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Dec 03, 2009


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Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

This is amazing!! I love it, and I've been waiting for the tutorial. I'm so glad you posted. :)


Yes!!! I totally want to try it. I can't do the fancy schmancie frosting job but I can do the cake! Remember ... cake mixes rock!

Kathy D

I am amazed. I can't believe you just did all that. How do you do it? Thank you so much for this post. To answer your question...hmmm... I don't know... it looks complicated... But it looks like I have a good recipe for buttercream frosting!
Kathy D.

Amanda Rettke

Your so sweet Kathy!!!

Been thinking about you lots... let me know if you need anything!



Cool... we'll have to give this a try. Looks kinda complicated though!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

Showed this post to my teen daughter and she was so impressed. And I quote..."that is the coolest thing EVER"


It does look very fun. And I bet that little bit of extra frosting mixed with the crumbled Devils' Food gave it a) a lot more stability when cut and b) just a tad more richness.

I want some. Thank heavens I started a new "nutritional program." (NOT a diet. I *can't* diet over the holidays... so it must be something else!)

Miriam/The Winter Guest

This is indeed a beautiful cake, I love the outside decoration

Amanda Rettke

Now THAT is a huge compliment!

Holly Neaton

I might just try this today! Looks time consuming. I will not be decorating the outside so nicely, but will think of something. God bless - Holly


This is such a beautiful cake! It looks so easy to do but I've done a cake decorating class and this would probably take me a good day and a half :)
Therefore, no I probably won't try it but it does look fantastic!


Wow. That is a pretty cool cake. And in all honesty, i love making cake form scratch, but white is a hard one to find a good one and in this case, w/ three cakes, you NEED to use box or you will go nuts!


I'm saving this link and hope to tell others about it in a post soon. This is awesome! (I remember when you posted about your Faith Cake...)



Very creative work!!!


That's so creative! I haven't seen it before. I liked scrolling down and seeing what made it a "faith" cake!


Oh my goodness...that is gorgeous. I'm not sure I could pull that off, but if you'd like to mail me a piece, I'd be happy to share it with you. :-)



A BIG HUGE THANKS! That makes it so much easier for me! For some silly reason I could NOT figure out how that horizontal part worked!!


YOU ARE SO TALENTED! And PATIENT! I am totally making this for Easter this coming year!

Veronica M.

Oh yes, I'm totally going to make this for our preacher's next birthday! And I'm not going to tell him what's inside so he'll be surprised. I love it. I also love your "swirly-thingies" (I call it scrollwork but that's probably not technically correct). Very beautiful cake!

Veronica M.

P.S. Don't be embarassed of using cake mix--it's the only way to go! :)


Just gorgeous!!!!

The Little Teochew

I just want to know - do you have to deal with a backache/neckache after that work of art is done???


Amanda Rettke

lol no, I think I am usually just so relieved a huge weight is lifted! ;)


Okay, that answers my question about your cakes...I haven't found a good vanilla/white recipe either, and it drives me crazy! I think I'm going to just break down and buy white box cakes because that will be much better than eating the dry, tasteless cake recipes I HAVE been trying.

This is a gorgeous, gorgeous cake, by the way...I love it! :)


That is a beautiful cake! I love the squiggly decoration! I do not believe, however, that I will make that cake. My patience level is much too low and I would never take it out of the freezer to finish it. But you do a beautiful job!


Beautiful cake! It doesn't sound that hard, but I've been a baker for years, so that may change things. :) There is a pan, not sure if you know about it or not, that could make this easier... it's the checkerboard pan. Wouldn't that work? Have you seen this pan? I think it would work great for people who don't want to cut their cakes. May also save on cake mixes (I too, use mix... makes for a much neater, simplier, yummier cake!)

Amanda Rettke

I have not ever heard of this checkerboard pan Megan!! How neat! Where could I see one or get one?? Do you have one? Do you use it??

Thanks for the neat info!


Spruce Hill

I just love your blog! I have been gawking at all of your beautiful cakes and cookies! I am so impressed with your talent! This cake is so beautiful! My daughter and i have been baking and decorating fondant cakes for a little over a year. She loves to bake and decorate. We are getting all kinds of ideas here! I will for sure be back!

