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Feb 05, 2010


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Oh my goodness! You.Did.Not.Just.Do.This!!! YOU ROCK! I had given up thinking about this cake this year, after I lost about 3 hours of sleep trying to figure out how to make it the other night...I thought I'd have to wait until next year! Oh I could just squeal...I might've just done that, but I'll never tell...I can't wait to try this! (((HUGS!!))) Did I say You Rock yet...I did didn't I...well, just so ya know!;)


You are one great teacher! The apple instruction cracked me up, as if you have a window into my kitchen!
I would love to try this...someday! I'm building the courage!

Joy Ellis

That is so awesome! I think I may try this for my daughters birthday next week! Thanks for sharing this with us!!


Love it. I can't even begin to think of how I'd have the energy and ambition to MAKE it but I sure do love looking at it.



Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}



lol, how did you know I'd be snacking on scraps the whole time?


Impressed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this!!!


FABULOUS!!! Fantastic tutorial!!.......I bet it tastes amazing too!!


Super tutorial, and the cake is adorable!


Wow!!! That doesn't even begin to cover it. And thank you for doing this - three times would make me crazy, and not to mention the expense. So - thank you!

I never, ever would've thought to do it this way. I'm a but slow that way! Can't wait to try this next week. Thank you!!!

Marian (Sweetopia)

Oh soooooo awesome! I'm completely inspired to try this now!! Thank youuuu for an easy to follow tutorial!


Holy yum! This is so not good for my dieting. I want cake so bad now I can't stand it!

Wendy@ Almota Roses

I can see there is going to be cake for Valentine's Day. Love your creativity, Amanda!

Have a wonderful day,



Veronica M.

Girl, you come up with the most brilliant ideas! It might take me 10 years to work up the desire to actually make it myself, but I really enjoyed the tutorial and the pictures. I hope to use it some day. :)

Veronica M.

P.S. Are those homemade bake-even strips around your pans and if so, what material are they? They work really well--much better than the ones I bought. And it doesn't look as though you did but I thought I'd ask if you freeze your cakes before carving.


This was brilliant!!! It was impressive results so it was worth the effort!!! -Tien :)

bridget {bake at 350}

Just brilliant! This STILL just boggles my mind! A. How did you come up with that idea? B. Are you an engineer?

Even with the instructions, I know I couldn't do it.


My favorite part of this entire tutorial is the 'compass' you made with the toothpicks and string. Genius. Truly genius.


Oh my god that is the most beautiful cake I've ever seen. I love hearts.


Umm.. would you get a restraining order if I said that I was in love with you?! Because I might be. :D My daughter's birthday is Valentine's Day. You just made my whole month with this tutorial! Not to mention the oreo goodies you made... this is amazing and I am making the cake for her birthday party next Sunday!

Thank you!

Jojo Krang

Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe. This heart cake is genius idea. To come up with something like this, you really have to think 3D. I bet your heart was beating like hell when you did the first cut after finishing the cake, haha.


you are A-MAZING!!! it turned out beautiful and looks scrumptious!!!


Wow- amazing! I'll see if I can build up some confidence to give that a try! Wow!


Wow, this is such a cute idea! Just discovered your blog today, I loved looking at all your creative ideas for cake & cookie decorating!


SO AWESOME!! I'd have never figured out how you did that one!


This intimidates the world out of me, but I am tempted to try it for V-day :)
I am so thankful you are so detailed in your tutorials!
I know I say this a lot but You are so talented!


The idea is simply great!!! Thank you for your effort (I linked this post for my readers on my blog!).


I love this cake even more decorated pure white. So pretty.

I'm still waiting for a cake with two people holding hands inside. You know you want to do it.

And I want to know if you use bake even strips or whatever they're called. When take my cakes out of the oven they have a hard crusty rim on one side only and they are lopsided. Which doesn't matter so much when I flip them and match the lopsided parts together to make one cake. But I want pure flatness like yours.

Oh for the love of pete just come live with me so you can bake for me forevah.


YOU. ARE. SO. AWESOME!!!! Thanks for posting this very-easy-to-follow tutorial. I'm not the creative type, but I may try this out one day. Who knows?


Soo impressive!!! And thanks for sharing step by step instructions!!!!


i'd say you've reached master heart-cake-maker status now--it looks perfect. thanks for the step-by-step--it'll be good to have if i ever feel truly ambitious and romantic at the same time. :)
and that toothpick tool is awesome!


i love this! your blog is wonderful!


Wow. That is spectacular.


This cake is the cutest thing I've seen in quite some time. thanks for the tutorial -- I think I'm going to have to try this some time.


We did it!!! I posted pix on my blog, come check it out- http://holly-nowmorethanever.blogspot.com/

Mama M.

Oh, honest to Pete! You are one talented lady.

Amazing. I wish I could do this...oh, i know I could give it the old college shot, but I'd send myself to the loony bin if I tried.

And, if I completed it...I'd never let anyone touch it...you know, hard work and all...



Thank you! Now I have to add this to my ever-growing baking to-do list, LOL! I feel nervous about doing this - like I won't be able to carve it well at all, but I will TRY! I think. LOL. I was wondering if you have tried this type of thing on mini cakes?

Amanda Jo

LOVE IT! You explained it so well that even I (a very clumsy non-baker) may actually be able to make this! I am EXCITED! My family will love it!


LOVE.THIS. So adorable and unexpected! Well done!

Kimberly Smith

This is extremely awesome!

I really want to try it!


o.m.g. I'm totally trying this. GREAT idea and amazing tutorial! : )


Wow! What a great idea, and love the picture tutorial!

Bizu Philippines

Wow! this amazing thank you so much for the tutorial and specially for the ingredients,i will try this soon. :)



wow that is really impressive.

I am going to have to try that at home. I added your post to my list of valentines tips


Absolutely beautiful.

Michelle Mospens

THE BEST Valentine's Day Cake EEEEVVVERRRRRRrrrrr!



Mrs. Kinne

I am in awe of your cake-making abilities!


I'm so tempted to try this now!!! It's amazing :)

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