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Feb 05, 2010


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Viv @ The Eclectic Life

Now this tutorial is seriously unbelievable. You are BRILLIANT and this is awesome. Not meaning to be redundant, but I heart this cake.


Wow, this is incredible! Thanks for the how to.


ah!!! a surprise heart!!! i'm gonna make it!!!

Shannon Fox

My friend and I made this cake last week for another friend's bridal shower. It wasn't nearly as pretty as yours, but it sure was a hit! =) Thanks for the detailed instructions....they were great!


This is so beautiful, love it!


so inspiratif...
love this one....^_^


What a beautiful cake!

Amy Balling

I made your heart cake for my aunt's 91st birthday...and I've blogged about it here: http://ballinwithballing.blogspot.com/2011/03/heart-cake.html
It's one of my first postings! Thanks for all the help!

Account Deleted

Hi Amanda!
I luv your cakes!=}
Kisses! Vinni (SP/Brasil:)

evaporated milk

Really amazing efforts. The use of tooth pick is an outstanding idea. By seeing this I can surely say, cooking is an real art.

Kim Crowder

I love this tutorial - I actually made a Christmas Tree cake using this technique. Thank you so much


i was wondering if you could use simple syrup in place of the frosting to gel the red velvet crumbs together? no special reason. i just wonder what would be best?


Oh My God!!! I know you might have read this a million times but Oh My God!!! This is an amazing cake with amazing techniques!!!! YOU ARE MY NEW FAV BAKER!!!


Wow, this is a time-consuming cake! It was definitely a challenge! Next time I'm going to split it into two or three days instead of one. But it was so fun to cut into and see how it turned out. Here's my result:



WOW!!! this looks out of this world AMAZING!! not sure if i'll ever try it.


Awesome! Love it :)


Truly amazing and your generosity astounds me. Thank you for sharing such a lovely idea.Fiona

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This is a very good blog. I appreciate very much this text, thank you.

Janet Yaceczko

http://foodandmoneyblog.blogspot.com/2011/04/heart-cake-guest-baker.html - My friend Sara Guest Baked on my Blog and she made your cake quite lovingly. :)


This tutorial is amazing! I made this cake and I did all the carving at 5am, so I ended up not snacking on all the cake crumbs! Thanks for all the detailed pictures!

Arletta Locascio

Great cake!! My neice made this for her mother. I was amazed and looked the receipe up. My question is how the cake was so white when the whole egg had been added.


What a fantastic idea! love it!!


Very Clever!


would the heart shape come out just as well if i used pink butter cream instead of the red velvet cake???

Bakers Quest

I was wondering if you knew what else you could use as the heart filling???

sonia dorta

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Oriental Beauty

I love your cake!!


Love this! And all your amazing cakes. I just used this tutorial and modified it very slightly to make a raindrop cake for my Little Raindrops site. I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks for the tutorial! { http://littleraindrops.com/blog/2011/06/26/little-raindrops-surprise-cake-10-year-blogiversary/ }

Kristen @ Popcorn on the Stove

This is absolutely adorable! I love it and want to try it immediately!


I love your website! Cakes are just amazing and inspiring! Thankyou!

I have just started up a foodie blog, and check it out as i have posted a recipe inspired by this tutorial:


Thanks a lot for this wonderful recipe/tutorial!
I did it for my girlfriends birthday and she was so pleased about it. I only had a few problems with the measures 'cause i'm from Germany and we do not have the US/GB 'Cup'. I miscalculated the cocoa, so the heart became brown - but actually it looks good, anyway. So thanks a lot and greetings from Germany!


Sooooooo cute!
I love it, and will try soon, of course...


wow thats so superb but 8 ucps onfectioners sugar for butter cream?wont it be too much sweet?


Its really amazing honey...you made a heart is side the cake and it take my heart away .


I love this CAKE!

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Emberella Cat

I was inspired by your heart cake, but wasn't sure I could do it (although I really want to for a friend's birthday that is coming up). So I made heart cupcakes, so there would be lots of heart-making practice. That was a lot of hard work! but I'm kinda pleased with how they turned out :)
I posted pictures here: http://countyourblessingsinsteadofsheep.blogspot.com/2011/09/heart-cupcakes.html


This cake is trully beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial!


Ok, I have spent forever on your blog trying to figure out the ghost cake. Is this how you did it? This is fabulous! Very creative!


I've been wanting to bake this cake for a long time but never actually dared to do so. This week-end I finally was couragous enough to carve into my cake and put a heart into it thanks to you!! I didn't use the same recipe though. Since I live in Switzerland, it's sometimes rather difficult to find exactly the same ingredients as in the US. So I baked one of my very yummy and very simple white cakes for the main layout. And then I've filled the heart with this same cake but mashed with cocoa powder and icing. This was veeery good. I still have to work on my icing (it was not creamy at all).

Anyway, thank you so much for the idea and the tutorial!! I would never have thought to put a heart in a cake on my own!! I love your blog you have wonderful ideas =)

Here is the link with the pictures of my heart cake, if ever you have the time to check them out. Of course I've put 2 links to your blog and I refer to your tutorial all the time. Sorry the article is in french. http://meandmyfood101.blogspot.com/2011/10/heart-cake.html

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