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Feb 10, 2010


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Anything would be wonderful, but I certainly wouldn't try anything new or attempt cooking because why mess with what you already do best?! (I voted, too.)


Hmmm, Manda, it depends on how much time you have....too bad it's not before Valentine's Day, you could demonstrate your heart cake. Maybe you can do your faith cake. What other holidays are coming up? St. Patty's...but that's kind of too far from Feb. 21st...you could do something spring-y...


I think your sugar cookies are beautiful, but do you think it will be easy to demo on TV (the motions are so small)? Making the Ultimate Dessert might give you more to do with your hands and/or something interactive for the hosts to help with. (I, of course, have never cooked on TV, so this great expertise comes from watching the contestants on Next Food Network Star!)

Amalia Standard

I would love to see a tutorial on royal icing, because your cookies are so beautiful...


So exciting! I'm very happy that so many other people are learning what I've known all along...YOU ARE AWESOME.



I have to agree with Jami - I love the sugar cookies but not sure how that will show up on camera. The ultimate dessert will have everyone drooling!!!!


CONGRATULATIONS!! That's awesome news! I'm not much help with which you should choose...they're all great! I think that I'm leaning towards the ultimate dessert because it just looks so yummy :) Did they give you any guidelines at all??

Pam (cakegirl)

definately the dessert. nice and big, doesn't look too daunting (maybe those at home will give it a shot?)

wish we got that channel here! you should post it on utube!


I would love to see the sugar cookies because the royal icing is so beautiful (what kind of food dye do you use btw?) and I think it could reach a lot of people. Another good idea would to do the oreo cakesters petit fours. But definitely not the cooking, because after all they have asked you on because of your baking skills, not cooking skills.


I love all the things you bake, really! At first I was going to vote for the sugar cookies but also wondered how that would show up on camera. I tried to imagine myself watching and that's why I changed my mind. I don't think the camera would do them justice! So I voted for #1, I think that will really be a hit!

Or something new, but that's sooo risky, I think anyway! :)


I voted for "The Ultimate Dessert," however I'd LOVE to see a tutorial on your sugar cookies!!!!!!!!!! I want to try them, but I know mine would not look ANYTHING like yours - and YOURS look AWESOME! Mine would probably look like my icing bag spat up...


I love the sugar cookies, and I'm sure lots and lots of people would LOVE to know how to make/decorate those little works of art!


What about the rainbow pancakes? 'WINK'

Sorry could not help it!


Whatever you choose- I'm certain it will be wonderful!! Don't forget to post a link for us groupies!

Amanda Rettke

LOL Oh my gosh I am doubled over laughing... hilarious!!! Thanks for the laugh!

Amanda Rettke

Great point Sara!!


I voted for the ultimate dessert. Good luck.


Stick with what you know the first time out is my advice.

You are going to be so great. SO.GREAT!


Congratulations! You ARE a natural Miss Personality in front of that camera AND you bring them treats...it's a win win situation! Can't wait to watch!


I've always wanted to learn about how to use royal icing, I'm sure there are others out there like me!

Andrea Antoline

I voted for the sugar cookies because most people can make those and the icing allows you to be creative!

I made the coffee sugar cookies this past weekend and all the girls at work loved them. Thanks for posting the recipes as well as the scrumptious pictures!!!


ooooh how exciting!!!
I was GOING to vote for the sugar cookies, but I thought the perfect desert looked more TV fancy/friendly. So really, I think you could do either and be great :)


Hi there! I voted for the sugar cookies with icing because there are probably alot of moms that watch the show, and would love learing that!! I know I would!

Michelle Andrews

You have an amazing talent, and I see so many posts/comments from people about your sugar cookies with Royal Icing so I think you should go with those. Not many can pull it off as well as you do, but most would love to learn how, and you are the right person to show/teach this.

Good luck!

Kara Carlson

The Ultimate dessert would be less frightening to me to make so I might actually try it. You might also want to do a homemade version and a store bought version (aka store bought cookies, store bought frosting or whipped cream like you said in the recipe) and then metled hot fudge (like you did). But that would entail buying lots of types of cookies and frosting and tasting all the combinations *sigh* I wish I could be there to help :)
Keep us posted when it airs!
Kara C.


I'm going with sugar cookies but whatever you do will be amazing!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

How GREAT! I can't wait to see it (if you post it) I loved the last segment! You are a natural :)


I know you make and decorate fab cookies, so why not try the ultimate dessert?


ooooh Ultimate dessert Ultimate dessert!!!!

bridget {bake at 350}

You GO Girl!!! My goodness...you are a super star!!! :)

Kristin Kunoff

Go Amanda! Wish I lived in the Twin Cities so I could watch! Break a leg!


I wish I could help you out here, but I've just spent the last hour or so looking through every single post on this blog and everything but everything you make is beautiful. Honestly, I don't think you could go wrong doing any one of the five things you suggested or going in a completely different direction. Break a leg and have a great time!

Amys blah, blah, blogging

I just wanted to tell you I made the rainbow cake for my daughter's fourth birthday and holy cow, that was such a hit! Everyone kept telling me they were going to do it for their children's birthdays. It seriously looked liked yours too, couldn't believe I could pull that off! Thanks so much.


Hi Amanda...Congratulations. For tv you need something colorful and easy to set up in stages. The sugar cookies are colorful and only a little baking is required. If you made the sugar cookies, you can make up some with the Fox logo in advance! Think Color!!


I couldn't vote because I think it should definitely be Petit Fours! I am SO doing this for our chocolate festival. I think they would transfer well to TV, too.


Oh my gosh I am probably too late but yay! Congrats to you my friend. I am so proud of you xxxx


Go super super duper fast and do everything!! Why not? Open mouth, insert fire hose, turn on.....it could happen Ü
I'm being selfish and wanna see the cookies being decorated Ü

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