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Jan 15, 2010


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Very nice, they look good enough to eat, can you send me one?


These are lovely...and now I REALLY want a cupcake! :)


I was lucky enough to have one of those beauties!! Thanks for sharing Amanda! They were more than scrumptious :-)


I constantly forget to take photos of things I bake, cook, my children. Yeah, I stink! :(

Thanks for passing along the cake recipe.


I'm anxious to try the recipe. Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful cupcakes! They remind me of spring :)

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

mmm...they look yummy and pretty.


Beautiful cupcakes....the frosting color is most unusual. Saving your recipe. And I loved the past post, such a gorgeous heart cake!


You are giving me ideas for my sister's baby shower. Thank you!


So pretty :-)

I tried your buttercream frosting the other day when I baked cupcakes and it was SO DELICIOUS! I threw some food colouring in there, piped it onto the cupcakes and I was all Amanda-like.

So pretty!

Having made that icing, I can't see myself using the store bought stuff ever again.


Absolutely perfect, like always. Your baking is so inspiring!

Cop Mama

Green, LOVE the green! My first thought was Easter. They look so delish!

You are so funny, I don't even DARE mess around with tricky things like baking soda or baking powder. I'm a wimp, I strictly stick to recipes when baking. Otherwise, I have a mess. Ok, even when I DO stick to the recipe, sometimes I have a mess! :-)

BTW, thanks for the follow, friend.


I love the green! Beautiful cupcakes.


They Look great, and I love that color green


These cupcakes look (and probably taste) so much better than the designer cupcake for which I dolled out $3.50 at a local cupcake shop only to have my daughter reject it halfway through the frosting. What four year old rejects a cupcake unless it's just not good! Your pictures make me want to crawl through the screen and sample one. Or, two! Beautiful.



I'm making the cupcakes right now - I LOVE this cake batter!


Just finished the cupcakes and stuck a super hot one in my mouth (well, not the whole thing - I broke off a big piece). DELICIOUS!!!!! I used the all purpose flour w/ a tsp of baking powder. What would adding baking soda do? Teach me your ways, wise one!


the cupcake's 15 minutes of fame seems to be ending, doesn't it! maybe you and your baking prowess can revive it--these look great!

shelly (cookies and cups)

Can't wait to try the white cake! Also that green is so pretty!

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Wow its look so yummy and I just love cup cakes.

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