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Jan 14, 2010


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OMG, I just died and went to heaven - this is sooo adorable!!!


I don't know if it would have made it to lunch! Looks so yummy!


I am more impressed by your creations every single day!! You are so so so so talented!! This is gorgeous.


very cute!


Gorgeous! I'd love to try some of these surprise-inside cakes, but I don't know if I have the patience. My son has declared that he'd like the faith cake for his birthday next month--don't know if that's gonna happen, lol.


I am in awe. This is so pretty.
I have been looking for a valentine cake, this might be the one!


Can ya send me a piece? My daughter and I would love to drown our sorrows in some yummy cake. Its a rough day.


Wow! You had me drooling at red velvet crumbs... That is amazing! And now, I'm craving cake!


I knew there had to be a surprise in there. Yummy!


Beautiful! And cookies *can* count for breakfast if you put eggs in them....

Amanda Sikes

Another great cake! I wish I could find the time to bake agian but with homeschooling my girls I haven't had the time to spend on the "fun stuff" like decorating. I did make two loaves of cinnamon swirl bread the other day and it is already gone! It is one of our favorites.


very cool cake, i love it

bridget {bake at 350}

So, so cool Amanda!!! I cannot even comprehend how to do that!


I love how simple it looks on the outside, yet it is still so strikingly beautiful. It hits something in my heart, crazy but true. Thanks for reading my blog...my best wishes to you in 2010.

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

Looks fantastic!
You do a wonderful job. Great photos:)

Tina Fisher


Can you ship that?


Ok, that is awesome! I've been thinking about your faith cake, and have been pondering ways to make this easier... because I like easy!

What if... I send this to you in an email? Yeah, I like that idea... email coming soon.

Gale Reeves

You are so creative. Beautiful pictures too.




Pretty! I love red velvet cake. I made one once with a cream sugar frosting and just about went into sugar shock from the icing. Maybe I should try the one you mention in your post :)


Great job!


I just bought a pan at Hobby Lobby that has the heart design in it. I also bought red velvet cake mix at the store (b/c you know that's how I roll!). I'm going to try that version first but I LOVE the idea of the sprinkled cake on top. Very, very clever.


Your cake is so cool looking! I can't believe your patience! Thanks for sharing!


That isn't a cake, that's nirvana. Yummmmmmmmmmm.

Pamela Miller

Ok, so I've done the sugar cookies, and the christmas cake - I was going to do the faith cake but find this one much more appealing... if you can do a tutorial that would be awesome.

Thank you!


cutest cake everrrrrrr!


Beautiful cake!


I got here from Sweet Savory Life - wow, what a blog! I'm totally subscribing!


Woah! AMAZING!! What a beautiful cake!! Did you ever get to try out Bridget's White Cake on my blog? Anyway, it doesn't matter, your cake looks fantastic!! I'm looking forward to the tutorials.


How unique! My boyfriend loves red velvet, I would love to suprise him with this cake on Valentines Day. (Though I am hoping for something sparkly in return!)

Nurit - 1 family. friendly. food.

This is gorgeous!!!!

Stephanie Quilao

That cake is loaded with awesomeness! I had to tweet it too @noshtopia.


sooooooooo beautiful¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Amanda!

This cake is SO cool! I love your work and I'm so excited to add your blog to my daily reading :)

Best Wishes,


absolutely adorable! Thats one of my favorite things about baking...getting creative! I have a separate section on my blog devoted to what I call "crafty cooking" .. this would fall into that category.


So creative! I love it :D


You are insane! Is there any shape you CAN'T put in a cake?!
I heart this!


*Applause!!* I saw this on foodgawker - there I was, just scanning around and then "Whaaaaa?"... this awesome masterpiece.

Love LOVES it!


Such a pretty cake. Love the inside!


Yum! And I LOVE Magnolia Bakery.


you, milady, are so clever and capable. bravo--this is a brilliant idea and i love that you kept at it until your creation was satisfactory to you! the almond extract in the frosting is a great idea, as is the crumble of cake on top. that red-on-white contrast is simply stunning!


oh gosh. That is SO AMAZING. How did you manage to do it? Oh please please teach!

shelly (cookies and cups)

How great! I love this...you're inspiring!

Sarah T

TUTORIAL! TUTORIAL! I am not much of a baker but was thinking about doing a cake for my b/f as a thrifty Valentine this year. My spacial IQ is about as high as the temperature outside (below freezing!); needless to say I could never figure this out on my own. Pleeeease teach us! It would be such a special treat!

Liz Busby

Tutorial! Tutorial!

Also, I want to subscribe, but google is telling me your feed is broken. Or is it just me?

Megan Pugh

Okay I am going to sound like a broken record....but OH MY GOSH that is AWESOME! You definitely should do a tutorial! This is the coolest thing since string cheese I swear!

Heather Allen

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! Thank you for sharing this WONDERFUL cake with us!! Oh my word...I have never seen anything so precious. Blog Land must know how to make this!


Tutorial please!!! This is adorable! You can make a third cake in three days, right? Third times a charm :)

Beth R

Would love to see a tutorial for this! I have extended family coming in for the weekend of Valentine's day and would LOVE to surprise them with something this awesome! (Assuming I can do it!) This is my first time to your site, I linked over here from MckMama, and you do some gorgeous work - how creative!

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