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Mar 31, 2010


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I love your cookies! I really like the white one with flowers all over it..so pretty. you put my decorating to shame. :)


THE COUNTRY BUNNY!!! OMG I remember that book I used love it... Your eggs are beautiful!

Joy Ellis

I always love your cookies! I think the colors are great!


...& the little gold shoes. Forgot to include the "proper" title.


I love them all, and I'm sure the recipients will too :-) Please don't be so hard on yourself - you did a terrific job!


You did an amazing job Amanda! I love them all. So for the 1,000 bonus points, is that your take on the Olympic rings? :)


they remind me of the OLYMPICS!!! :)

Suzy Leopold

I must disagree with you! Your creations are fabulous! The decorations on the five Easter egg cookies remind me of Tic Tac Toe! Continue to bake many wonderful goodies!

Amanda Rettke

WINNER!!!! Great job smarty pants!!


Pretty! I love the different colors...they go together nicely and the little bunny is adorable!!


You have excelled once again Amanda. These vintage cookies are wonderful and I love all the tiny details in them. Job extremely well done I'd say. Your husbands co-workers will be crying for more!

bridget {bake at 350}

You cookies are so, so pretty!!! I'm putting up a linky thingy this week (oh, great minds think alike), so be sure to link up this cuteness!!!

Happy Easter!


I love them all! You did an amazing job. I think they are all so sweet ;-).


I think the tweet is my favorite! We are making cookies and decorating them on Friday. I don't expect any of mine to come out that cute though.

I will be giving your royal icing a whirl though.


again...cute cute cute! You do great work. I like them all..and I thought of the olympics. did I get any bonus points or am I way off?


Those aren't ugly! I totally get the vintage feel from the colors and designs. And I see the Olympic rings reference too :)

I made some homemade bunny peeps - check them out on my blog!


Those cookies look great!!


Olympics! :) I love the flower one!!! :) But they are all gorgeous - as usual!!!



I love the colors....love love love them...


My guess is the olympic rings.... but dont give me negative points if I'm wrong! Great job on the cookies. And I'll take the one with hardly any frosting ;) ANY cookie you make has to be delish! and I thought it was pretty cute myself...


Hand cut...Amanda, you are totally an over-achiever! I mean that in the nicest way possible! How thoughtful to make BIG cookies--you know everyone wants the biggest one of these yummy cookies anyway! They are beautiful! I can't even figure out the frosting thing past "solid color". It's a talent! Your husband's co-workers are lucky people! Happy Easter!


Totally disagree with you - they're all great & I love them all. Seriously!


They look awesome! I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE that one with all the flowers! I just finished my Easter baking (maybe, LOL) and seeing this post makes me wish I had done some piping on dry flood. I did them all with flood icing when the icing was wet. Easter designs are so much fun!!!!!!


AMAZING, as always.


I adore the simple bunny balloon one - not that it was probably simple to pipe... Maybe you could just put him on a background of a neutral colored frosting next time. I love your cookies :) They make me want to go out and buy a giant egg shaped cutter!


Your vintage cookies are wonderful! I swear, you must use the smallest piping tip ever! What number do you use to get your lines sooo thin? Nice work on the piping. You have a very steady hand. Very detailed cookies ~ Great job!


These are so freakin cute!!


These are beautiful, love the colors!

Jan Heidbrink

There is soooo much heart, love, art, in these cookies! I love them! Thank you for sharing!


About icing and cookies....you hit the nail right on the head. The more frosting, the better the cookie, in my book. Cookies are just a vehicle for frosting, as cake is also a vehicle to get frosting to my tummy!


Olivia and I love the flower cookie, we think it is so beautiful!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

They are all wonderful!


Jealous of your icing skills! I need to get more crafty with mine!

Bri Ana H.

Amanda, just had to mention again that your recipients LOVED the cookies! They were a hit.... delicious AND beautiful! What a surprise to have these wonderful GIGANTIC cookies. We are very pleased with the results. Thanks again for delivering such an awesome product. :-)

(and don't be so hard on yourself!!!) :)


These are truly wonderful. The bunny with the balloon is very olf fashioned and nostalgic. Bravo!


LOVE the tweet cookie and the one with multi-colored flowers!

Michelle Andrews

Awkward and weak are NOT adjectives I would use to describe anything you have done. They are beautiful. I think the colors turned out great, too!


must have the tweet cookie! too cute!

Jes Grabinski

All I can say is "wow",those are some seriously beautiful cookies. You obviously are very detail oriented...and must have some awesome patience!! I love them:)


I love the big cookie idea and the tweet decoration is awesome


OMG those are adorable, especially one with the bunny... I will eat it... looks too good to pass up.


I love those cookies! Especially the flower one so cute!


Working on my egg ones right now! I had to make my own template too ... though it is more "oval-ish" then "egg-ish". Maybe next year I will get a real cutter. Tomorrow I will decorate. IF they turn out I will let you know. :) You make it look so easy ... and yours are adorable as always.


I think these are great! Don't be so hard on yourself. You should've seen the easter cookies I tried to decorate today. Ugh. Disastrous. :(


Awesome looking cookies! Your "rejects" look better than my cookies. LOL. I like the "tweet" cookie and the one with the flowers.

Have a blessed Easter.


OH my goodness, I am in LOVE with the old fashion easter bunny cookie, and the one with the flowers! You are so uber-talented, girl..:)


I think your easter egg cookies are pretty! I love all the detail you've put into them!

And actually, I kinda like cookies without frosting too. Any cookie is a good cookie ^_^


These look amazing!!! The 'tweet' one is my favorite, but the one with all the flowers is awesome too. Great job!!!


oh amanda i love these...you are too hard on yourself...not everyone wants frosting...some people love your artistic details and so many of your cookies are too good to eat...i actually love the colors you chose...i had big plans of making your recipe sugar cookies (using your simple icing with extra almond extract) and just drawing a bunny on there or making them egg shaped and letting the children decorate them and then taking them around in a basket to the neighbors (we have several housebound elderly neighbors who would LOVE this) but that is just one more thing that will have to go into an idea bin or "to do" another day (i never did blog about your cookies...i made them, photographed them and had raving reviews for them at a cookie exchange back at christmas! which would have been one more opportunity to link back to you on my blog...again, for another day)...anyway, thanks for the inspiration anyway! love these...


I loooove the flowers

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