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May 27, 2010


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Your cookies are the greatest ever. Everyone loves them!

Alex Erynn

The facebook cookies are fantastic. How do you come up with this stuff?


Don't worry at all! She will love them. They are both great. Also, I think it's great that you have put your name in the bottom of your pictures. People shouldn't post pics to their blog w/o giving credit. You go girl ;)

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Those cookies are LOVEly... Every single one! I especially love the Facebook cookies. Adorable!

I am with you on adding your name/site/etc to your photos... It's a shame that it has to be done... but it has to be done!


So cute! I'm sure she will love them! The fb idea is soo cool! You're so creative!
I tried your Mother's Day cookie jar idea (a little late..) this past week with both of your recipes (cookie & icing) and they were a hit! Thanks Amanda!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

Love them! What fun facebook cookies too :) I'm sure she will love them too!


The first cookies are awesome. The ones with the just the word love are my favorite. But your Facebook idea is AWESOME! I LOVE those ones.


sooooooo cute!!! just fyi if someone wants to really use your picture they still can crop out your logo. i would put something across it just to protect yourself :)


OMG this is total love. I was wondering what to do for my friends hen night since strippers and drinking were off the table. These will be such cute favours. Thanks for the amazing timeliness


I love them!! Your handwriting is so perfect, also love the facebook cookies :)


Uh oh. so is it okay if I did copy and paste it and told them where it came from? (the i am baker is too light, IMO, I didn't even notice that the first time around and I think it SHOULD have the whole website!) My hubby's cousin is named Beth and is getting married AND is my friend on FB so I had to show her (though it would've been even AWESOMER if your Beth was marrying someone named Andrew!).

And PS. So do you hire out in general? If so, do you have rates? I am WAY past trying to immulate you, so I'd rather put some $ in your pocket when I have a need!!

Love you girl!

Amanda Rettke

You are so sweet Jana! I am pretty busy through August... but if you need something in Sept. or later, just drop me an email! :)



Oh man, I consider FB the root of all evil, but those cookies are so *cute*!

Re: your watermark, I really do think you ought to put your full web address on there. I hate it when I see a photo I want to know more about, but it wasn't properly credited. Now, *I* know how to google and therefore could find you, but the number of people I know who, when I tell them to google something, look at me like I just told them to go find me a snipe... well, I don't think it can hurt. It's definitely unobtrusive. In fact, as long as it's not interfering with the photo I think I'd change the white text photos to a darker color like you have in the others, to make it a bit more obvious. It's *your* hard work going into these - *you* deserve the credit, the traffic, and hopefully, the resulting business!


I love the detailing on these - the "cake toppers" are adorable and unexpected! And of course, how could you think the FB cookies wouldn't be a hit - they're ADORABLE and creative!!!!! Love it.


Amanda!! This is so wonderful! My best friend just got engaged and I have been trying to think of different ideas as I love to bake and decorate cookies!! I know there will be some fun parties ahead! I had some ideas for cookies, but your bachelorette cookies are too cute! I just love your blog!


photo-thievery = unacceptable!
on a brighter note, these cookies are cute and clever. the facebook craze has now fully arrived. :)


Hi Amanda--
So I just returned to Florida from my Bachlorette Party weekend in Wisconsin. I was so excited to get there and tear into the box of cookies that you shipped. Oh my gosh, they are EVEN CUTER in real life and I couldn't stop looking at all of them! Thanks for leaving some of them a surprise...I love the love doves and the ones that said "Cute Girls Gone Wild"! :) You are adorable! The colors were PERFECT for the theme of the weekend...they looked so great against all of the other wonderful decorations. Beth and all of the guests thought the cookies were great, too, and not only did they look too good to eat, they tasted awesome! (We won't talk about how many I ate...shhh! Calories don't count anyways during party weekends, right?)

Thanks again! I know you have a busy busy summer but I'm looking forward to working with you in the future!

You are the BEST!!!


Oh the facebook ones are SOOOO stinkin' cute!! I love them! And the pink and black ones are cute, too!! I am really enjoying all your sugar cookies, makes me want to break out some flour and sugar and start baking. :-)


Adorable! All of it!


Those cookies look awesome!! very creative with the facebook ones... you could even to tweets on cookies too!


Great job!


What kind of tip did you use for the writing? And is there a tutorial on how to do writing on UniversityofCookie.com? I absolutely adore these and am determined to make some like it for a bridal shower I'm hosting soon!


i really really love the "beth loves scott loves beth" cookies!

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