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Jan 22, 2010


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Cop Mama

OH...MY...GOODNESS!!! I want some! Like NOW!

It doesn't help that you take amazing pictures! Love the little white heart!


If I could gain weight just by visual indulgence, I would on your blog. This looks Uh-May-Zing!! Absolutely fantastic! I may even have to try making them someday - after all, I ADORED the coffee sugar cookies that I made with your recipe! Totally YUM!

bridget {bake at 350}

I want to come to YOUR house for Valentine's Day!!! ♥ Love the ♥ drizzle! You always make everything look TOO CUTE!!!


excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard...


Oh yum! My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures!!


Oh, my tummy... it hurts now. I really want to try this RIGHT NOW, but I have no hot fudge... :( Maybe it will be good without?

Pineapple Princess

You are making me fat.

Amanda Rettke



I was just thinking, looking at this picture and reading about it I gained 10 pounds. But it was oh so worth it!
I WILL try this one!!


There goes never having a caviting :) That looks amazing. I'll have to try making these, and after making a whole bunch of sugar cookies too, uh oh.

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

mmm...I am wishing I had one right now!




Wow. Lovely photos! This dish looks so decadent.


Your photos are so beautiful, this dish looks totally irresistible. What amazing combinations!


This does look truly decadent! I would love to try this recipe with whpiped cream in between the cookie layers! I just read a trick in a book last night and I had an "aha!" moment...maybe it's just a new trick for me and everyone else already knows about it...the recipe used gelatin to stabilize the whipped cream so it will better hold its shape when it's piped.

(1 tsp unflavoured gelatin in 1 tbsp cold water for 1 minute, then heat in the microwave 30 seconds until clear and melted. Whip 1 cup heavy cream until soft peaks form, add 1 tbsp sugar and beat until thick, beat in some vanilla and then add the gelatin and beat until incorporated. Chill 30 minutes before using)

I'm thinking it would give the whipped cream more body and it would hold it's shape under the cookies?? Can't wait to try this recipe out, thanks for the great inspiration!


P.S. Gorgeous Gorgeous Photos!!!

Kristin Smith

Oh that is beautiful and yummy looking....my mouth is watering already!

Jessica Lee Binder

huba huba, I guess dessert could cause me to lose my clothes...

Michaella Johnson

Wow! That looks SO yummy! I don't know why I torture myself by looking at your creations while I'm supposed to be on a diet... ;)

Pamela Miller

Looks awesome! If you'd like to try it (culinary tip- lol) - add 1 Tbs of Sugar per 1 cup of heavy whipping cream - and a dash of vanilla.. My Hubby LOVES it!


I had to make these, it really couldn't wait!

I had some girls over for a partylite show last night and served just desserts. I only did 2 cookies and whipped cream in the centre with the drizlled with hot fudge and they were perfect. I had a lot of desserts and was trying to keep everything on the smaller side so the girls felt like they could eat one of everything!! These cookies are my new FAVORITE cookie and turned into a dessert...oh my word! The cookie is crisp and really cinnamoney and just delicious! I thought they might be a bit of a chore to make but they weren't at all! :)

Thanks for sharing such a fantastic recipe!


Oh man, these look DEADLY. I think I just became pre-diabetic looking at these pictures.

Nurit - 1 family. friendly. food.

This is beautiful!


well now, that's some high praise indeed! when i consider my ideal slice of cake, it's 3 parts frosting and 1 part cake. that said, this would definitely be my ultimate dessert, especially since cinnamon is so heavily involved! good thinking, amanda. :)


Another great recipe by you. I have my in-laws coming over Sunday for a dinner and dessert for their non-birthday party LoL, this would be a great since they dont want a birthday cake. I think the whipped cream would be terrific maybe add some mint extract to it. oohh I can already taste it. YUM!

shelly (cookies and cups)

Those cookies sounds amazing. we love anything cinnamon and sugar over here!


Be still my heart! My son had me try to recreated those Double Doozie cookies you see at the mall...they too are SO sweet but so good.

Cate O'Malley

Mmm, that looks to-die-for!

Katie@ The Baby Factory

holy cow, woman.....this is amazing. This is definitely valentine banquet worthy!


These look unbelievably delicious! I feel the weight pouring on just looking at them! You know what kept running through my mind when I was looking at these pictures and reading your post?????.....that this is totally a dessert recipe that would be on the menu at some fancy shmancy restaurant. Seriously. You need to go professional.


These look AHH-MAAA-ZING! They look like a perfect Valentine's treat too (or really an any-day treat!). I was curious as to what kind of vanilla frosting you used? Is it just a vanilla buttercream or something different?? Thanks!

Dessert special

Wow very yummy yummy dessert...


These look delicious. How far in advance can you make them without the cookies getting mushy from the frosting/whipped cream?

Dessert special

Yummy dessert ... I like all this collection...


Will you share the recipe for the rich vanilla frosting you made with the cookies?


You know how they say you eat with your eyes before your mouth....I am delightfully full! I tend to be more of a cook rather than a baker (because with baking you have to be so precise), but I definitely need to make these. The mint ones will put my husband over the edge. Thanks for the recipe!


I've noticed a few other people have asked this, too - could we pursuade you to share with us the recipe for the rich vanilla frosting you use? I think a good icing makes all the difference. Thanks so much!


Amanda, I'd love to have the rich vanilla frosting recipe. I feel like I'm left hanging with only half of the information :o) HOpe you will post soon!

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Ultimate Dessert

Looks exotic.. Stunning picture.. My stomach is rumbling.. Cant wait to try.. Thanks..


wow...that...looks so yummy...
my mouth is watering right now...
it's difficult to stop the drool from my mouth!!!
and the little white heart just sooo cuuteee...
can't wait to try it...


hi, this sounds de-lish. I was wondering if You could also post the recipe for the frosting, because i have been looking for that sort of thing for a LOOOOONG time. thanx in advance

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This desert is very nice

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That looks soooooo good! Thank you for sharing the recipe! =)

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I made these yesterday, but with a few modifications...I can't ever leave a recipe as it is. I only made the cookies, but added tiny bits of diced apple to the dough and used less butter. They didn't turn out as crispy as I imagine the original recipe to be, they are crispy on the outside but chewy in the middle. Delicious, thank you so much for the recipe!

Debra Kilgore

Only words I can say is WOW. I have Read alot of blogs and read many also and this is at the top of my list. You do a fantastic job with creativity and expertise. I will be back again and again!!!!!

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