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Jan 29, 2010


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Amazing! I love them all ... but I think that the solid red with the little white hearts is my favorite. Of corse I also love the solid red with the fun sqiggles ... hmmm? I will just say (again) that I love them all. :)


These cookies are all gorgeous!
I think I'm addicted to your blog! :)
I love the little hearts that look like flowers and the stripes are very cool! I also adore the cookie with the red and blue dots, almost too pretty to eat!


Seriously beautiful! You have some major talent in the frosting department!!!


Oooh Oooh yes!! I love them! Especially the little dots and the "heart flowers" and the.... oh heck I love them all!!!


Fancy schmancy & beautiful!


Could you just ONCE post an ugly cookie??

I love these! I want them.


Hmm... they all look really nice. Guess my fav might be the solid red cookie with little white hearts or the one that looks like "paint spatter". How long does it take you to frost each cookie? It would take me forever... you post so many stunningly beautiful things... if i were to make the same things it would take me all day. :) I'm gonna have to try out some valentine sugar cookies. Still haven't made the rainbow cake - my son keeps reminding me about that one. LOL.

Blessings to you,

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

Love them all, but if I was to pick one or two it would first be the white with tiny hearts with squiggly lines in first photo on top left,(and in bucket) and my second favorite is the red with the small white hearts off to the side photo below one in bucket :)
You are so creative, they are all lovely!


Absolutely beautiful! You're too cute. :)

Mama M.

Geepers, girl! Talent...amazing talent!

My faves? The solid red with little white hearts to the left, and the white with the red and turquoise dots...gorgeous!! (Can I call a cookie gorgeous? Cuz they are!)

Mama M.
My Little Life

Jean Badgley

these are so cute...I just put some sugar cookie dough in the fridge to chill..I hope mine turn out at least as half as cute as yours.

Pink Panda

100 x 100 times CUTER than CUTE! Love these wonderful designs of yours.


So cute!


Those are amazing! I love the ones with the dots of blue and red. Also, the striping with the one tiny heart. Incredible!

Rebecca Alexander

Oh these are absolutely gorgeous. I love the vibrant colours and they are so freaking neat! I especially like the pinstipe ones and the red one with hearts up one side. Well done! Oh I want some, I don't even like sugar cookies, but they are that adorable that I would even eat them!


I love them all! I especially like the red and white curly-q one. Also the ones with the stripes and the one little heart near the edge.

bridget {bake at 350}

I.Love.Them.All! Seriously CUTE!!! And the "I'm Sweet on You" box....♥!

I can't wait for the petit four tutorial! I've only made them once and they looked NOTHING like yours!


Honestly? These are all beautiful! Perfectly executed!


My favorite are the scroll ones, and the Will you be mine? Are are so talented! I've been attepmtinf to create some prett cookies and am really struggling...


Are there any keepers? Are you kidding?
Each and every one is perfect. You are sooooo talented. Do I have a favorite? Yes, the red ones with the tiny white hearts.
I don't wanna eat, just wanna look!


These are way too adorable!


Ab.So.Freaking.Lutely!!!!! Those are fabulous!


Rachel Watters

I think they're all wonderful! Such creativity!

My favorite, though, is the all red with white hearts kind of floating up the side. It look very romantic!


I love them all. I wish I was as talented as that. Well, I guess practice makes perfect.


Absolutely beautiful! Almost too beautiful to eat! I especially like the red ones - with the white swirls, or the scattering of white hearts. The stripes with the single heart are also so cute. You are SO talented! Have you been selling a lot of your cookies? Unfortunately, I live in Canada - otherwise I'd order a bunch for Valentine's day!


Seriously...how flipin' cute are these!?!? l.o.v.e them!


oh my, you are so talented. I really love these. I have a question. How do you find the time to do these with kids around?

Cop Mama

My favorite is the "Will You Be Mine" ones inside the little tin and the one with the random sized little dots on it. However, they are all amazing!


do i think any are keepers? are you serious? they're all amazing, every single one. heck, even the most simple of decorations like a single red heart is beautiful to me.
you. are. so. talented. :)


Love the pink/red/blue combo. So pretty!

Amanda Sikes

I love the floral patterns of white on red and teal on white. I also love the red with little white hearts. They are all beautiful! Great work! I love the way that you do so many different patterns and colors and yet they all work together.

Have a great weekend!


These are so cute! I love the colors and designs-almost too pretty to eat..well, almost ;)


I love the colors you used. The ones with the dots & tiny hearts are gorgeous!


Ohhh I love these! Valentine cookies that aren't heart shaped! I never think out of the box like that. I am going to try to copy these!! :0 I will give you credit. ;)

sugar plum

Oh My these are the best cookies ever...to good...fantastic splendid amazing....
Looking foward to a tutorial n tips on these.....cheers...


I love these. I am going to try to reproduce them for my Valentine's party this weekend. I'll tell everyone where the idea came from. Did you use royal icing for decorating or your standard corn syrup icing? I can't wait for the tutorial. I'm going to start making mine Wednesday...so excited. Thank you!!!


Really cute! I especially love the hearts with squiggles under them, and the red with white hearts, the swirls, the lines with the single heart, and.....

Great work!
I will be on the look out for cakesters!


Your cookies are SO FUN!! Love getting updates and new ideas from you!


Love them all, but the red one with the white filigree (?) is my favorite, followed closely by the red one withe the white hearts...I might have to give them a try! Very impressive :-)

Kristin Kunoff

Love, love, love the white cookies with the blue and red dots on them. And the red cookies with little white hearts off center. And the I (heart) U ones made out of lines are pretty cool too-they aren't my style per say, but somebody out there will love how.....for lack of better term....retro and edge-y they are! You cookies inspire me to bake=)


Okay you want me to be honest?

They're too pretty to eat!!! lol :) That's a good thing.

Amys blah, blah, blogging

Apparently the red ones with the tiny hearts win! They are so stinking cute, I can hardly stand it. I would so love a tutorial because I wouldn't have the slightest idea of what frosting or tool to use to make one.

I'm not sure if you sell these, but, you should!

Oh, and my daughter's 4th birthday is a week away and I'm going to make a go of that rainbow cake. She is so excited!

Amys blah, blah, blogging

Apparently I am new here because I see you do sell them and already have the cookie tutorial. Awesome! I am going to have to give it a whirl!


oooooooooooooh, gurl......."Be Differnet, Act Normal" featured you today! CONGRATS!

Lacie E

i love love love the red frosting with white swirls i would eat a box i mean a couple of those for sure lol


Your site is TOO cute! So glad I found it...

Michaella Johnson

I love them! So beautiful! Do you have any plans to post some valentine cupcakes?? I have to take some to my daughter's preschool valentine party, and I would love to be inspired by you! :)


II am so envious of your cookie decorating skills - amazing! All of these look beautiful, but my favourite is the red with white swirls. Stunning!


all of this stuff you make is amazzzinggg


i am amazed! beautiful work!

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