hang of it, but I just love the effect!!



I can imagine how your heart broke. Your pictures are lovely, even though your church failed to see your self-giving heart felt work. Just the swirl of frosting, looking like a flower, stands for itself. Beautiful work.


Looks like a perfect art, If I make it I will be staring at it than eating. So beautiful.

Amanda Sikes

Both of the flowers are beautiful. I love the orange color on the one. I must try that for cupcakes for my daughters birthday in July. Simple and yet fance, any little girl's delight. Thanks for sharing.


So pretty!! I think I'd have cried if my sugar roses broke!

Natalie @ Keep It Sassy

Gorgeous, gorgeous cupcakes! Cookies are my 'new thing' right now, but I really want to try my hand at cupcake decorating too.


Oh man..I'm so sorry those broke! They are so beautiful!!!!!!!!! I'm sure they appreciated them just as much!!

I love how you frosted them!!!


Those are gorgeous!! More video tutorials, please! ;-)


Gorgeous! Bummer they broke but the "backup" rose is just as beautiful! Hope the event goes well! Your church is blessed to have you!


Clap! Clap! Clap! Love, love, love these!!!! They are SO very impressive!


The royal icing flowers are stunning, do you have a recipe for the icing?

Alex Erynn

They are gorgeous, as always. I love the tulips. It's an idea I've had for a while but I've never played it out. Now I'll have to try!


Soo beautiful! You're so creative and always coming up with such brilliant ideas like these RI roses on cupcakes! Gorgeous!!


I'm sending you a virtual standing ovation for these. They are very lovely.

Cheryl Cole

You are so very talented!

bridget {bake at 350}

Those cupcakes are GLORIOUS! Seriously. The flowers standing up...and then the rose frosting! *sigh*

{I'm sorry some of them broke....my heart is breaking with you. At least you took the pictures FIRST!}


These are beautiful! Do you happen to have the recipe you used on hand? I would love to try this for my grandmother in laws birthday :)

Debbie @TheHipHostess

YOU my dear are amazing. I love both the incredibly adorable flower motif and the understated elegance of the Rose topped frosting. You are truly an artist! But I bet you hear that all the time.
I bet all the ladies at Church were just delighted with all the lovely you presented!


The cupcakes are beautiful and your photography is amazing, as well. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this blog. Bookmarking now.


OMG that's really beautiful! And alot of work! Didn't your arm get tired? Mine is just looking at it. :P But truly amazing work!


Love the standing up flowers. I'll definitely have to try that.


OKOKOKOK!!!! THESE would be PERFECT for the anniversary party in January. Do you have a bulk cupcake cost? Email me ... I LOVE them!!!


Oops ... I should have reminded you ... I am the one who is coming to MPLS to host my inlaws 50th anniversary party in August. The party will be in Anoka. Is that too far for me to come pick them up?

meaghan (chic cookies)

Oh my gosh, in addition to insane talent, do you read minds? I was JUUUUST playing around with something eerily similar! Except yours are beyond brilliant, so I bow to you (ow, hit my head on the table)! Crazy cute.


Those flowers are so gorgeous and the monogram in the leaf is very clever! I can't imagine how you must've felt when you found them breaking/broken!

Swee San

It's so pretty!! I love the idea of a standing royal icing flower like yours.


Wow! These are one of the cutest things I've ever seen! Love them!


gorgeous! i'm going to totally steal this idea!


Absolutely beautiful - with the flowers and without!

Melissa Dumitru

Hi I have a cupcake business in Perth, Australia, I am sure you have heard of "down under" we have enough actors over in America to have put us on the map! Just stumbled upon Flower Cupcakes, really beautiful, I love your rose design icing its just stunning & your flowers in royal icing, what a great idea, im going to do them in chocolate too. A really nice touch for your church group, I hope your heart has mended by now & you are still enjoying the happiness that cupcakes bring to all of our lives! :) cheers Melissa from Oz :)


These are so creative and absolutely adorable! Love them.


I love it! I really love the colored icing rose. Beautiful.

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Super cute!Love your royal icing roses, sorry to hear that some of them broke. I have tried several royal icing figures to place on cakes before and have had bad luck when transferring them..they always seem to crack!

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