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Apr 25, 2010


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That's so sweet, I'm kind of wanting to taste it! ;-) In fact this is a great idea for tomorrow. Yet, maybe I'll do it some other time even if it's not Mother's day. I've done so many work lately so I haven't thought of any idea for my mother. But I have an idea to share too, for mothers who loves to eat outside and make travel anywhere, an eco-friendly stainless steel container may suit her. Because she can pack her lunch nicely, can stack up to 4 different dishes, is easy to carry along, and stainless steel containers from Happy Tiffin are 100% BPA free. So, your mom won't have a problem with it. With its good design, she can also stack liquids in it such as juices, liquors, water, soups, etc. I think you'll both love it. ;) Happy Mother's day to all Moms!


Thank you for the wonderful ideas, Amanda! I made cookies for my mom and they were a big hit! You can see the pictures here: http://dealsmealsreelsheelsandspiels.blogspot.com/2010/05/mothers-day-cookies.html

I love your sugar cookie & royal icing recipes!! Finally, I have a yummy icing that will completely harden to use in my thumbprint cookies!

Happy Mother's Day!


I'm so excited! I made these for my mommy and my best friend for mother's day. It was SO fun for a number of reasons...1. It was my FIRST time making REAL cut-outs (not counting the many years of Christmas cookies w/ the family) and they were perfect, 2. It was my very first time working with royal icing - your special recipe - and they turned out so great!!!! I can't believe how cute they turned out, and OH-SO-YUMMY. I've been wanting to start making cookies (with your inspiration) to add my my cake decorating, but finally had the time/guts to try. Thank you so much for all your tips and motivation :) If I hadn't found your blog (been living vicariously through you for some time now) I don't know if I'd ever try. I will post pics to the flickr group. :)

Mother's Day Philippines

For sure my mom love this cookie jar I really like it for her. Wish I saw this earlier.


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Mother’s Day is a great time to recognize our moms.This is a really cool idea and one that for sure will stand out for any mother.


I think I am missing something, but how is four dozen equal to 4,531?


This cookie jar idea is the cutest thing i have ever seen! I hope you don't mind but I am giving you a shout out on my blog on Friday! I feature parties on Fridays. I was thinking of doing a Mother's Day theme but wasn't finding much until I started reading through my blog list and you came to the rescue!
All proper credit has been stated.
Thanks for being so wonderful :)- Heidi

Angela M.

Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful Mother's Day ideas! I loved the sentiment cookies in the jar and made them for my mother who is battling cancer. She was very touched and it seemed especially appropriate this year. My sister also loved them and we decided to do a small version for her children to gift to their teachers for "Teacher appreciation" week. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful talents with us all!!!


this is seriously the cutest idea I have ever seen!

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