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Feb 05, 2010


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This might just be the coolest thing I have EVER seen...


Hi! Amazing job! Amazing cake! I love it and I'm planning on making it this week. One question though, in the instructions (under the photo with the mashed up red velvet cake) you say, "I just ran my fork through it to break it up. Then I added about a cup of frosting and combined well." I'm not too clear on that part. Do I mix a cup of white butter cream frosting into the mashed up red velvet cake? How does that work exactly?

erica b.


Nutty Lee

What a cool idea you have!!!!


This is adorable & actually simpler than I though it was going to be! Thank you for the tutorial :)

I saw this in Craft Magazine & though I'd stop by to check it out, thanks again, it's wonderful!


Awesome..no way I could do that with out messing up one of the halves..thanks for sharing!

Vanessa R.

LOVE THIS!!!! I'll be trying this out later this week! =)
Thanks for sharing, you rock!!!


I am in love with this cake. I truly want to try it this year for V-day. I am so excited to try it. Thanks for all your hard work.


How in the world did you figure that one out? Love it!


How in the world did you figure that out? Love it!


Wow oh wow!! Found you through Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone and am hooked! Thanks for sharing, I'm putting this on my to-do list, and here I thought making homemade chocolate covered pretzels was going to cut it this year. Thanks for showing me up ;) *Amy


How do you frost your cakes so smoothly?? The top of the cake is FLAWLESS


This may be the most amazing cake I have ever seen! Hats off to you - VERY impressive!!!


One of the loveliest cake!


I loved this cake when I first saw it. I made two this past weekend and have posted the details of how it went. I hope you think I did a pretty good job. I think I have inspired alot of my readers to try it. It really wasn't that hard.



Do you have any use for the cut out white cake? I would love to try this but it seems like such a shame to waste so much good cake.


i'm planning to make this cake this week and i'm excited and scared at the same time. I was wondering what frosting/ color frosting did you use for the red velvet crumbs? thank you! you are amazing!


this is just amazing!!


Hello :D

Great website :)

I have a question, I am in Europe and we have only 18cm, 24cm and 26cm baking pans, so it corresponds to 7 inch, 9.5 inch and 10 inch. You said to use 9 x 2-inch round cake pans for the white cake, is it OK if I use the 7inch (18cm) one? Would it be harder to cut the hearth out or easier?


Account Deleted

Que lindo!!! Amei... vou tentar fazer com certeza!


Seriously, the coolest & cutest cake I've ever seen!!
Lovely creation!


Fantastic! Thanks for the how-to!!

Nicole Clevenger

oh tomorrow i am buying the few items i need to make this cake.

one question. you said "I used only all-purpose flour and then added 1 tsp baking powder" for the white cake. was that using the one in place of using the two different kinds?

if all goes well, you'll see pictures. thanks!!


Thank you soooo much for the idea, i love your surprised cakes n many others.
I made this cake for our 8th wedding anniversary n here are the pics: http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/heart-soup/article?mid=2598
Thanks again n happy belated bday n sweet valentine's day.


Amazing. Thank you for the constant inspiration.



This is absolutely adorable and sounds scrumptious!! Thanks so much for sharing with us! :)


Great post! Love the inside :)


This is the best cake ever! A little challenging to make but so worth it. I'll definitely do it again (probably not til nex year) to make mine as perfect as yours! Here's my little try: http://www.maryrobinbobbin.com/2011/02/cake.html


I made it today!!! (church vday date night tonight) I can not WAIT to cut it open to see how it turned out. My only concern is that maybe I didn't pack the red velvet in hard enough and that it will crumble and fall apart instad of looking cool. BUT hopefully it turned out! I also made a heart with royal frosting and put that atop :)

Oh waaahhh. I just realized I forgot to mix the frosting in with the red velvet. DAMN IT!!! :( Hopefully it still turns out ok. Damn.....Cake making with 3 kids 4 and under I was bound to screw something up. :(

At least the outside is pretty.




Thanks so much for this awesome tutorial!! I made this cake yesterday and just shared photos on my blog:



Looks amazing. Just attempted this. I was doubtful about the 4 eggs instead of egg whites but made it as directed. I have a yellow cake. :( Will try again with egg whites. Thanks for the inspiration.

Bonnie @ SouthernSprout.com

Well I did it!! I followed your great directions (except I used a strawberry for the heart instead of red velvet) and I think it came out very good for my first time. My friends were amazed. Everyone kept asking me where I got the mold to make the cake. When I told them there was no mold involved it was all carved and made by hand. They were really blown away after I told them that. If you'd like to see how my cake turned out check it out here.


Thanks for the great idea. I plan on making it again.

a frog in the cottage

this is hard work, but it worth it !!! what a cake of LOVE !! terrific !!


Thank you so much for putting your time into this tutorial! I just finished doing one for the kids tomorrow! I can not wait to cut into it and surprise them! Thanks again!

Felicity Bezer

I have two girls and this year the eldest has requested a rainbow birthday cake.
I'm thinking that her younger sister would be beside herself with excitement if I made this sumptuous heart-filled version for her special day.

Thank you for sharing with such amazing detail!

Felicity x

Kristy Ketterlin

I think I just saw your cake shown on the Martha Stewart show! Yay!!! You go girl!!

Jane Ho

OMG! I love your heart cake! And the tutorial is awesome!

I had to share your tutorial today on my blog!


Thanks for the tutorial. What a great idea. I made the cake this weekend and posted it to my blog http://frugalgourmetmom.blogspot.com/2011/02/heart-cake.html?spref=fb


i heart this, literally. it's fabulous! thanks, can't wait to share.


Ok so I'm totally going to try to make this for Chad and my anniversary next month! I hope I remember!!! LOL Although I think I'm going to have to reread the directions about 10 times. The rainbow cake I had no problem with, it's just making sure I can do all of this adequately! When I do it, I'll let you know and may make you send me your phone number finally so I can call you and make you explain to me as I freak out thinking I'm messing up! LOL

Sarah @ Cotton Kiwi

Thanks so much for the tutorial. I made one for my husband for valentines day and am going to make one for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary too. Love it.
Thanks again
Cotton Kiwi


WOW -Amazing! Thanks for sharing!! Eva

Mariana Huerta

Hello, I´read your whole blog in a few days, it is amazing!!!, I try my own version of the heart cake in a panqué (I am from Mexico, this is how we call this kind of cakes) Thank you very much for your inspiration and specially for sharing your knowledge.
Grettings from Mexico!!


I just made this cake. And it was awesome.

Lisa Lara

Did you submit this pic to Martha Stewart's current contest? I saw this photo as an entry on her show two days ago.. Beautiful.


ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! <3 it - teehee


As a novice baker, I appreciate your directions and photos for this hidden surprise cake. Thank you!


Oh, I made this and everyone loved it!
Thanks so much for the amazing tutorial and recipes. Definitely my favorite red velvet recipe ever.

Alicia Dimech

How do you get the white frosting so white? When i make butter cream frosting it always has a slight yellowish tinge because of the butter and vanilla. Yours is just perfectly white! :)

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