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Apr 21, 2010


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bridget {bake at 350}

Kiddo just said, "WHOA...I love the cakes that she makes!" Maybe he'll make one for me for Mother's Day. ;) (He's reading over my shoulder.)

Your set-up looks like it belongs on Ina Garten's show. You know, where the neighbors come over for an impromptu, perfectly pulled-together party...one brings the flowers, another the wine...you just did that all my yourself! Beautiful!


Adorable: the cake, the garden party, the little cups.. everything! I'm happy that i found your blog because everytime I check it I love the new posts!

Lesley Yates

That cake looks amazing!!! Very pretty!!


Outstanding! Can I be your mom?? I promise you'll be my favorite! LOL. I love both fruit AND cake so this one has my name written all over it. I wonder if I can talk hubby or kiddos into making it for me so I dont have to?? Hey, I can dream right??


That is a beautiful, colorful, tall cake! Will you be sending me one? :)


What a beautiful (ingenious) cake and a beautiful set up. Where do you find the time?! Love all the little table adornments you did as well. You are super baker, super mom, oh and super blogger/twitter buddy! If that's your back yard I love that too:)


HOW do you do this?! I am seriously blown away more and more each time I come here. OH, and something exciting - I am finally getting your iambaker feeds in my google reader now! I used to only get your main page feeds.

Seriously, Amanda, this is gorgeous, creative, and incredible delicious-looking!

Renee of Kudos Kookies

Get OUT!!! I've seriously never seen anything like that rainbow cake before in my life! That thing is AMAZING. I'm not a sweets eater but I'd love me a big slice of that rainbow. I hope you made a wish on it before you cut into it :) Stunning Amanda, simply stunning!!!!

Melissa Stockhoff

I am totally going to try this recipe! Can't promise mine will look like yours, but hey, It's worth a shot! I love your stuff!


that looks SO FANTASTIC!!! and i love that it's not heavily dependant on food coloring. you are a genious!


wow, what a beautiful cake! you truly inspire me to do things i would have never thought i could do before. you make it look so easy! love it!

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

This is simply gorgeous! I love everything about it, from the fresh fruit on top, to the rainbow colored layers tinted with fresh fruit, and how TALL this cake is...you are brave! I love your garden party set up, I am sure any mother would be so happy to receive a Mother's Day gift like this! Great job!


Amanda, I think I am in love....with the cake or you. Not sure which I love more right now. Beautiful, well done. looks delicous! How did it taste?

Joy Ellis

That is so awesome! I am definitely going to be trying this cake! I love fresh fruit!!!


That is a gorgeous cake!! LOVE the idea of using fruit inside. I bet it tastes AMAZING!!

I think it might be brave and try this one. ;-)


Gorgeous, gorgeous GORGEOUS! You. Are. Amazing. Love the rainbow fruit, rainbow cake-soooo cute!

Queen Mommy

How sweet! And, that cake does look yummy!! Now I wish my mom lived close by, so I could make one for her!

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking

Just gorgeous!


This is so beautiful and brilliant! It's nice to see that a rainbow cake can be done without food coloring...I might be trying it sometime!

Thank you!

Stacy Ness

I would love to come home and see this on Mother's Day!

Amanda Sikes

I have been looking for a way to make a strawberry cake and you just helped me do that! My mom's birthday is Sunday and I am making dinner for her and my dad. I just might make a strawberry cake for dessert! Thanks so much. And the cake is beautiful!

Susan S

You are such a hoot! I get such a chuckle reading your posts (that is, in between oohing and aahing over the pictures!)


You outdo yourself everytime you turn on your oven! I want to be you. Actually maybe I'll just pretend.
Oh, and I think I'm getting fatter just by looking at the pictures of all your goodies( although I'm thinking you made this one special or am I wrong in thinking this one must not have any calories since its a Mother's Day cake) Love your blog Amanda! BTW, I linked you up earlier today in my FB status.


This post is proof that you are my blog soul mate!

I had zero time to catch up on blogs tonight, so I quickly scrolled through my Reader (over 700 posts) and starred the ones I wanted to read tomorrow (based on the pictures!)

You show up in my Reader now (which I am not used to!) And of course I starred this one because it is GORGEOUS! I was even talking to myself as I did it! Saying how much I wanted that fruit plate for breakfast on Mother's Day. And I had no idea it was you. But it was.

Because you are my blog soul mate.

Michelle Andrews

What a beautiful cake, Amanda. It is absolutely stunning. I want to say that I'll try it, but I've said that about so many of your things, and I'm WAY behind. I'll just add it to the list, ok?


Oh my gosh, I totally want to be invited to one of YOUR parties!!!


