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Jan 14, 2010


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Ok, how can you share this and then not tell us how to do it?!!? Awesome!


OMGosh!!!!! I just came over from MckMama's blog and my heart (HAHA) was racing as soon as I saw this cake, but I was totally bummed you didn't share how to make it!:( Those of us that are "creativly" challenged need time to make a practice run before we actually attempt this for Valentines Day!:) I know this is your blog and your creation and you have every right to keep it to yourself, but I am not above begging!;) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do a tutorial or give us some typed instructions or pics or something...I simply cannot be left to figure this out on my own...the results could be disastrous or at the very least unedible, which IMO is worse!:(

Amanda Rettke

Oh dear! You are too precious. I am not intentionally with holding how to make it... I just didnt document as I went along this time and its a time consuming cake to make, so I havent had time to do it again! I am sorry!! Maybe next year?? he he I wish I could do another one but being a SAHM and stickin to a budget just dont allow it this month. :( Sorry!

erin fisher

this is just amazing!!! I love red velvet cake!!!!

Robin Jojo

That's a great cake. My daughter is born on Valentines day and we always make red velvet cake.


Am I crazy or are there no instructions about how to actually make the heart shape? Can someone please share that detail?


Um, yes to the tutorial please?!? I was about to attempt this until I realized I had no idea, none at all, on how to even start with a heart. So I thought maybe something simple on the inside instead...yeah, again, no idea. Help please?!? Girl, you have talent!


Would love a tutorial!


Just read your earlier reply to comments! Ok, how about you just give a tip on how to add it...no pictures needed?!? As in I have no idea where to even begin! Ok, enough begging!

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Heart cake is so hot....

Adelas (della)

I don't know if you'll see this comment, but... if one was to leave out the food coloring,
(a) do you know what color this would turn out? roughly white? no?
(b) if the food coloring was left out, that's a lot of moisture missing. What would you substitute for it to keep things even and make sure it turned out okay?


That is amazing!!! I'd love to know how you did that (but I'm proably too lazy to actually do it myself). I'm a fan of the classic cooked icing for Red Velvet cake, but thanks for the new cake and buttercream recipe. I'm happy with my cake recipe except it isn't chocolatey enough for my tastes.

Francesca I

Super-Sweeeeeet! ...& Lovely!


this is incredible

I have linked it from my blog - http://tarwe.wordpress.com

i hope you don't mind



I actually linked it to my blog too (credited you with a link and everything!) because I am so inspired by this cake! Wonderful job!



Wow! That is so neat - would love to know how to do it. Very creative and beautiful! Thanks for posting it.


I gave this idea a try, but I'm a chocolate-lover, and figured if I was going to put forth the effort, I wanted it to really be worth my while! ;D So, I made a chocolate cake for the main cake and used chocolate frosting. Then, I made a vanilla cake, added pureed raspberries, butter cream frosting (as you instructed) & a touch of red food coloring for the center heart. It was rich and yummy! My sis-in-law suggested using strawberry cake, and I think that is another tasty option. ;-) My daughters had a blast helping me make this special cake for Daddy, and we enjoyed a festive Valentine treat! THANKS for the tutorial - I never would've tried it otherwise!

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added pureed raspberries, butter cream frosting (as you instructed) & a touch of red food coloring for the center heart.

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THANKS for the tutorial - I never would've tried it otherwise!

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THANKS for the tutorial - I never would've tried it otherwise!

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Let you gain plenty of knowledge when you are eating moon cakes.


hey buddy,this is one of the best posts that I’ve ever seen; you may include some more ideas in the same theme. I’m still waiting for some interesting thoughts from your side in your next post.

Im not going to say what everyone else has already said, but I do want to comment on your knowledge of the topic. You're truly well-informed.


Gorgeous! I'd love to try some of these surprise-inside cakes, but I don't know if I have the patience. My son has declared that he'd like the faith cake for his birthday next month--don't know if that's gonna.


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Trey Smith

One word: yummy.


Very nice, but can you do something a with a groundhog? My daughter's "special day" falls on Groundhog Day this year, and it'd be great to bring in treats with an appropriate theme. ;-)


I may have to try this one!!!


Very nice!! I would have love to see it in person. Maybe at the next family party?


I think it's nice of you to 'introduce' your heart cake.


Came here through Sweetopia :) Making this cake for my boyfriend's coworkers tomorrow so he can bring something in on Monday. I'm cheating by using box mixes, but I still think they will get a kick out of it. Thanks for the tut!

maternity clothing chick

agreed.....tutorial, please. there are plenty of us bake-challenged people out here! it's gorgeous! bravo!

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