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Mar 11, 2010


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Holy Cow Amanda... those are awesome! Love them!! You better work on that shipping technique bc if I have a baby I will be ordering some cookies for myself ;) LOL! I promise you she will love them...

Hope you have a wonderful evening


OMGosh!! Adorable!! Makes me want another baby, too--or a baby shower at least. ;-)

chatty cricket


Joy Ellis

Too Cute!! You have such talent!


Amanda those are the cutest baby shower cookies I have ever seen!! LOVE!


These.Are.Incredible! Can you be my new best friend? I need some of that creative know-how to rub off on me!


Now I want to do these instead of your green/pink cake for the baby shower I have to plan...too bad my skills are way below this, maybe you could give a few hints!


Oh my goodness---those are so super cute! I love how you are super woman with the frosting! What a fun shower--what a lucky friend! :)


The amazing Amanda strikes again! Beautiful cookies!


Unbelievable! Just out of curiosity...how long did it take you to do oh say a dozen of these?

bridget {bake at 350}

You did that WITHOUT a projector!!! Amanda, dear heart...those are just precious! ♥

Amanda Rettke

Actually, it took less then 2 hours to finish 24 cookies! :) (just decorating... I baked them earlier)

Amalia Standard

These cookies are way beyond darling! I love the shine in the frosting and the adorable animal faces. Your work is truly amazing!!!


You should have your own shop, my friend!


WOW! i am so impressed. thank you so much for your kind words and your amazing cookies. the baby shower guests are going to be speechless. many many thanks!


those are so fabulous amanda!!! i adore them! you copied the likeness so amazingly! yay!


The animals looked like they jumped off the napkin an onto your cookies. I hope you are going to the shower so you can actually hear all the ooohs and aaaahs!


Those are so sweet! Great job drawing the animals, they're adorable!!


Super cute! It is so amazing to see how you can take an idea off of a napkin and recreate it on a cookie! You are so artistic! I love animal themed baby showers, such a fun idea!



Oh yeah..I'm shouting.

These are AWESOME! I love them! Well done!!!


Oh my heck those are beyond amazing! Please do a tutorial for this!!! I so want to be able to make sugar cookies like you!!


These are great, Amanda...as usual! I love the lions! I've decided that you need to do a video tutorial! You've have done some great ones using photos....but I want to see the master at work! .................pretty please?....................


You never fail to inspire me girl! I finally got a chance to upload my cake pics so I can get a post up. Not nearly as awesome as you, but hey, we all start at the beginning right?


p.s. Those cookies make me wish I could get pregnant! :D


oh wow! it is definetly one of the cutest things i saw lately
amazing work!


OOOhh my! So cute!! They are identical to the napkins, amazing!


Oh, I need another baby, just to get cookies. I have never seen anything soooooo adorable. I need one with a little blue rhino.


Super, Super cute!!!!!!! You're amazing!

meaghan (chic cookies)

These are fantastic! I'll be sure to post a link on my column (ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com). When I was working as a cookie decorator, matching client's invites, napkins, decor etc was my favorite thing to do. You just get such unique inspiration that way.


WOW! These are amazing! Found you via Craft Gossip and can't wait to see more! I'm featuring these cookies on my blog over the weekend - thanks for the inspiration!


wow..very nice..how did u do it?


Those are SO cute!!!


Those are just darling! I love them and so will she!


These are easily the cutest, most precious cookies I have ever seen! I'm amazed!


Adorable!!!! those cookies turned out great. They absolutely made me want another baby but then again so does everything. Baby fever must be in the air.

Stacy Ness



These are so cute! Makes me want a baby too :)


These are just so stinkin' adorable.


WOW, they look just like the napkin! ADORABLE! You are so talented!


Those are amazing! You've got a lot of talent girly!


Those are absolutely amazing!!!

Rachel Watters

I was on your blog last night showing my friends your work and telling them how I'd like to make some cookies like yours. I believe you posted about these cookies while we were browsing and everyone was very impressed and thought they were adorable!

Also, in the course of browsing your blog, one of my friends asked if I wanted to help her make her friend's wedding cake! I eventually signed up for that (yikes!). My other friend offered to help make the cookies. It was a great community event, thanks to your creativity!


You are fantastic!
I adore you!
I wish I could everything you do!
Have a nice weekend!


Aw, how cute :)

She's going to love them!


LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!! You do such amazing work!!


oh my goodness, these are so adorable! Almost too cute to eat! :)


sooooo precious! How can she not adore them!


I echo all the other comments - those are amazing! You must have a ton of icing bags going at one time :) The shower ladies are going to go crazy - and will have trouble eating them (except they are so delicious!). Well done Amanda!

By the way - we have Vanilla Cakesters in Ontario.....want me to ship some? :)


Wow! These are the cutest cookies ever!


You are so talented - these are incredible!

Gabrielle @ i.craft

honestly, the most amazing cookies I have seen in a LONG time, great job!

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