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Feb 05, 2010


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Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.
I'm speechless. And now I'm wishing I had a bit more time to plan a V-day feast. Cuz I'd totally tackle this cake.


I have made my best attempt at this beautiful cake, I haven't cut into yet so I don't know what it looks like but I wanted to ask, is it supposed to be super super heavy? I tried not to use too much frosting, but mine weighs a TON? Think I did something wrong?


i had a go and it did take me a few hours as i had to run out and get more sugar!!! this is my result. not as impressive as yours obviously.

also how do you get your frosting so smooth?


Maybe someday I will give this a try. It is soooo very sweet. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talent with us.


I've done a number of rainbow cakes for friends, but this is a whole new game. I absolutely have to try it! Thank you for such wonderful directions. This is beyond beautiful. And as a side note, I'm also desperately in love with all your beautiful sugar cookies.

Jes grabinski

I did it!! I made your beautiful cake for V-day, and my family was over the top impressed! Thank you for the tutorial!


far out- this cake is AMAZING!

i love all of your creations especially that butterfly dotted cookie its beautiful

so great im going to link u, hope ud ont mind :)


Thanks for making this cake! I was so happy I found it and was even more glad to share it!

Great blog!


My mind = blown.
Bookmarking this for next year, in case I'm feeling adventurous!

Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

This is a great post…I`m bookmarking this already.


I stumbled this one!!! Super cute!


Beautifully and apparently tasty. Thank you.


Super cute. It will be posted tomorrow!

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Just brilliant! This STILL just boggles my mind! A. How did you come up with that idea? B. Are you an engineer?

Even with the instructions, I know I couldn't do it.


Do you have a suggestion for substitution for the inner cake? I'm allergic to chocolate, so I can't do red velvet. Will it hold up without the cocoa? Is it possible to use white cake and dye it?

Maria - SavingQueen

This is amazing! I cannot wait to try this out.

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I prefer the chocolate cake because you can eat it with coffee or milk and the flavor is better than the other one. the ingredients are simple so the preparation is really fast.

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I prefer the chocolate cake

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thanks for this idea!!

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Your tutorial is really a great idea. But instead of ironing the label to twill tape I just cut them apart and iron them to my sewing project, saves time and sewing and it still looks the same.

Michael Cavinta

What a great idea you made! You have such a artistic mind for making this kind of cake. I would really love to bake this up for a coming family get together. I can imagine how would they react as soon as I cut up the cake and they see the heart inside! This would really go well with a hot cup of coffee made from one of my filter coffee machines Kudos!


I'm speechless. And now I'm wishing I had a bit more time to plan a V-day feast. Cuz I'd totally tackle this cake.

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Really It's Awesome.... :-) I like it very much!
What a color combination.... Fantastic...

the country cook

Just stumbled upon this - it's fantastic!


I'm bookmarking this - what a fantastic idea. Great tutorial!!!


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Hey I just want to eat it! Really it's fantastic....
Thanks for sharing it.


I really like. I cant wait to eat it.........

Jolyn @ Nuance Occasions

Such a fabulously fun idea - thanks for sharing!


I want taste this heart cake.

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This cake is the cutest thing I've seen in quite some time. thanks for the tutorial


Thank you so much for this tutorial! Red velvet is my husband's favorite, so he LOVED the heart surprise in the middle when he cut into his birthday cake last week :)

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added pureed raspberries, butter cream frosting (as you instructed) & a touch of red food coloring for the center heart.


Such a fabulously fun idea - thanks for sharing!


Health is the best treasure (which) a man can possess.


Wow, this is really cool. Just imagine the attention that you will get when you have those things around with you. Both are really awesome combination if you were to ask me.


I don't think you really read your comments on old posts ...ever. That's sad, because making people feel involved in a blog is what helps entice people to keep coming back.

So, I guess this comment is more for people who are looking to make the frosting. This is linked for the buttercream recipe specifically under "recipes" on this sight, so I grabbed the buttercream recipe off of here for a different cake. That was a mistake. Maybe it's because it's so humid here, but the 1/2 cup of milk listed for the buttercream was WAY too much. I couldn't get it to the right consistency at all. I had to use a different recipe that I found in order to be able to finish my cake. When you've spent hours working on a cake, it's a bit frustrating.

Amanda Rettke

I do read every comment Catherine... sounds like you were right on in your deduction, the humidity has played a huge factor in baking for me all year. I have modified many recipes these last few months that I have never had to alter before. I would have been happy to share that with you. Also, if you felt that consistency was too runny, adding a bit more sugar can help.

Hope you find a recipe that works the best for you!

Be blessed-



Whoops. My sincere apologies. I was completely wrong, then; I'm sorry.

I did end up finding a recipe that worked. I have the spare from it sitting next to a container of this buttercream bound for cupcakes tomorrow. This recipe still tastes delicious, so it'll work for that quite nicely.


Wow! I love this... and I can't believe how simple it is! Very awesome, I will be trying this SOON! :)


HI Amanda,

I'm just starting out decorating cakes this year. And just very recent started selling my cakes. But I must confess I use.... (it hurts to say it) boxed cake. I know, I know it's horrible. But just recently a friend asked me if I wanted her to get the word out on my cakes. Even though I tell my very few customers it's boxed I don't feel right calling it my own. So I'm taking the plunged to try a bake from scratch! I feel that using your recipes I could try my very best. I have the decorating down, but now it's time for the baking. Wish me luck!

Is there any advice you could give me? Check out my blog @ http://imaginationcakes.blogspot.com

Again a BIG thank you,

Healthy Foods Blog

This is the most coolest and lovely recipe I ever saw. You're really incredible and one of a kind!

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Hello, thank you for such a wonderful post. Written very informative. I have read with great pleasure. Good luck!


My boyfriend did this and it came out looking pretty great. I didn't know he could cook!


Oooh I love you so!
I'd seen a photograph of the finished cake in a tumbleblog
and was crazy trying to figure out how to make that lovelyness myself.
I want to bake it for my brother's birthday to show him all of my love. :)

Seriously, thanks a lot.


Account Deleted

Spreading the LOVE ;)

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