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Nov 08, 2009


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Mama M.

Amazing!! Those little turkey balls (oops...I snickered, did you?!!) are adorable!!! You girl, are the NEXT Bakerella! And I can say you left me comments! ;)

Mama M.

Oooh, one more thing...did you dip those balls while they were on the stick?

Amanda Rettke

As soon as I get done chuckling to myself (did those balls-SORRY!) yes, I did dip them when they were on the stick. Then tapped gently on my finger.


Blessings to you sweety!


Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

Oh these are so cute! Very creative!!!!
Love your blog :)

Tina Fisher

Very cute Amanda! I like with feet!

I'd had never heard of bakerella. She has some site! I noticed she has a t-shirt that says "bakerella". I think you should get one that says "i am baker". How fun!



Hello again, I ~love~ Bakerella's website too. I made cupcake pops for my son's birthday over the summer, and then again for his schoolmates. They were a lot of work, I thought, but the second time was much easier. Guess the first time for anything is a learning experience, after that, you're a veteran ;-) Great job on the Turkey pops, don't think I'm going to try them myself this year, (too delicate to transport) but they are adorable!

bridget {bake at 350}

You're right...she is SUCH an inspiration! Your turkey cake balls are adorable!!! Gobble, gobble!


Those look delicious. I had never heard of bakerella until now and I'm going to have to follow her blog! I think I'm going to gain about 50 lbs just from reading all these baking blogs. *sigh* I'm off to bake some cookies now! :)

God Bless,

stacy Ness

Very Cute!

I really like the feet w/o legs but wasn't a big fan of the red dangling thingy :)

Amanda Rettke

LOL you crack me up Stacy!! Hope you are out enjoying the day!




Super Cute!!! If you need to get rid of any I know a little girl who likes to help! lol



Kristin Smith

Those are awesome...I can't believe you have the patience to do that!! Kudos!

Rachel Watters

I like the whole shabang. Legs, feet, and funny red thing on the beak. So cute!


wow, those are TOO cute!!!!! Thanks for your kind words on my blog~

Army Mom

You did a Great job! And, so just-as-creative-and-super-cute as those cake pops Bakerella creates! Good for you, and thanks for sharing... Love, love them!


Super cute!! I LOVE making cake balls, but have yet to try and make them into 'things' like you.

Oh, and if you don't buy colored candy melts, make sure your food coloring is oil based, this week keep the chocolate from getting yucky.


I have recently come across your site and thought I would finally comment. I did the exact same thing with the food coloring and white chocolate this past weekend! Your turkey balls look great : ) and love bakerella too.



oh my goodness...I can't decide which one is cuter! I like the little red thingamajiggies too!

Katy Belle

So, so, so adorable!!! I found you for the first time today and now I'm going to sit here and read your whole blog! I'm hooked after the first two posts. You are pretty funny, for a baker.

Onto the turkey balls...my friend made glazed chicken balls once and we snickered forever about having to chasae those chickens around to get their tiny little balls.... snicker,snicker...

Queen Mommy

How CUTE! I'm wondering if you could just dip them in chocolate, like you would with truffles. I mean, I'm guessing they're kind of like those cake truffle things anyway.

christine louise

these are so adorable. love!


you are so talented :)


I know this is an old post so I'm hoping you get this. I tried these for the first time the other day. But, I couldn't get my chocolate to coat smoothly. I used colored candy melts from Michaels. I'm wondering if I got the chocolate too hot. Did you let your melted chocolate cool just a bit before you started? I ended up throwing half of them away and not even attempting to cover them because I was so discouraged. The kids still ate them though. :-)

Becki D

Hmm...the white chicken/turkeys...not so much.
But the brown turkeys are awesome!! What a cute idea. I also like the idea of using frosting instead of the candy melts...I love the look of the candy melt pops, but I'm not a huge fan of the taste. I think I might have to try some this way. woohoo! :-)


These are ADORABLE!! If I didn't have .7263 feet of counter space in my kitchen, and my fridge wasn't filled to the brim with my roommates weird concoctions, I would TOTALLY make these!!


These are the CUTEST things ever! I adore bakerella, and your cake pops had to have made her happy!! Love!

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