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Apr 08, 2010


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I love these cookies and so do my children!! You continue to amaze and impress me, dear friend. I am SO proud of you!!


Those are so cute & creative! Extremely well done darling!


Gorgeous!!! How are you at Mickey Mouse? My daughter would love you forever!!! :) lol May have to hit you up for some in Dec. - So you've got 8.5 months to practice! HaHa!


Those cookies are insane! I love them!


These are amazing!! I love how you are always up for a challenge! That makes you a GOOD, no, GREAT baker!!

PS. here is the result of the real or fake nose piercing post...


Joy Ellis

Talk about impressive!! That was just awesome!! My kids would LOVE to have Mario cookies like that!! Our family loves all the Mario games and have family nights where we race MarioKart Wii.

You are just so talented! Keep up the good work!


Those are absolutely amazing! I didn't know kids these days knew who super mario bros were. That's crazy! Amazing job! :)


You did a great job Amanda! The birthday boy will be bragging about his cookies for ages. Your colour matching is excellent too.

Rachel Watters

First, I have to say that I appreciate you taking so much of your time to bake and post about it! You're on a roll!

Second, I think those mushrooms are adorable! I can't imagine all that little intricate work for the faces... at least it looks intricate to me. How many did you make?


Very nice. Those are way more detailed then I could have attempted that is for sure. I love your comment about doing Pac Man next time ... such a funny girl! :)


Aww, I love these!

meaghan (chic cookies)

Oh my gosh, how clever are you? (the answer is very, of course)


Wow! How cute are those?!? If you can do that with frosting, I'm curious what you could do on canvas! That is talent, Lady!


That is pretty amazing! My kids would love me forever if I could do something like that.


You're the Ba-bomb!


My four year old knew these immediately! They are awesome and let's not forget, amazing.

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Wow those cookies look amazing! I think you conquered those faces, they turned out great, you must have a very steady hand for such great detail!

sassy molassy

These are some of the most adorable things I've ever seen. Loooove the little mushroom guys!


Oh my gosh, I LOVE those mushrooms! So cute!!


when i showed DH this, he said I dare you. so I guess i am making cookies this weekend


Aw, these are darling. My little brother has been asking for something like this for his birthday, but I'm afraid of doing the faces, too! Yours turned out beautifully!


How did you get the mushroom shaped cookies?

Amanda Rettke

I printed out that picture of the red mushroom then used it as a template! :)


Those turned out AMAZINGLY!!! You are so amazing!

And I wish I would have known you a couple of years ago when my son had a Mario party!


I am SO making these...wait...ATTEMPTING to make these for my husbands birthday in June! Super awesome!


Those are awesome! I would totally take the Pacman cookies, but I want some Ms. Pacmans and Baby Pacmans too ;) And maybe some ghosts, and some power pellets, and fruits... HMMM, Can you tell I played this game WAY too much as a kid!


Those are seriously cute! The mushrooms are adorable too.


These cookies are so fun!


LOVE LOVE LOVE!! My husband is a huge video game nerd and he's going to flip about these!!


love it! my nephew would love these...if i'm feeling ambitious i might have to try my hand at these for his fifth bday party this weekend!


wow, these look amazing. I know I would never hace the patience to make these so I seriously admire you!


Aw, adorable *and* they look delicious! Say, if I eat the red ones, will I grow a foot? Because right now, it's ridiculously hard to reach anything on top of my cupboards...


Wow, great job! My son would love these, but...I'm not making them, lol. I know I couldn't do them justice. I'm sure your friend was thrilled!


Whoa! Those are so beautiful! You did a great job! ^^


Here you go again! I can't get enough of your gorgeous cookie decorating! I send this blog all over the place! You are so talented and artistic. I can't draw a stick figure. I know that's a cliche, but it's really true in my case!


Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are just SO AWESOME!!!!

I'm speechless again!


Those are AMAZING! The mushrooms are actually my faves - too cute!


Oh my word!!!!!!!!!!!! You are our hero (my husband loves them!) And asked, Is that the lady who makes all those cakes and cookies? LOL

Lesley Yates

Those are awesome!!!!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

Fabulous job!


very nicely done, amanda! with this post, i woefully recall my deep obsession with the nintendo game. it was not a pretty time--there were temper tantrums and vicious competitiveness. but hey--i was a kid, so it's okay, right? that's not to say i wouldn't behave the same way if i played today... :)


You did a spectacular job Amanda! My girls play Mario all the time, they'd love those cookies :)


You did an excellent job with these. My daughter would absolutely LOVE them!

shelly (cookies and cups)

I just got an order for some of these...can't wait to post them...I love the mushrooms you did, they turned out great!


You are incredible!!


Oh my gosh, I love these! Pac would be totally awesome, you should do it!


Those are great!

Erica B.

You did such an amazing job on these. I love looking at all your pretty baked goods!

bridget {bake at 350}

Gosh...I have been living in a cave and missed this post! Just perfect, as usual!

Working on getting your VLOG posted tonight....oh, yes!

Leslie Johnson

Thank you so much for this post! Used your idea for my son's birthday! I posted your link on my facebook page. I had so many people ask me where the idea came from!

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