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Mar 09, 2010


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Super Cute - Bekah saw the cake and said "That's my cake!!!" lol I think she's putting a request in! :) lol



You make it look so easy! I just enjoy looking at the pictures. Makes me smile!!


SO adorable!


Looks so beautiful.


Sooooo cute!! I'm stealing this idea for a shower later in the summer. :)

Question: I don't understand why you added the stems, then the bottom "ribbon" of fondant, then cut the stems, then removed the bottom ribbon, then removed the stems, then replaced the ribbon, then replaced the stems? Why not just add the bottom ribbon first, then the stems, then the flowers? Isn't that more...efficient? Am I missing an important baker step that is obvious to everyone else? HALP!


Simple and beautiful! I love the colors too!


I have never worked with fondant. I'm scared to even try. But I love the way it looks. The cookies are adorable. Everything is perfect for a shower!


Those are just lovely!!! Do you have a recipe for fondant somehwere in your blog?

bridget {bake at 350}

Can I get married again? Do you think my husband would mind?


Love the colours! So refreshing.

Denise (the apple hill adventurer)

My goodness these are SO ADORABLE. I really love all of your cute little creations! I hope one day I can be as good as you :)

Ashley Sellers

Yay! I'm going to use this for Easter Sunday :)


You are truly talented... I love your work, it encourages me to keep trying.... I hope one day to be as good as you are with you imagination.


Lovely. I like the St Patricks day cake. I'm Irish myself and we have none of the cool baking stuff used all the time by US and Canadian sites, Like ready made fondant or quality food dye. Although I feel it's my duty to point out "St Patty day"- not acceptable name for the 17th of March. Patty is a girls name St Patrick was a dude.

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