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Mar 18, 2010


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I wanted to let you know that my 15 year old daughter loves your blog! She wants to become a baker when she grows up and your site encourages her to get in the kitchen now and start experimenting! Thank you!


SO fun and artsy!!!


PURTY! Love that last design!!


Am I a dunce for asking if they're edible? I'm assuming they are, but I wanted to be sure cause those are fabulous! Thanks for sharing!


p.s.Do you teach classes? I'd feeeeeed you. Just wonderin'... :D

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

LOVE them! beautiful job :)


Those are gorgeous!!!!!!!


Cupcake art! These are fabulous!!


These cupcakes are beautiful.


Too cute!!!!!!!


Sooo cute! I love love the last one, too. Just beautiful.

meaghan (chic cookies)

Oh my gosh, they contacted me and sent me some too! I love them... (I used them on cookies--of course--and they worked beautifully)


Those are pretty. We used things like that but larger on cakes when I worked in a bakery. I think I would rather have art from the decorator on it than pre-made art. Since I KNOW you are awesome at decorating. But those are great products for when you are pressed for time.


Very pretty!! Almost too pretty to eat. (Not I said ALMOST because I'd eat 'em!)

I think you should send some of those yummy cupcakes to your favourite Canadan blogger. What was her name...hm...oh yes...KATE B!


oh wow! thanks for sharing the shop! i'm going to have to check it out for sure!


These are lovely! I love to use wafer papers on cookies but I have never seen this before. Bravo!


So cute! What a fun way to dress up a cupcake!


Those are really neat! The cupcakes are gorgeous :)

I've been scouring the thrift store for pieces to build my own cupcake stands! Happy Friday!


how fun!


Very cute cupcakes!


Are those ever cute! Going over there now.
Thanks for the tip!

Cate O'Malley

What a fun idea - so pretty!


They are fantastic!
I'd love to be a baker and I'd love to have all of those amazing non stick print!!

Have terrific weekend! Did you enter my giveaway! It ends on Sunday!

Heather F

Thanks for sharing, these are great!


You are such an Angel! I've been lying awake at night trying to think of a way I might accomplish the 300 cookies I'm creating for Aveda using photo-cookie icing sheets (how to ice to keep them smooth, what to do for around the edges, etc.) and here you've just shown me so many great ways to get it done. Thank YOU!


I want some. Cupcakes are not my forte but can you imagine all of the possibilities with these babies? Oh boy. I think I'm going crazy. But in a good way!


would you share the buttercream recipe? always love trying new ones......love the ticings! super cute


how adorable--i've not seen cupcakes decorated like that before. and aren't you a clever little thing, figuring out that a simple ring around the (rosy?) edge would solve all your problems. nicely done, amanda!

bridget {bake at 350}

These are so pretty; you make everything look pretty! I love your piping along the edges!!! I think the blue one if my favorite, but I really like the ones with the words, too. So fun!!!


These are so beautiful! Love love the idea. Now I am gonna beg the producer to send some to Australia!


Oh, man. So cute, and yet so problematic - I could never eat anything that cute!

Well... at least not until after at least a good half hour of squealing or so...

Amalia Standard

MMmmmm and soooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing!! By the way...your homemade buttercream frosting looks amazing! I would love to try the recipe on some birthday cupcakes!!!!


Hi there! I'm a new visitor and I just wanted to say that your sweets are absolutely gorgeous. Just beautiful. I got into the world of cakes/cookies about two years ago and you are an inspiration. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing your love of sugar with the rest of us!!

Jess - The Domestic Vegan

Wow, very adorable! Love these!

shelly (cookies and cups)

I got some of those before the holidays and haven;t had a chance yet to try them out! Can't wait ~ you have inspired me!

H-Mama @ Family Team

Oh my!! Such beautiful eye candy. :) Great work.


Oh no! Did you have to post these?! Now I NEED those and I don't even live in the US *curses shipping fees*
Those are so cute and I absolutely adore what you did with it <3

Simon Hilton

On a day of general "Blog Hopping" my sweet tooth as become over active. Well done on some wonderfull creations.

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