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Nov 16, 2009


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bridget {bake at 350}

Oh My GOSH! Cutest things EVER!!! Please tell me you will do a tutorial on these! You need to email this to Martha so they can be in next year's Christmas issue!


You are soooo talented! I wanted to make some for the Winter Market. Now I'm not so sure....they are truly beautiful =)

Amanda Rettke

Thanks Christine! What is the Winter Market? And why on earth dont you think you can make them now?? Goodness girl... you are SO talented!!! :)


These are so gorgeous! I am not sure if I could make these. Though, I'd love to make them for Christmas.


WOW! It's criminal that you tossed them.


OH wow!! Those are wonderful!!


LOVE the white bows on the red packages! And the holly leaves are adorable, too. *sigh* Now I want to try fondant...and I've always wanted to experiment with petit fours, too. Too much baking, never enough time! :) I agree, we need a tutorial!

Amanda Sikes

Tutorial, tutorial, tutorial! You know you want to, don't you? We all want you to. So won't you just give in and do a tutorial or at least a question and answer! PLEASE!!!

I wish I was local but I am not and I really want to make some AWESOME cookies for my mother in law's house next week. But I need help!!


Isn't there a way to flavor the fondant to make it taste good? I agree that it's criminal to throw away something so beautiful! Maybe flavor it with different extracts??? I have no idea. I've never made fondant before...

Kristin Smith

Wow...those are beautiful! I LOVE the red ones with the bow. It is too bad that they can't come up with a fondant that tastes good! What fun though!


Sooo cute! At first I thought the white tree was the computer mouse symbol...oops! Though a good idea for computer freaks :)

chocolate shavings

Those wrapped presents are just too cute!


Oooo they look to cute! If you have the time, marshmallow fondant tastes WAY better than regular (so I've heard) so they would be worth keeping next time. I do agree with other responders, TUTORIAL! :-)

Amanda Rettke

Well.... I guess I will have to think about it. I really dont know how to do it... I sorta just fly by the seat of my pants most of the time!

But I cant leave ya stranded.... he he




Wow, those are amazing!! Beautiful and elegant.

Another commenter mentioned it, but you should definitely try making your own marshmellow fondant! It is actually edible and tasty, and other than the kneading, very easy to make. Then those petit fours can go into the petit tummies around your house :)


SO pretty!!

Sarah Robbins

Totally gorgeous- as usual! You are amazing!


I love those little red present ones, they are all cute though.


Seriously they are so beautiful!
You go girl!
Ok, different note...I keep trying to subscribe through my google reader your I am baker but I can't figure it out.
I will hopefully figure it out soon!
I love both of your blogs!

Cate O'Malley

omg, those are stunning!


theres a really great recipe for homemade marshmallow fondant that tastes SO much better than regular fondant and easy to work with.. its on cakecentral.com- try it for the petitfours!


Okay, I love LOVE your petit fours...I tried to make some once and it was a miserable failure. I didn't use fondant but spread something like a glaze over the top. They looked HORRIBLE. You are so talented!

I would love to pick your brain on your fondant though...do you make your own, or do you buy it? I make marshmallow fondant myself, but it's still not so tasty.. hmmm....


You are ridiculously talented.

Pamela Miller

I'm assuming you used rolled ondant for these? Can you tell me what brand you use or if you have any suggestions for an alternative that would come out just as beautiful?

Thank You!

Spruce Hill

Those are the cutest darn things I have ever seen! What kind of fondant do you use? We have found one kind that tastes better then the rest. It is Satin Ice Vanilla fondant.

Amanda Rettke

You are so sweet!! I just use the pre-packaged fondant from Wilton. I use Ateco food coloring to get the wonderfully vibrant colors!!

I just stopped by your blog and it is beautiful... you are a great photographer!!

Thanks so much!

Sports car from middle east

Oh Gosh!!!!!!!!!Whats all this??No words to praise your work!!Splendid!!!


The gift-wrapped ones are the best! They make you feel like you wanna undo the ribbons. Great job! The next time you feel like tossing something away, could you send it over to me instead?

Term Papers

Belated, but none the less heartfelt, Merry Christmas to you and yours!! And hope the New Year is much better than it appears it is going to be!


I join the others in asking "pretty please" for a tutorial (or at least a little more info on how you made them.


Racing  cars  from middle east

Sooo cute! The gift-wrapped ones are the best! Great job! The next time you feel like tossing something away, could you send it over to me instead?


i admire your work those are really so fabulous. all i can say is KEEP MOVING FORWARD

Julie Turner

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Account Deleted

They are so gorgeous!
Hope you wouldn't mind if I borrow your idea
and just crossing my finger if I'll get half-nice result compare to your work :)
Happy new year to you and loved ones

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