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Apr 06, 2010


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Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Wow...this looks super yummy! I've been looking for a good chocolate cake recipe too, so I can't wait to try this one!


What do you do for recipes like this that call for coffee and you either don't have it or don't want to use it? I am a non-coffee drinker (can't stand it!) and can always taste it no matter what people say in chocolate recipes. I want to try them, but not sure what to put in place of the coffee? Water?? Your cake looks fabulous though!!!

Joy Ellis

Wow. That looks very yummy. It makes my chocolate cake box mix down right disgusting that I will be baking for my birthday today.

I have all the ingredients for the cake except the coffee and buttermilk. I don't drink either. However, I will save this recipe for a future baking!

Thanks for sharing!


I made this cake from your recipe for my sons first birthday. I also made cupcakes to take to our after church social time. Everyone loved them. For the cupcakes I frosted with cream cheese frosting. I had 4 people tell me that they were the best cupcakes they had ever had and that they would be good enough to begin a specialty cupcake shop with :). Anyway, wonderful cake, I love it!!!! Thanks!


Looks great!
Love the first picture - nice high contrast.


oh that looks sooo good.!!! anything with buttermilk i just LOVE!


Looks yummy and beautiful!!! My son has requested a chocolate cake for his birthday next week and I think I will try this one.


This really is the best chocolate cake ever! It's the only chocolate cake I make. It goes very well with buttercream too (when I'm doing decorated cakes). I blogged about it too! I learned about this recipe from a friend and didn't even know it was Ina's recipe to begin with!


This will definitely go in the recipe stash. Totally salivating over here! I wish I could lick my screen...well, kinda.



I'm very interested in seeing the answer to Emily's question about what to put in place of the coffee...because I'm thinking you could substitute with a cup of chocolate liqeuer! Anyway, this cake looks absolutely fantastic! ...I bring in freshly baked or made goods to my office every week (last week: white chocolate lollipops for both holidays), and THIS cake is going to be the next treat I make - it looks soooo moist and delicious! I KNOW it'll be a huge hit. Thanks so much for posting this!!


yum! and it looks so pretty too, do you have the recipe for the frosting?


This looks quite scrumptious! I've been trying to decide what kind of cake I'm going to make for my daughter's third birthday party and this might have to be the one. Thanks for sharing!


Is this the cake you were eating right in front of me? Looks soooo good.


I wish I was your neighbour...then you could share all your stuff with me. But we'd always have to meet at my house because I'd be too fat to fit out the door to go to your house.


You made 5 chocolate cakes???? OMG! Did you give them away after tasting and posing?
Loving the last one, though. Might have to make it....but just one!


Oh my! I recently watched some show on the Food Network where they baked a chocolate cake and cut it into a million different little layers and put gnache between each one. They then stuck it in a Spring Form pan to sort of set and frosted it with more ganache. I have been dying to try it (in a small form) and now I have a chocolate cake recipe to use!


This looks and sounds AMAZING! The presentations is really beautiful. Can't wait to try it!


That looks so goooood right now...trying to think of an excuse to make it while my children sleep. :) I've actually used that recipe before and agree-it's the best!


Wow! No one can make striking desserts like you can.


OY! Its the wrong time of the month to be showing me this chocolate :P It looks lovely, and YUMMY!


This looks oh so yummy!!! I so wish my puter screen was scratch and sniff....We're going to try it out gluten-free, corn free style! (We found a baking mix that mesures like wheat flour, that is safe for May to eat. She's been missing eating her crations.) I'll let you know how it goes!


Oh my gosh, I totally have to try this!!!!! YUM!!


mmmm, chocolate! fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

PS: (I too would love to know what to substitute for coffee!)



Will you share the two frosting/icing/ganache recipes you used to frost top and sides with?


what did you frost it with?

Amanda Rettke

You can substitute a cup of boiling water for the coffee!



Would you share your icing recipe as well? (The top part) Beautiful cake!


