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Nov 10, 2009


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bridget{bake at 350}

Oh, I hope you win...these are fabulous! I love that idea for the holly leaves. I may be borrowing it...and giving you credit, of course! ;)


Well, you look great, so stop worrying about it ;-) It's a cookie decorating contest, after all...and you are the perfect person to enter, since your cookies are amazing! ~love the holly leaves~ Great job, and good luck winning!


They're beautiful, and I don't belive you when you say "Easy!", LOL! No way, not for me, says someone who's never even tried to be so artful with something destined to be eaten...


Wow... stunning cookies as usual! :) I don't know how you do it. And... good looking Mama... not to worry there... though I do hear you about not liking to get my picture taken.

Best wishing with the contest. Your cookies are amazing... so hopefully you will win.

God bless you,

Mama M.


And the cookies are too! ;)

I hope you win, keep us posted!


They look beautiful and so do you :-)
Good luck!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

I hope you win they look GREAT!


You could have 'glued' the cookies to the plate using powdered sugar and water.. that way the plate could have been tilted for a 'normal' photo.. Just a thought ;)

I LOVE how these turned out.. they look amazing! I'd never have enough patience (not to mention the steady hand) to make such beautiful cookies.. VERY well done!

Greetings from the netherlands!

Amanda Rettke

Brilliant suggestion Linda!!! And wow... the Netherlands huh?? I feel so international! ;)

Have a blessed day!


Tina Fisher

The cookies look great! I hope you win! They don't look easy at all to me! But you sure make it sound easy!

You look awesome in your picture!

Keep us posted on your placement!

Much Love,


Amanda Sikes

Those cookies are incredible. I love your work and it has become one of my goals to learn how to do it even half like you. But after seeing my first attempt (photos in flickr) I have a long way to go.

Amanda Rettke

Seriously Amanda...those cookies are WONDERFUL!! I love them!! I think you have more talent then you realize... but thank you so much for the kind words. I appreciate you!




I strive to pipe words on my cakes and cookies like you. Do you have your recipe for royal icing somewhere on your site? I would like one that gets really hard but is easy to work with.

Nice work.

Heather F

Beautiful woman with beautiful cookies!

Army Mom

Knock-out cookie decorating! Wow! And, such a sweet face too!


I think you're beautiful and so are the cookies. I hope you win!

Kristin Smith

Those are amazing! I am hoping for a win for you!! How exciting though! And you look great in your photo...be good to yourself! :)


They look wonderful! And your piping is amazing! I hope you win =)


These cookies are so festive that they automatically bring a smile to my face! My siblings and I make an annual gingerbread house, but I want to try making cookies this year too. :)


Absolutely gorgeous cookies for Christmas. You just reminded me that it's not too far away as well.


Your cookies are stunning! I love the perfect details! Best of lucks in the contest!

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Amazing cookie decorating contest, after all...and you are the perfect person to enter, since your cookies are Marvelous.

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oooh this is exciting! I am going to submit... :) Good luck to all the applicants, I can't wait to see who is chosen!


Mmmm, looks absolutely delicious. I used to look forward to Caribbean black cake at weddings and other special events. Then I became a vegan, and that was the end of that. I'd love to sample this! Any chance you'd be willing to share the recipe? :)


Brilliant! I will definitely try this some time, thank you!


Amazing! You're incredible...

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