Rachel Watters

Gorgeous! And I like all the dots. :) Honestly, I'd probably think/dream about making this cake and be just as happy doing that and looking at your pictures than actually trying to make it myself! Of course, there's the whole not being able to eat it with that plan. So maybe I'll give it a shot someday. When I do, I'll let you know!



Oh, I LOVE THIS! Now I am super excited about this cake, and the red and green cake! Which to make , which to make? I will have such a hard time deciding. Thank you so very much for sharing! I am still getting rave reviews from your rainbow cake!
(this is Christina from Piggies and Pumpkins...I started a new blog, that I hope is more efficient :))


Oh yea! If we can do the rainbow cake, we can *try* the faith cake -- perfect for Christmas! Wow, Amanda, you are making me pretty cool in my girls eyes! :) Thanks!


That's too cool! I just did an experiment for my husband's birthday but I don't think it turned out as tall and I used two cake mixes, making four round cakes. It turned out okay but your skills far surpass mine. Take a bow! You deserve it. Maybe one day I will give it a try. I just need to find the right occasion, and get a little more practice... and.... ummmmm... courage. Yeah, courage. Definately more courage!


THAT IS AWESOME! I love love love it. I will never try to do this of course, because if I did my kitchen might explode... But still, I'm glad to know that someone else has this kind of talent!!


I am in awe of your talent!
It looks sooo good.
If I get gutsy enough to attempt this I will make sure to document and blog about it;)




I just discovered your blog and I am in LOVE. You are so creative, talented, and inspiring. I absolutely love all things baking and decorating and I am mesmerized by your creations! I am dying to try out your sugar cookie recipe. My husband and I recently moved to Germany and some of the key baking ingredients are different here. When I tried a Martha Stewart sugar cookie recipe that used baking powder, the cookies spread way too much and ended up being raw in the middle because the baking powder is just not the same. Yuck. The cookies I have made with baking soda (Natron here in Germany) have come out great.

I will definitely be a returning visitor!!


Souffle Bombay

Love the cake, beautiful job...seems you think about desserts the way I think about food. You have a talent! BTW congrats on being featured on TK!


hey amanda - random question not at all related to this post but i was wondering when you make your sugar cookies and then use the icing to outline and "flood" them, do you have to go over the outline after the flooded part dries? does the flooding ever cover the outline part? or should i just flood the whole thing before adding the outline details on top? not sure if that makes sense but if you have a moment i would love you advice:)


beeeeeautiful cakey by the way!


Very neat cake!


Wow! I think you'll be making that cake in heaven! Amazing! Are you sure you have toddlers? They must be very well behaved little ones! Thanks for the directions--if I'm snowed in for too long, I might just attempt this...or just bake a cake and eat it! :)


Hi Amanda,

I am going to try out your sugar cookie recipe tonight!I am wondering...does the frosting that you make dry hard or does it stay soft and sticky?

Amanda Rettke

It will dry hard to the touch but it never gets as hard as royal icing... it should never crunch... hope you have fun baking!!


Nope, I will never be that adventurous and make it...but the piping on top is GORGEOUS!!!!


Wow, wow, WOW! That's so cool! You do beautiful work!


well, color me impressed and delighted! i've never seen anything like this, which is sad because it's truly incredible. your work is flawless and undoubtedly delicious too. :)


Hooray! I made one, and I think it was beauttiful! What a great idea! Actually I just posted a whole blog about all of your fabulous baking ideas that I have tried, minus the cookies (which I used another recipe for, and they were hard) so I will try your recipe next :) Thanks again for sharing!


I was trying to figure out where this cake was going the whole time! And then I got the end- what a beautiful cake!


honestly, no, i will not try to make it but i LOVE it - so, so cool! and...your icing is gorgeous - so beautiful.


beautiful cake!! I love the 'swirly things'!! And the peanut bars above looked like paydays...I'm salivating right now!! I think I found a new baking blog...love it!

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