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Nov 24, 2009


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Jessica @ How Sweet It Is



Sniff...I ...I...I think I love you...

This cake looks AWESOME and I want to try it for Christmas this year. I bet my mom would be MOST impressed with me. With pride I will tell her that my BFF Amanda inspired me. (Well, if you lived closer I would SO make you my bff)

God Bless :-)

Tina Fisher

Are you kidding me? I bet it isn't easy! You MAKE it look easy! But, at least for me, this would be way hard!

Maybe you should do a class IRL!

Beautiful as ever! :)

Amanda Rettke

We can SOOOO be BFFs. :) I think I love you too. I keep telling my hubby that I want to move to Canada. I am not sure he takes me seriously. Someday.

You BETTER make this cake! Super easy! Maybe I will throw some simple instructions up there! :)



For sure need instructions - Bekah would love it!!! :)

stacy Ness

Love it! Well I guess great minds think a like. I made a Red and Green cake for a party last Friday. I did the checker board like I did with the red whit eand blue cake though. BUt I do have to say that the outside of your cakes always look way better then mine :)


I am so coveting your frosting skills right now. How to make it so smoooooooth???

And yes, I will now be making that cake. But I think I'll use a buttercream frosting... I think I'm in love with buttercream frosting...


Oh my goodness! The strikingly clean, white surface hides beneath it vivid Christmas cake layers! Amazing job!


That is one of the classiest Christmas cakes I've ever seen, Amanda. Love it, love it!


Cute cake!!! No you got my mouth watering, again! My kitchen cannot handle the mess right now otherwise I would preheat the oven immediately.


This cake looks awesome! Wow!

Why a box mix? Can one use a homemade white cake instead?

Amanda Rettke

Of course Memoria! I have been meaning to test out your white cake recipes from your blog... you seem to have found the perfect ones... I havent been sp lucky! :)

shelly (cookies and cups)

I will try this one! Great idea!


so pretty :) Thanks for sharing this :)

Debbie White

This is really pretty and such a unique idea that the kids would love it and adults too...if you can get them to admit it. Absolutely beautiful. I love baking.

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

Love it!
What a beautiful cake :)


woww it's amazing :). i would love to try it, however i'm always too busy to cook something as beautiful and wonderful as that :(. i'm really hoping to cook special desserts for this christmas, though! thanks for the information and pictures!


Saw you featured at "Be different, Act Normal" Before I read who it was, I thought that looks like an Amanda cake! SO HAPPY I WAS RIGHT!

Amanda Rettke

WOW!! Really??? What an honor! (You are gooooood girl!) :)


How do you frost it so smoothly?!?

Amanda Rettke

I watched a tutorial on you tube! :)


how much food coloring did you use for ea. color?

Amanda Rettke

I use Ateco, which id pretty good, so I only used 1-2 drops per layer! :)

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Thats a wonderful cake!!!Great colors!!!Yummyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!


I'm going to try this with gluten free cake mix. I'll make it for my Momma for Christmas! I can't wait to try to make this! I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you for the directions and pictures! =]

psp batterie

The cake is awesome! The colours in writings are wonderful too. I would be grateful if you could post the recipe because I want to prepare the same for Christmas.

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Thanks for the information and pictures! you got my mouth watering!


I found your blog a while ago. You are so talented. When do you find the time to decorate a cake with three children? I have three also and its such a struggle. I was wondering, which tutorial on you tube did you watch for the frosting technique?

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What a nice Christmas cake, the next time I will do one like this one, honestly it looks so nice you now


What a beautiful,delicious, lip-smacking, yummy, luscious, mouth watering cake..
Cakes are my favorites!


How do you get the frosting to look so smooth!!?

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Nice Christmas cake, the next time I will do one like this one, honestly it looks so nice you now


Your red comes out a true red, I use wilton Christmasred and it comes out hot pink grrrr :O)


Simply Scrumdillyumptious.


I LOVE THIS!! I am so trying it this weekend! Thank you for posting! Happy Holidays!


I love this cake! I'm going to have to try it! Your frosting is amazing! I honestly thought it was fondant at first, it's that smooth!!

Jenifer Fannin

Did you draw the mistletoe- or is it a decoration? I don't think that I could ever draw that free hand in icing.


why do you need 3 boxes of cake mix. I would think 2 boxes would be enough (1 for red and 1 for green). Can you explain please?? Thanks!

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Did you draw the mistletoe- or is it a decoration? I don't think that I could ever draw that free hand in icing.

Great job with this cake...it's beautiful


Wow, I love it .

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