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Dec 01, 2009


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National Cookie Network

They sound amazing! Can't wait to try the recipe!



I LOVE the ones you dipped in chocolate. Oh, these are so up my alley.

bridget {bake at 350}

Oh, I WILL try these!!! So pretty with the chocolate and sound delectable!


Just found myself smiling and relating at your other blog...reading a magazine in the bathroom...then I flipped over to this blog...no more relating! You are awesome! I can't even begin to imagine just making up a cookie recipe! Thanks for sharing your awesome baking talents! I can't wait to try these!


Your cookies look AMAZING! Glad I found your blog!


They look amaZing! I'll have to try them! Yumm-o!


Those look dynamite!


Yummmmm.....can't wait to try these. Can I substitute quick oats for whole oats? I already have a big cannister of them in my cupboard....thanks.

Amanda Rettke

Yes, you sure can!


These look gorgeous - a couple of these beauties with a tall glass of milk and I'm about the happiest person ever! So pretty too :)

Amanda Rettke

Thank you so much Lucy!! I love your blog... you are so inspiring to other young women!

Stephanie @ A Fine House

Oh, those look so yummy! Wow, am I craving sugar right now. I sure do hope you will share this or another fabulous recipe with us on 12/15 at my Christmas Cookie Exchange at A Fine House.

Amanda Rettke

I will sure try!


Oh my goodness. I think I have just stumbled upon my next endeavor! These look beyond yummy. Love your blog.



OK, I'm thinking add chips to the batter AND dip/drizzle more on top..... Never can have enough chocolate, right? They look delish!!


Wow - what fabulous cookies. Looking forward to trying them out - thanks for sharing the recipe and congratulations on winning the national cookie comp this month - very well deserved!


Wow, you just joined up, and you won the challenge! Congrats! Can't get any better than that, and these cookies look great! YUM!

psp batterie

Thank you so much for the recipe. I like oatmeal cranberry chocolate Cookies a lot. I have prepared them twice during birthday treats, though they did not turn out to be the best. But this time with your recipe, I hope I will make the best!

Rachael Ensom

I just made them with white choc chips and drizzled choc on top. Soooo good!!! I'm going to write an entry on my blog about them!

Term Papers

I'm very thankful to the author for posting such an amazing development post.

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

These look sooooo good! I love the half dipped cookie!


With all that you have on your plate right now, I'm surprised (and delighted) that you found the time to make these cookies. They look delicious and you photographed them so beautifully.


I love this. You had me at cookie. LOL. Seriously, great creation. Sounds like a fun group,


Amanda these look and sound incredible!! I think I need to try some! I heart any thing dipped in chocolate!


Don't those look lovely? Go ahead and send them on over! :)


So glad I found this recipe today! Going to make these to take to an annual cookie exchange next week. How many cookies did this recipe make? Can't wait to try them!


So glad I found this recipe today! Going to make these to take to an annual cookie exchange next week. How many cookies did this recipe make? Can't wait to try them!


love anything dipped in chocolate!!!

Tickled Red

Ummm...I would like to place an order for a batch of drizzled please {drool}


Hi, Amanda. I met your blog through another Spanish blogger who adviced me your blog well worths a visit, and she was right. I got puzzles as soon as I saw these cookies which I promise to make, sooner or later. I will continue gossiping around!

Thanks for sharing.

Hugs from Spain, in the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.


Jen Doesn't Do Dishes

I made these in my annual holiday baking marathon! http://jendoesntdodishes.blogspot.com/2010/12/cookie-marathon.html

Sabrina Kellett

I just made these cookies and I need to say OM goodness these are amazing!!! Absolutely incredible. I did change the reciepe just a tad. I used 1/2 cup of milk chocolate chips and 3/4 cups of white chips in the cookies and they are perfect. I am now going to make another batch and maybe add some walnuts for a friends house warmming. Thank You they are perfect!! <3


Wow ...! so delicious and yummy I just print out this recipe and made for me..thanks dear..:)


I am finally trying one of your recipes for the first time!! I am always in LOVE with the cakes and cookies you make, they are TOO cute and so perfect. I'm making these cookies for my boyfriend as a coming-home-from-college gift. I'll DEFINITELY repost on here how they turn out...I can't wait!


I've got these in the oven to tempt the kids into behaving with great-grandma while mommy and daddy go to a concert...I hope they taste as good as they smell in the oven!


I need these in my life, right now. :D It's blazing hot outside, heating up the house like no one's business, but IM MAKIN COOKIES! lol Thanks for sharing ^_^

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