Seriously, this is the cutest table display ever, and the cake looks out of this world beautiful!! I am so glad I found you...I'll be back often!!

I might try and make this cake for my moms birthday this Sunday...I'll let you know how it turns out..I'm a little scared to try something new for a birthday..hmmm we'll see.

Thank you for the lovely post... I want to much to share it on my blog so my friends can see your awesomeness too!


Absolutely love it! Amazing! You are one talented woman. Can't wait to see more of your creations.


So lovely! I really like the fact that it's mostly colored by the fruit and isn't super-saturated with food coloring like pretty much every other rainbow cake out there. I definitely want to attempt to make this someday. I do have a question... do you have a go-to recipe for white cake? I want to make sure that when I do make it, it'll turn out as tasty as it is pretty. :)


Oh my god, that is an amazingly beautiful cake!


This is so lovely!! I love the cake, love the fruit decorations on top of the cake, love the table setting, love everything!! You are so creative and talented :)


Beautiful and tall cake, as well as your presentation! Great job!


Beautiful...the cake and the whole garden party! Love flavoring the layers...ingenious!


What beautiful pictures ~ any mama would be proud to have that set up on Mother's Day!! You are so creative! I loved everything about that cake - it is just fantastic! :o)


I absolutely love this cake. I have seen the other rainbow cake, but there's something special about this one. It actually looks light and refreshing too! I really want to make it, like now...too bad I'm at work. :) One question (and I apologize if I just missed this detail), did you make 6 or 12 cake layers? Wondering if you just made 6 and cut them in half, or if you actually made 12. Keep up your creativity - it rocks!


Gorgeous! I love that you used natural color :)

I'm glad you liked the segment, too!


Absolutely beautiful. I want to just sit and stare at the cake layers.

Keisha - Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams

That cake is amazing!!!! I love that you used fruit to tint it.


Hi! I am going to try it out tmr for my mum's birthday but before that, i wanted to ask if i can just use simple syrup to replace the frosting in this recipe? http://iammommy.typepad.com/i_am_baker/2009/10/rainbow-cake-recipe.html

it looks much easier :P however, i still need to wait for it put inside the fridge in before adding more layers right? :)


Mmmm...never under estimate the power of a simple syrup on cake! :) This looks so fresh and beautiful! You have one blessed mom! I hope you both get to have a wonderful day relaxing and celebrating!


Beautiful!! You are a genius! I think I might try out just a strawberry version of this for my aunt's birthday on Sat! Quick question(s) - what type of whipped cream did you use - did you use store bought - did you make your own - what's the recipe?? :)


How annoyed will you get if I just keep leaving comments that say "AMAZING" "FANTASTIC" and "STUPENDOUS" each time you put up a new post?
Seriously... you're testing my vocabulary... I'm running out of synonyms for spectacular.
I love, love, love what you do!!!


You continue to outdo yourself, my dear Amanda!

I love all of it - it looks like such a light treat! And I adore your outdoor table with all of your extras... such talent!

I was hoping that I would have absorbed some of your talent by now but it's not happening.


Beautiful idea! What type of frosting is used? It looks so white and fluffy...would love a recipe!


Whoa!! What a stunning cake!! I love the bits of blueberries inside! You should be the favorite for sure after making this. Goodness! I know you would be MY favorite LOL! Great job.


oh noooo Amanda!!! Now not only do I feel compelled to make the weekend birthday cake with marshmallow fondant I feel like I need to rainbow the layers as well! :)

What a beautiful surprise (as per your norm) inside of this cake! The colours are fantastic and I love the addition of the fruit! So much fun!

Heather F

I'll certainly be trying this. The question is whether or not to do it for Mother's Day, since Mother's Day is on my birthday this year... Do I want to make my own cake?? Hmmm... maybe I'll see what my husband can do with this recipe! Now THAT would be something to blog about. Thanks for sharing!


Okay, you have offically outdone yourself! And, now I want to make that cake! It is so naturally beautiful and I love whip cream for frosting :) If I show this to my girls, we are going to have to make it for sure. Do I? Or do I not? That is the question :)


What white cake recipe did you use? (Don't say box, lol) I want one that isn't too sweet... any recommendations?

Amalia Standard

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love how tall the cake is. I LOVE all of your decorations!! I LOVE the butterfly plate it is on! I have been thinking about trying a simple syrup on my cake too to keep it moist. Now a question...what types of cake pans do you use?? I'm looking to invest in some good ones... I like that mine are not the non-stick kind (I think the non-stick makes my layers too dark... or maybe it is just my oven that my hubby won't let me replace:) ) But I'm looking for a better quality pan....any suggestions??? You are simply amazing! I think I just might dream about this cake tonight!!

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