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Apr 21, 2010


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Wow, I must say, you are amazing. Loved, loved, loved everything I saw~



Amanda Rettke



That is amazing! I was just thinking of making the rainbow cake but I know some of my friends are very against food coloring. It doesn't bother me since it's not something I use very often but this is WAY cooler and I am sure tastier! Awesome!!


I love it! A rainbow cake. And how super you did it with fruit and not food coloring. Brilliant.
Will someone please make this for me on Mother's Day? (says she, whining.)


this is AMAZING !
i'm so making this


This is just so cute and you are just so funny! You blogs make me giggle and brighten my day! And can I say YUM please?!


I love your blog!! So adorable!! And this cake is awesome! and like you my mom loves rainbows so guess what??? I am SO going to make this cake for her this year!! Thanks!


Ok, I am torn. I LOVE coming to your site, the confections and photos are gorgeous...I could seriously look at your work ALL day...except I can't. I can't because (forget tending to children and mountians of laundry)after looking at a few posts at a time, I'm overcome with jealousy (so NOT normal for me, so take this as a total compliment). I am also a bit annoyed that you are not close to me so you can make, cakes, cookies, and the like for me and mi familia. :-( Anyway, with a hint of envy, I wanted to tell you to keep up the fabulous, beautiful work...so enjoyable!


I always LOVE your stuff but this is truly BEAUTIFUL! I'm linking to this cake in my week in review post today! Happy Weekend!


you have some unreal talent mrs. cute stuff! I'm sure you'll be head baker in Heaven.


A little food coloring doesn't hurt any ;)
Love that you incorporated some fruit into the colorful creation!
Stunning as is all of your desserts.

Angela Gifford

That is amazing!

zoom yummy

Wonderful! I love your ideas... and your photos - food bokeh always makes my knees shake.


Petra :)


some people want the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but i just want the rainbow. and cake. if there's cake, i won't push it away. this is a gorgeous creation, amanda. i think i'll give my mom a picture of it. :)

Amys blah, blah, blogging

Love this cake! How do you make whipped cream frosting like that?

jessie b

your rainbow cake is amazing! i love rainbows...and healthy alternatives (or additives) =)

you rock! I will have to try this some day.


I really want to try that rainbow cake. I love that you used fruit instead of food dye - good for you!

pamela ponder

thats an amazing party, can I come!!!
also would you mind if I posted this on myblog giving you full credit of course, I have just started doing party posts, let me know thanks


I am posting about this on my blog today. I think this cake is pretty fantastic. I wish someone besides me would make it for me on Mother's Day.

Come by and check my blog out.

Just Another Day in Paradise

Mother's Day Philippines

Wow! I love the food look so delicious it makes my mom happy for this kind of mother's day celebration.


gifts Philippines

Hmm.. looks so yummy! Wish I can also taste it. I will try to bake a cake for my mom this mothers day. Anyway, thanks for giving me an idea. Looking forward for your next post.



Thank you for sharing this wonderful creation!! This cake was an absolute hit with my mother-in-law!!! Mine wasnt as perfect as yours- I only had an 8' cake pan so I had 6 layers (too thin to cut in half!) I will definately make again.


I made this cake for my mom for mothers day, she is totally obsessed with rainbows and she loved it!! I didn't do a double rainbow but I put frosting in between the layers and I used a lemon cream cheese frosting. It was such a hit!

Amanda Daybyday

I just discovered your blog from University of Cookie. I'm very much enjoying it. I was so inspired by this one that I just had to try it myself. I blogged about it too. Just posted today if you'd like to see how it turned out...


Thanks and look forward to seeing what you make in the future!


I made the rainbow cake from The Whisk Kid's blog and it came out beautifully. I like that you used fruit as food coloring plus the fruit on top. I will try this for my next baking project, thanks!


It´s so pretty :-D I´m thinking of trying it out too - If I do I will link you back and of course give you a link to see how it came out - that is if its gonna be half as pretty as yours is
Love your blog


Hi what recepie do you use for the white cake batter?


I wanna try this one out tomorrow for my bday ;) I have a ton of white cake recepies but I don´t know which one to pick *lol*
hope you can give me a tip :-D


Hi I did it I made this cake and it was so tasty :) take a peak on my blog andromedaskitchen.com :)
I used my own dough for it and a slightly bigger cake pan since I didn´t have any 6inch big - but it looked great and was a big surprise :)


love it!!

Jordan AJF8

r u often luxuriating in sunshine in the garden?


These are the most popular spring flowers for spilling color over low stonewalls or beside garden steps.


Dear Amanda,

That cake is so nice! I'm planning to make that cake for my mom and I'm a kid. But will it work out if I use a rectangular baking pan?

mothers day flowers

That really looks yummy!!! Homemade cake, plus a beautiful flower arrangement on the side that would be more perfect :)

dig this chick

A reader (jen) just linked to this page because I am making a rainbow cake for my daughter's birthday on Saturday and the recipe I was going to use is out the window! Love the layer cake with the fruit for color (and am shocked with the color?! I would have thought it would be a lot more pale)....hmmm I had finally talked myself into letting pints of food dye enter my daughter's cake. We'll see. Anyway, thanks!


Love the idea of this rainbow cake! I made it, and it was delicious. I loved using the fruit as the flavoring, and it really was pretty.

You can see mine here: http://bit.ly/dXizdO


I made this for my daughter's birthday this weekend to surprise her. It was so delightful! I have to say, I was a bit worried as the batter was quite light, but the colors really intensified during baking. My layers were thin, so they baked quickly. The first two colors turned golden brown on top until I figured to bake for less time, but they were lovely on the inside when the cake was cut. The best surprise, though, is how delicious and moist it was. Just superb!


This cake is beautiful! However, I just made it per your measurements yesterday and it sure didn't look colorful! Next time I guess I'll have to add food coloring too;)


I followed this post from another blog...Fantastic...I'm favoriting it. Kathy


I made this cake this weekend for my daughter's 2nd birthday. There was not a single piece left over! It took me foreveeeer to make though. Maybe it's just me.. but it was a true labor of love. It tasted awesome!


This is so beautiful! A rainbow layer cake has been on my "list", but frankly I was a little put off by all the food colouring... so this version would be great!

Angie All The Way

Thank you for this rainbow cake!! I was looking for a more "natural" rainbow cake for my son's first birthday smash cake and this is it! I am wondering how do you think it will turn out if I pour the different cake batters on top of one another in layers and cook it as one cake? Will it mix together too much do you think?


This is truly inspiring! I will be making this in the future :D Thank you!!

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