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Jan 07, 2010


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Sara W.

I just love your site!! What a great baker you are :-) Everything always looks so nice and yummy...so pretty too.

For your writing (like on these cookies), do you use/make icing? What is your recipe for your "writing icing?"

Thank You!

I'm making these coffee cookies today...whether it's now after nap time or late tonight..I'm making em' They sound so good!

Thanks for sharing all your talent and deliciousness with us.


thank you SO MUCH for posting this! just wanted to let you know that I posted the recipe also and linked to your blog. the cookies were amazing!

Audrey K.

I had to share these with everyone I know! I gave you all the credit. Heres the link.


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Rosa María

Muy original y sencilla tu idea. Ideal para un día especial. Gracias.


I recently found your blog. This post made me curious at first - I thought you were making a tooth! It seemed like an odd cookie or cake to make :p

Maggie @ Black and White {Side by Side}

oooh I love coffee!!! The little flecks of black make them look like vanilla bean or something. Very Starbucks-esque. Love it!!!


I made these this morning for my Bible study group and they loved them. I was a little worried about putting fresh ground coffee and not brewed coffee in, thinking it might be too strong, but it turned out great. Thanks for the recipe!

Jen P

I was so excited to make these and they did not turn out. The dough was really sticky couldn't roll or cookie cut it. And in the oven they did not keep their shape and came out as circles. Any suggestions to what I did wrong? Thanks


I confess, I don't like coffee either! (But I love how it smells) But I'm going to give these a try. Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas. You rock!


hello! I stumbled upon these from Tumblr. I decided to make these tonight and for some reason I was unable to get them rolled out for cookie cutters. They were also kind of puffy. They are absolutely amazing though! I was just wondering if you'd maybe know why they were so sticky or puffy?


these look D E L I C I O U S!!! thanks for sharing them!


Oh, yum! I just had to make these - and I don't like coffee either. But these are like little caffeine-flecked gems of pure sugary heaven! Just excellent!

The coffee drinkers in the household adore them, too. ;)

Excellent recipe! I'll definitely be perusing your archives for more!

(I'm having the puffing and oozing problem too, but for those others with the same issue, I'm fairly sure I know why: it could be high humidity (my town is, uh, kind of flooding!) and not QUITE enough flour in the dough. I think it may have to do with the type of coffee used, as well - I'm using fresh-ground Starbucks coffee, if that helps anything. Adding an extra quarter cup of flour should stiffen it up enough to work with, but not too much. Hope that helps!)

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