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Nov 23, 2009


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Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

Mmm I love mixing the cake with cream cheese! This cake is beautiful Amanda!

Tina Fisher

I am too dense for a tutorial on this....it would make my head spin. I'd better just stick to ooohhh and ahhhhhh via pictures.

Our family makes a cake every year for Jesus's birthday. We light candles and sing "Happy Birthday".

I showed the pictures to H & K....H said, "Oh, there's a cross of a church". And then so did K as much as she could say those words!

B E A U T I F U L to say the least!

You rock Amanda!

Amanda Sikes

WOW! Beautiful cake! It looks so yummy. I would love to know how to make it but since I have no cake carrier right now (its on my Christmas list) I probably wouldn't make it at this time. But it sure is elegant looking. Did you do the scroll work free hand?

Amanda Rettke

I did Amanda!! I just got a cake carrier at Walmart for $6.99! (i think) anyway,it was cheap and works really well!


bridget {bake at 350}

Now, that is really cool!


I do, I do! Want a tutorial that is! :) I was wondering if it was possible to make chocolate buttercream frosting. I love the homemade vanilla buttercream frosting. I wonder why it didn't come out...

BTW, I still haven't heard back from Guiness yet. I wonder what their hold up is! :)


Very nice! The roses take practice, you'll get the hang of it soon. Once you do, you'll be whipping them out super quick :)


WOW! Beautiful cake!!! I love it. :)


That is awesome!
I can not get over your talent. Man I wish we lived close I would take the burden of cake taste tester;)

Amanda Rettke

Thank you Jessica! I cant believe how sweet that is! he he Sorry. Whenever I see your blog name I say in my head How sweet IT IS! Im weird.

Army Mom

I would LOVE to see/know exactly how you made this cake. It is beautiful and the meaning makes it even more perfect.

Bravo, You!


I would love to try this out! Perty please let us know how you did it!!! :)


What a beautiful cake and beautiful idea! I can't wait to try this. My mother would absolutely love it (and my father will absolutely love eating it). It's a perfect cake for the holidays.


me wants a tutorial 2....


I absolutely love your Faith Cake. And I love your blog design too. When I first clicked over, I thought, YES! This is so her! Yay for you, Amanda. You have such talent and I always enjoy seeing your beautiful desserts!


I'm not big on the whole outward religious thing, being a bit private myself.

But... I really like this. This is very sweet and somehow "right" in this season.

Thank you for sharing it. It's quite lovely.


I would love for you to make a tutorial for this! Please do it!!


I want a tutorial on this! I think you have five or more requests now! If not, I'll leave another comment in a few minutes under another name LOL! j/k


I love it!! I vote for a tutorial!


Tutorial please! :)


WOW - I just popped over from the Suite to see what kind of blog you had, and I'm drooling!!!

The Faith Cake is beautiful, and so is everything else! Wow.

I think I'm going to sign up to follow just so I can stare....


PS - Thanks for visiting us at the Suite, or I would probably never have found this!


This is breathtaking! I would love a tutorial so I can make this for my family at Christmas.


I remember one year, we made a Happy Birthday Jesus cake with my family. I'd be interested in a tutorial of this cake!


ME! ME! and Maygan. We'd love a tutorial on your beautiful cake!!

Holly Neaton

Love, love , love it! You are one talented woman! God bless!


Really beautiful piping. You have a very nice decorating touch.

Amanda Rettke

Thank you! How very kind of you to say so!! Many blessings-


stacy Ness

Love it very much! The Red and Green idea....Love it!!!

Blessed Adventures

Beautiful Beautiful


This is such an amazing cake. I would love to see a tutorial on this. Beautiful pictures, too!


Hi Amanda! You have such a creative eye for things :)

Amanda Rettke

Comingfrom you Liz, I take that as a HUGE compliment!!! You are amazing!! Thanks for stopping by!



amazing....wow!! you did a wonderful job here, decoration is amazing..I would also like to see tutorial:))


OMG that is the coolest thing I've ever seen! I'd love to see how you did it!


Awesome! fabulous cake i like it so much coz it looks so delicious. :)


Amanda Rettke

Thank you so much!! How sweet!


Totally want a tutorial on this cake! And want to watch the video on how to ice (thanks!).

I love, love, love your site and am going to link to it from my blog later this week on the red/green cake. Then another time on this amazing faith cake. I got lost in the i am mommy blog earlier. I meant to leave you the names of people I follow on twitter...look at my list, but Sheila Walsh is always really good ...all the women of faith are. I also follow Max Lucado, Pete Wilson, Big Mama, Kelly's Korner, Luci Swindoll, etc.

The thing I LOVE about your i am baker blog ... the thing that attracted me initially was that you used a MIX for your cake.


Amanda Rettke

Thank you darla. I needed that! I was just feeling a bit beat up cause I am not a foodie and some people reject me for my not from scratch cakes. You just made my night! Thank you!


What a cool cake! This is so pretty! You are incredibly talented! Love looking through your site!

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Those minute designs on the cake are mind blowing!!!Simply superbb!!


How about a tutorial that you do in my house and leave the cake here? :-)

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You are incredibly talented! Love looking through your site! Its quite mind blowing!


How do you get your buttercream so smooth? I try and I always get ripples and air bubbles!


I absolutely adored your cake,simple and classic.I especially love the meaning behind that cake..Thanks for sharing!

Bizu Philippines

wow! this is absolutely delicious cake i like it so much,gorgeous!



I would l love, love a tutorial! thank you! Anita

Kimberly Martin

i would love the tutorial...awesome cake!
I did the flag cake and it was a hit :o)

Marcella Lee

Would love the tutorial of the cross cake just love it....

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