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Feb 11, 2010


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Amys blah, blah, blogging

You have more patience than I! That is a lot of work but they sure are beautiful!


thank you so much for sharing your recipe & techniques :)

Charlotte Marsden

You have a lovely site, just discovered it today.

Will this icing recipe set hard like royal icing? Are you able to stack the cookies without them getting damaged?


I wanted to make these flowers to put on my rainbow cake but I don't have meriengue powder. So is that the only way to make real royal icing??


Thank you SO MUCH! Your decorating skills are the best as far as I know. Hope to see more of your products in the future!


You may never, ever take this recipe down. no matter how many times I use it I always read though it here first- just thought you should know how I feel ;)


Ahhh....I am such a happy person today...I found this tutorial. It is awesome. But I am also such a preggo person...and I can't remember...if I am decorating a cake top, do I use this same recipe for royal icing and same steps for designing/filling in?!? I've done a couple of cakes in the past year, so you'd think I'd remember.
Also, do you know of a site that can help me mix my Wilton gel colors to get certain things (like the burgundy in my hubby's business logo??)
Blessings, Amanda!!


I would like to know which is better for icing sugar cookies? Royal. Glaze, or color flow. What is the difference?


Hey, just wondering, how long would the royal icing take to harden?


Oh my goodness! This was so easy to make! Last time I attempted royal icing it called for egg whites...lets just say it didn't turn out great. But this turned out amazing! Thank you for sharing it and I will for sure be making it again and telling my friends about it!


I just posted some pictures if some cookies I decorated. You really will laugh at them because they look like a 3 year old decorated them. But I had fun and the icing was FAB! I included a link to your blog! http://firsttime9months.blogspot.com/2010/12/5k-and-some-cookies.html Thanks for the recipe. I love it!


Amanada - Do you use the same icing to do your writing (like on the Facebook cookies) or do you use a food-safe writing pen? Your penmanship is amazing either way. Julie


I have a question: I don't like lemon and was wondering if I could use vanilla instead of lemon juice for this recipe?


Oh my gosh, I wish I would have found your blog ages ago!!! Super helpful tutorial; I cannot wait to try to ice cookies again!


Hi Amanda,
I found your blog from Bridget over at Bat at 350, and I literally have been going through every post... I read a few, minimze the screen, go to work, come home, read some more, make dinner... you get the idea.

You are so talented and I am getting so many ideas. I have what is a really simple question... Do you let your icing outline dry before you flood it? Reading though Bridgets tutorial about how to ice cookies, she mentions she lets it dry for about 30 minutes. Since your icing is different, I wasn't sure if it was the same or not.

Thank you for all your step-by step instructions. I have just started decorating cookies, and have been doing a few cakes over the last year, and I am so excited to do more. Thanks!

PS... I hope you get this, since this is a post from over a year ago!

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