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Mar 23, 2010


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It is ridiculous as to how talented and adorable you are! When I grow up I want to be just like you.


Sometimes I just want to eat this blog. I'm sure everything tastes wonderful, but I really want to eat it because everything is so DARN cute!! I have a polka dot obsession, too!!


Oh my gosh, how so simply sweet! Your photos are wonderful but still can't compare to your talents. WOW!


Ditto what BethieofVA said. I want to be just like you when I grow up! When I first saw all the polka dots, I immediatly thought of when Bridget went to NY and met the Cake Boss. When I went to vote for her cake, they had tutorials on how to make those cakes and one of them was a polka dot cake! I've been wanting to decorate a cake with fondant ever since, but have resisted using fondant since you said it tastes like poo.


cute cute cute.....and cute.


You are one SERIOUSLY talented young lady girl! And worse yet...you have me totally inspired to make my daughter a fondant cake for her first bday...in JULY...YES, I'm already thinking about it. My husband thanks you. Not.

Oh, and SUPERIOR pics to boot.

You're so rad.


I love it. I too have a bite of an obsession with polka dots. Very creative. I would have loved being at this party.


I love everything...so cute!! Your work is always so beautiful Amanda!


All so cute! Love polka dots too!


Absolutely adore this polka dot party!

Meg/Brassy Apple

I completely *HEART* polka dots too!!!


Oh my gosh, I love polka dots too, and now, even more!!!



Simple idea, but stunning results! Love the cookies, love the cake!!!


I LOVE the polka dots. I can see why you were inspired by the invitation paper - it's adorable. Love the cake. Love the cookies, in all their sizes and colors. Just adorable!


I love polka dots too. These look great and so do you photographs! And of course you know I love your crack cookies, I mean sugar cookies :)


Amanda, YOU, have been blessed with a gift! You are truly talented and make folks so happy with your said talent. I so enjoy reading/seeing all the beautiful treats you create. Thank you for sharing.


Polka Dots are my favorite, what a cute idea! Love it!


Such a cute party idea! Love it!


Love everything!
But the cookies are my favorite...

meaghan (chic cookies)

LOVE it! (well, you had me a cookies on a stick of course) So simple. so perfect. and the photos do the scene justice for sure. I posted a link on my column (ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com). LOVE it!


i am so in love with polka dots. im making these stick cookies stat!


I've been trying to make a layer cake. But everytime I crumb coat it the cake falls apart. I wait until the cake has cooled down to crumb coat it. But when I out icing it starts break around the top and such. What can I do?


How do you get your colors so bright? I have wiltons food coloring but my icing colors are always dull or soft. I love the really bright icing polka dots against the white of the cake. Very cute!

Amys blah, blah, blogging

Adorable! You are so creative, I love it!

Joudie's Mood Food

I have to say when i read your line of i love polka dots, i knew i had to keep reading. I am obsessed with polka dots.... I have polka dot tablecloths, clock, clothes, crockery, and even underwear.... :)

I love your biscuits. Very simple and perfect. I have some nice cakes on my blog. Let me know what you think. http://www.moodfoodblog.com

Lovely post. Im going to be stuck to your blog.

Kara Carlson

can you say 'Martha Amanda Stewart"?

A Bowl Of Mush

These are so cute and colorful! Love them!


I love polka dots too...this cake and cookie lollipops are too cute! Love all the vibrant colors!


I think a cake that cute deserves a reward. You should buy yourself some polka dot undies. I would buy them for you, but that might be weird. ;)


These are so cute. and yea, polka dots are pretty awesome.
The colours are great too!


I am laughing at the commenter above wanting to eat your blog. I can totally relate!

Amanda-these polka dot things are DELIGHTFUL! I love it! There is something so fun and fresh about polka dots.

I love saying polka dots.


I love coming here! It's always so much fun!
I just KNOW there is polka dot underwear out there. You should get some and be a very happy (underneath) camper.


These pictures just made me feel sooo happy! So beautiful and fun!

jane (this week for dinner)

your photo that was on foodgawker - just lovely! wanted to tell you that. very cute ideas :)


So, it's probably time to start the "i am baker Fan Club" after seeing these cute polka dots! I'll be the president! :)
Love these! Wish I could be friends with some of these lucky partying people!
*How long do you have to let the frosting dry before you can stack the cookies? I'm obviously not waiting long enough...then I have to eat all the smudged ones. It's getting bad!


Well, now I love polka dots even more! Very cute, Amanda!


Oh dear lord your talent knows no bounds!! You are so amazing!

Rachel Watters

That look so fun! And you're cookies look perfect, of course! I love all that color!!


I love polka dots too. They are so happy and fun. Your cookies look fantastic!

Kristin Smith

I AM IN LOVE! That is so totally AWESOME! I envy your talent friend! :)


Oh my gosh, this is too cute! What is it about polka dots that make people so happy?!


Sweet! Literally! These are so darn cute I want to host a party tomorrow!


Oh, I'm so disappointed that i didn't come across this post BEFORE my daughter's birthday! I used polka-dots as the theme for her first birthday, and while it was cute, it was not nearly as beautiful as your party. Oh well. I have my polka-dot garlands stashed away so I'll just have to find another excuse for a party and then steal your great ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!


Did I already comment on this??? Because it's gorgeous! I love the simplicity and the bright colours on the white cake! And the cookie pops...oh my! I would be so delighted if someone threw me a party with such delightful treats!

I'm going to try to fondant cover a cake this weekend....to practice for the "in the night garden" cake I'm planning to make for my son's second birthday in April! I've heard good things about marshmallow fondant so that's what I'm going to try first!


I love, love, love polka dots!! I scrapbook and most of the paper i buy usually ends up being polka-dotted:) This party look s adorable:)

shelly (cookies and cups)



Awesome and amazing job as usual!!! LOVE this post!! Beautiful!


Wow! Love it all! You're so talented!




i've always been rather fond of polka dots. in fact, i have my very own itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini. :)

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