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May 27, 2010


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I love these facebook buttons!!

Peggy Gorman

I love them!


They are all simply perfect, but I extra love the facebook ones!


Super cute! I think putting i am baker on the pics is a good idea, and it is not to bothersome to the readers IMO :)


I found your blog a short time ago and I am in awe of your talent. How do you get your lettering so small? What tip, if any, do you use?

Katie R.

Tasteful and tasty, I'm sure. You are so talented. I love seeing what you create.


Super Cute! Your talent continues to amaze! :)


Those are just awesome! You really are amazingly talented. I look forward to seeing every post you put out. They'll love them.


I think it's great that you're marking your photos, taking the credit for all your own hard work and brilliant ideas!

Oh, Hubby and I tried your cream cheese frosting recipe, and we love it!

Amalia Standard

Okay....you are so creative. I love the facebook button!!! You continue to amaze me... of course I love the "love" cookies too!

Jessica @ How Sweet

I am seriously blown away. BLOWN AWAY. Your talent is unbelievable, Amanda! I really wish you could have made these for my bachelorette party a few years ago. These are incredible!

And I can't figure out how to use StumbleUpon. I have an account, but I can't seem to figure out how to add a blog to it to stumble. It really frustrates me! Any insights?


A good deal of the conversation at the bachelorette party will definitely be centered around these lovely cookies! Your friend Beth will love them as will everyone else and for going that extra mile and doing the very original and thoughtful Facebook cookies, well she should just be over the moon to have nice a super friend!


What fun cookies!


hahaha, I LOVE the facebook ones! LOVE the others, too, of course! The fb ones are just hysterical!


These are adorable! I love how the beth loves scott loves beth goes around in a circle - so cute! And of course the facebook ones...how could they not like those? Your creativity seriously amazes me :)

oh, and I didn't stumble your last post, but I definitely stumbled this one! I'm not very consistent at using stumble upon unfortunately, but I do try to stumble my favorites :)

Joy Ellis

Very cute cookies and I love the FB cookies!!


So, so cute!!!


I follow your posts in bakebakebake on livejournal and I think these are all fantastic!
One thing I wanted to suggest - if people are going to steal your images they'll be able to crop your logo out of the corner (if they're so inclined) - you might want to do something really translucent on the middle of some of them as well - or a select few.

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Another batch of super cute cookies! They look great and I'm sure the bride to be is going to love them!


Love the cookies, as always! Great inspiration! A quick note on putting your name or logo on your photos.. you might want to do it on the actual product (cookie, cake) because someone can save your picture and then crop it in paint and say it's theirs. Just a thought.


the facebook ones are amazing! I'm sure Beth will love them! So very creative!

Jessica (j-wood photography)

Weddings are so exciting (especially from a photog's point of view)!
Love the wedding cake cookies. Those look awesome.

I don't blame you for putting a little logo on there. People are ruthless here on the internet.


AH! Stealing your cookies!!!! How shameful! But they are beautiful (and yummy) so I can see why they're tempted. I like the pink logo, but I agree in the corner it can be cropped out... maybe a translucent one in the middle would be safer. I love the 'fb' idea too. Decorating question- when you spill and fill how do you get 'just the right amount?' Maybe my icing is a little thin?- I get spill over even when I think I shouldn't... Or maybe I should use a larger tip for outlining? HELP!!!


I love your piping skils :)


I think your client will be thrilled!


These are so awesome! I love the colors and the theme! I especially love the FB cookie. What a great idea!! Fantastic job and thanks for sharing!!


You are *seriously* talented! I don't think I could decorate a cookie that neatly if it was the size of Texas!

Love the wedding cake ones with the teeny couple on top--amazing! And the FB ones are super fun. Maybe you should make some twitter cookies #andmailthemtoallyourfollowers :-)


Oh, how cute are they!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL, I love the FB ones!! Any FB addict will appreciate that!


Oh my gosh...I am in awe! Seriously.

Sassy Molassy

Hahaha. I love the pink ones, but the facebook idea is cute too.


So so so so cute! All of em! I would definitely order the "Or when your favorite dancer ever should have won Dancing with the Stars but instead came in second place" cookies.


I love it all! Great job. :)


These cookies are beautiful, and I wish you great success!


Those are awesome ... and just for the record, you are super cool! Thanks for sharing! :)


Those are so SO cute!

The Facebook one is HILARIOUS!

Can I say that one of my favorite things about you is that I knew when I saw Bachelorette cookies as the title of your post that it wouldn't be the norm, it wouldn't be risque, it would just be unique and cute!

I love it! and I love you!!


You never cease to amaze me! I am amazed at how much you've stepped up your talent in just the few short months I've been reading your blog. You've gone from a mom just having fun creating in her kitchen to a bonafide business woman! And I've loved watching your talent emerge along the way! Each thing you do just gets better and better and you are such an inspiration for me to keep at myself! Great job, Amanda!


Love them! So clever & creative. I wish I could write that well with icing, LOL!


sooo adorable!


I love the facebook cookies! I love the Bacholorette ones too but the facebook cookies are just amazing! Great job!

bridget {bake at 350}

How could they NOT love them? That is *such* a creative idea! And, I love the cakes on the cookies....with the little bride & groom. *sigh* {I seem to *sigh* from the cuteness a lot around here.}


There is a script you can tack onto your blog so that people can't copy your images. Although, I am not sure if it works when your images show up in search engine image searches. But this link might help: No Right Click via HyperGurl.

Hope she likes the FB cookies. Too cute!


Oops, link didn't show up: http://www.hypergurl.com/norightclick.html

Paige Galla

Beautiful detail work as always! I adore the wedding cake cookies!


Oh my gosh, Amanda! I can not THANK YOU enough for doing these cookies for me!!!! :) Beth is going to die (but I hope she doesn't cuz we're really excited about her marrying Scott) when she sees these amazingly wonderful, creative, gorgeous, unique, and awesome cookies! I will forever admire your talent! The facebook cookies are too cute! How in the world do you come up with these ideas? I am so glad I got an order in with you...I know how busy you are and I'm so excited to see your work over the summer! I will be sure to take a ton of pics of her with her cookies and will email them to you!

Thank you again! Even though I've never met you....I just want to give you a huge hug!!!

Love, Carrie :)

Amy's blah, blah, blog

I love, love, love every last one of them. You are just that good!

Sandy a la Mode

i am totally saving this for an upcoming bachelorette party i am planning! except i will probably need to practice icing way ahead of time... my handwriting is horrible and i'm not sure mine will be even close to how beautiful yours look! the facebook one cracked me up haha!


especially love the facebook ones ;-)


Genius! You have nothing to worry about, the bride will love these because...how could you not?! Haha!


So eye catching! Love your endless supply of creativity! Have a great holiday weekend!

Erica B.

I think you did an amazing job and I think the extra cookies are such a fun idea!!!

That stinks that people are "stealing" your pictures. People don't understand that the internet is a really small place and you will eventually be found out.

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