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Apr 12, 2010


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Erica Lea

Oh my goodness! That is GORGEOUS and adorable. I must admit that I'no a big fondant fan, It sure looks perfect. Bravo!


super cute and creative but my wrist hurts just looking at it!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Once again you have seriously impressed me!


That is so adorable!! And thanks for sharing the fondant recipe...I just may try it someday!


That is just so neat to see the tiny little letters! I don't know how you do that!!

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amanda, i want to make a rainbow cake, but i cant find your vanilla cake recipe. i dont want to use a box mix, can you direct me to the vanilla cake recipe? i have been looking all over your site. thanks


I LOVE this!!!


I made fondant for my son's birthday cupcakes, my recipe was a little different but still easy and definately tasted better than store bought. My husband went to a cake supply store for me to get some glycerin, he told the lady what I was doing and she said I was crazy, that she always uses store bought.
Your cake is super cute by the way.

Emily @ http://456eleven.com

Kathy D

well now it took me forever to get to the bottom of all the compliments... and i think i saw oh my goodness a few times... i just say ... oh my goodness... it just makes me marvel at what you create... it is amazing! so... keep it up... i would love to come to your house and eat some of that good stuff.... hope you are doing well.


Simplistic and gorgeous. You never fail to impress. I'm holding off even making a cake with fondant. I'm a little scared that I'm going to mess it up. Replace the little with really. It's a beautiful cake!

philippines gift

Wow! how so sweet looks so delicious this cake is gorgeous.


Ashley O

I am really feeling like I could use one of these right now since my entire house was just wiped out with the stomach flu. Would you be a dear and whip me one up and stick it in the mail. :) That's a joke by the way but, it is beautiful!! I love it!!


i know i've questioned this before, but how are you not completely cross-eyed? do you wear a monocle or have a magnifying glass attached to your head? :)
gorgeous work. :)


Adorable, I love this! And the marshmallow fondant - genius... I'll be trying both soon. Thanks!


Yes, homemade fondant IS awesome! I've been using that exact same recipe for 3 years now, and I love it...and that is an adorable cake!


does this fondant taste better than the rolled one, like the one they sell at michael's?


Wow! That is so pretty and unique! I have never seen anything like it before. Spectacular~! =-D


Amanda, This cake looks amazing! I was planning to make a teapot cake for my mom for mothers day, so Im going to attempt the Happy Mothers Day swirles on it. (wish me luck)

What did you use for the lettering? is it just buttercream thats tinted and written with a small piping tip or is it royal icing?


If I had half of your talent...

Beautiful! Just beautiful and looks so good!

I have a question: whenever I go to frost my cakes it crumbles like crazy.
I always end up having to make more frosting to cover up the ugliness of the first attempt. I try to do all things homemade. Which is annoying to make homemade frosting twice.
Anywho, do you have ANY suggestions?? I would be ever so grateful!

Mother's Day Philippines

I like everything you make its so gorgeous and delicious,perfect gift for this coming mother's day.



Do you have the recipe typed out that you can share? The youtube video is great, but I do better with STILL. Also, any recommendations for dying it? Can I just add the wilton food coloring? Great photography and beautiful creations! Adding you to my bookmark:)

Amanda Rettke

I just google Marshmallow Fondant and lots of resources came up...

There are a couple great ones that can help you!


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cute mother's day cake!


Beautiful! I love it
really very nice collection
now m impressive


Hi Amanda! ~ Jen in Fargo again... Just wondering also about whether you used regular buttercream or whatever frosting or royal icing for piping the words? Thanks a ton. I plan to try for a 50th bday with words like over the hill! lol

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I cannot believe how beautiful this cake is! I am definitely making it for my mother. I have never made my own fondant and I am concerned about the lettering. Could you tell us how to do the lettering? Did you have an idea of how the swirl was going to look before you started? I just don't think I can do that!!!

Anu Menon

Hi Again Amanda!

This is one thing that i've been putting off forever now! The thing is since I turned vegetarian I cant have marshmallows - cant you imagine that? It being one of my favouritest thing as a kid(back then I didnt even know what gelatin was) :)
Is there anything on this planet that would help make fondant without gelatin? im not vegan...


You are out of this World!!!!


OH wow!! I can't believe I have never stumbled upon your site before and now I can't stop pinning pics!! I always make marshmallow fondant too, much easier, cheaper *and* tastes good!! Although I don't think I would ever have the patience to write all over a cake like this one. Amazing.


cant wait to try this!!! thanks Amanda!


I saw these pics on a Facebook Page.......it looks like they are claiming them to be their own pic. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Khanoon-Ki-Baharain/158704577541876?sk=photos#!/photo.php?fbid=168387283240272&set=a.168292706583063.43495.158704577541876&type=1&theater

Glenys @ Cupcake City

I have never seen anything like this cake before! the swirls and lettering are just beautiful! stunning really!

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