Coffee? Really?! That's so gross... I mean... I hate coffee and I hate anything that might have the slightest hint of coffee in it. Blech! But it looks good...


I just wanted to note that I am not a coffee drinker either, but I love this cake and you cannot really taste the coffee in it. We have some of those instant coffee singles for when recipes call for coffee. I also used the powdered buttermilk when I made it. Anyway it is great.... coffee and all :)


Your photos look incredible! (and so does the chocolate cake!) I need a lesson on getting super smooth frosting...maybe you've already given a tutorial and i've missed it...but if not, this is my official request! :)


Hersey's Perfect has been my go-to for a long time, but I'm willing to try this one out. Lovely photos! They truly are amazing! What did you do with all of that cake, though?


Amanda, This looks so delish!! Can't wait to try it. Did you make a double batch for the 4 layers or did you cut the 2 layers each in half to make it 4? Plus, what frostings did you use? Thanks!
Also, for the commenters that said they didnt have buttermilk, there is always the trick of using just less than a full cup of regular milk and adding a tablespoon of white vinegar to it and it will make buttermilk. It's tried and true. =D


Wow, that looks amazing! My husband roasts our coffee beans and makes the world's best cup of coffee...how great would it be in cake!?!
I LOVE having a go-to recipe for cakes and cookies (like all of your Amanda exclusive recipes!)! Dinner dishes = very willing to try a new recipe, but don't go messing with the desserts! :)


Looks moist and wonderful! This one goes in the recipe file :)


Pouhh your cakes make me dream!!!

mari K.

that cake looks amazing!! yum!

the recipe is practically exactly the same as one I also made a few days ago, it was called Black Magic Cake. mmm...of course it didn't last, maybe I should make another..:)


si puo' solo dire meravigliosa!


MMmmmm...that looks delicious!


glorious! no, there would be no sharing if i was involved. i can be selfish like that. truly, amanda, this cake looks perfect. the layers look perfect. the crumb looks perfect. the frosting looks perfect. kudos to you!


i have a question. did you back two round cakes and cut them in half? and what typ of icing did you use to creat such smooth sides? and what is that stuff on top? sorry, i just want to make this cake for my sons birthday this month so i would really like to know the details.


These photos are incredible! I love how you decorated the cake :D

L Aggie

Will you share your frosting recipes for this cake?? How did you create the multiple layers?? Looks amazing!

Shanda Hentschel

I am planning on making this cake tomorrow for my mother in laws birthday and had a few of questions. Actually others are wanting to know too. First: did you bake two cakes and then cut them in half? Second: What kind of frosting did you use on the sides? Last: Is that ganache on top?


Oh that's heaven.. I will definitely make this for my birthday and give this to myself as a gift from me. lol! Silly me... It's beautiful promise. :-) Thank you so much.

Heidi McMaster

How many cake pans does this recipe make? You didn't indicate in your recipe. It looks fabulous - I'll definitely try it!


WOW! Do you know, I was ---- that close to making this exact recipe for my little one's Bday Friday! I know coffee helps the chocolate flavor, but I did not want my kids eating that (some of the reviews said it was a very rich cake and 1 C of coffee??!!) and I even thought of using decaf. BUT I made a mocha bundt cake (using 1/4 C coffee) for TWD and my kids did not like it, so I knew this cake recipe would be out. I found another dark chocolate cake recipe that I baked tonight, hope it's good!


This cake looks lucious!!!!

Melanie Noe

Love the white with the chocolate top! I am totally going to make this....soon!


great looking chocolate cake!


My birthday is next Saturday. Will you make this for me?!?!?!?! *grin* *batting eyelashes*

Amalia Standard

Mmmmm chocolate cake....my favorite! I would have loved to be your taste tester. My all time go to chocolate cake is straight from the Hershey's cocoa container....the Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake...but your use of buttermilk and addition of coffee...sounds amazing. I will have to try it on my husband ( who hated chocolate cake until he married me.. :))

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