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May 05, 2010


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Mmm that looks scrumptious! I love banana bread/cakes.
Oh, I keep forgetting to tell you...I love your new profile picture. You look very pretty and professional.

Erica Lea

Aw, that's so cute (hubby as hero)! :) This looks scrumptious - I really like the idea of adding heath chips.


I love this. Very much. My belly wants some in it.
Do you love your mini pans more than me???


Mmmm I have been looking for a banana bread recipe...I definitely want to try yours! I have mini loaf pans too. :-)


That is great fun! I made some banana bread ... errr, cake ... this week too. But I threw some rhubarb in there that needed to be used up that was taking up valuable space. It was surprisingly good, but not half as adorable as yours. That whit chocolate chip one sounds delicious.


YUM. I adore banana bread. I'm definitely trying your best base recipe. You know, to see how it stands up to my mom's. :)


And, by the way, I'm hoping your recipe will win - because I absolutely cannot imagine a better banana bread than my mom's! It would be surprising and magically delicious. Again. YUM.


Okay, now you've done it all!!!

Banana cake is my all time favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you just kicked it up like 20 notches!

bridget {bake at 350}

best base banana bread...best base banana bread...best base banana bread... :)

ALL 3 ways look wonderful!

pamela ponder

yumm, I can't wait to try it this way!!! I mean seriously heath chips, my fav, and white chocolate chips..oh my!!


Our recipe is like yours, except we add nutmeg (or sometimes all spice) to the batter in place of cinnamon and cover the top with cinnamon sugar mix, a lot of it. May likes walnuts in hers, too. I've got to try the heath chips..... mmmmmm


I love banana bread, breakfast, lunch, dinner, anytime. Love these new twists on an old favourite. They all look very good and tasty.


ooh I SO love banana bread, and the BLACKER and more LIQUID the bananas, the SWEETER the bread :) (basically turns into pure sugar as it ages) LOVE it, i used to be scared of using bananas that had turned liquid, but my MIL showed me that it only makes it BETTER!


Can't wait to try this!! I love banana bread!

Judy Moyer

Trying that recipe this weekend!


I love the assortment! Looks soo wonderful. :)


Now I want some mini loaf pans! The white chocolate sounds absolutely delicious.

Elaine from Cookware Help

I made this early this morning and could barely contain myself as the aroma filled our house! I added some chopped walnuts and chocolate chips and it turned out great. I like this better than the other recipes I have tried because it is wonderfully moist. And I must say the taste of the FRESH out of the oven....YUMMY - there are no other ways to describe it!

Abby (Nibble, Nourish, Run)

Why have I never thought of adding white chocolate to banana bread? Sounds delicious! I can only imagine how fabulous it tastes...! And the mini bread tins are too cute...!


Yum! I love banana bread! I especially like how you "packaged" it for gift giving. Thanks for sharing!

Susan S.

They all sound yummy! I have banana bread recipes (several) from both sides of the family but I'm ready to try adding some extra goodies. I've always got those brown bananas in the freezer. :)

 Medical Advice

i like banana bread also my son..coz healthy and yummy.


You're exactly right. My banana bread even uses cake flour! Love your recipe. Mine does not have nuts; and you use brown sugar which I would prefer.
Love those mini loaves!

Olivia Gaffney

Wonderful! I have this same recipe from allrecipes.com but it doesn't include vanilla and cinnamon....hello! Cinnamon is great in everything! I can't wait to taste it. I'm gonna make this right now! We have lots of frozen brown bananas that I need to use and we are going to the lake for the weekend (taking the camper) so this will be a great treat to take along. Thanks! You just made our weekend better! :)


So weird, I was just thinking about making banana bread...

Alex Erynn

I love banana bread...especially with chocolate chips. It looks fantastic.


i've never had a batch of banana bread that i didn't like, and these would certainly be no exception. i like the variety. :)

Ashley O

Mmmmmmm...... I want banana bread now!! These look great!! I made my son a banana & chocolate chip cake for his 2nd Birthday. I never thought about adventuring out and using white or heath. Thanks for the great idea!! :)


nicely done!!! I love all the additions you made...but I think the one with white chocolate would be my favorite :)

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I don't know if that makes a contribution to its flavor but it was a wonderful bread for thick slices if you can wait a couple of days after starting the dough.


If you doubt yourself, then indeed you stand on shaky ground.


Hi! Your banana bread looks amazing! I'm contemplating making these in the individual brownie pan. How long do you think this bread would keep for (shelf life)?

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