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Nov 26, 2009


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WOW, Amanda! They look amazing! All I can think about, though, is how much work they look like! Props to YOU- big time!


Oh, and I think this is a wonderful cause!! Worth the hard work!


Again - you AMAZE me! These cookies are AWESOME! How DO you get those letters so perfect?
I am sooo impressed!
And what a great cause!


Another gorgeous cookie! :)


These look so great! I'm still working on my nerve to try this out. It just can't be that hard. You make it look so easy!!!

For some reason, I'm not getting updates from this blog in my blogroll. Any idea why that is? Yours is the only typepad blog I follow, and I get your other blog updates, just not this one.

And it makes me sad. :( I hate coming over to visit and seeing how much I've missed for the past few days. I love this blog!!!

Amanda Rettke

I am so sorry Alexia... I am not sure why you cant get reminders when this blog updates. I am going to try and have to install some type of system that will do that... so sorry sweety!


BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful way to use your talents!


The letters are beautiful!


I was SO excited to see more cookies. They look fantastic, Amanda :-)

Kristin Smith

Wow...200 more to go?? You are amazing. How long seriously will that take you and how long do the cookies stay edible??

Oh and I think that I have to try the christmas cake...absolutely lovely! :)

Blessings, Kristin

shelly (cookies and cups)

very cute cookies! I am sure they will appreciate this!

Amanda Sikes

Once again, cute as can be! I love the "stiching" around the edges. It just makes the cookies!


Absolutely gorgeous!

bridget {bake at 350}

OH! They are SO gorgeous!!! I love the letters in the bright colors and the stitching! Darling!!!

Alexis mentioned this, but I can't get your blog to come up in my google reader, either. ;( I'm not sure why. I NEED it to be in my google reader because I NEED to see all of your darling creations every day!!!

Mama M.

Oh. My. Gosh...your cookies take my breath away! Seriously, I LOVE 'em!! You are amazing, my dear...simply amazing!


They are gorgeous! Your cookies were a huge hit here! :)Thanks again! :)



wow so pretty!
what kind of icing did you use? and how did you get such straight lines for that stunningly GORGEOUS rainbow cookie??


The letters are beautiful! You are good with a piping bag!!


So cute! These are super adorable. :)


These are just some of the most adorable little things I have seen. So creative and they look soooo yummy!


The Little Teochew

These cookies are unbelievably perfect! You're a really, really, REALLY talented baker!!!


Gorgeous! I'm so glad you are joining the Drop In & Decorate family. There are events going on all around the country this month, and there's still time to bake, decorate and donate cookies. We will be making thousands of people very happy. Thank you!



Stephanie @ A Fine House

girl..you have some serious talent. I could look at your stuff all day!


You are so rediculously talented! Amazing!!!

Ted Chaloner

Thanks so much in joining the Drop In & Decorate movement!
I will have to try some of your ideas at the big Drop In event at RISD on Jan 30th.


Wow, love those cookies!!! I hope you know, part of the Drop In & Decorate tradition involves stealing other people's cookie ideas! The sincerest form of flattery, as they say.


Hi Amanda...I'm a professional pastry chef and I can't remember the last time I saw such talent. Those cookies are 'SPECTACULAR". Thank you from a Drop In & Decorate.


Your cookies are gorgeous! I help my first Drop In & Decorate earlier this year and it was a lot of fun. I was overwhelmed by the responses from the recipients. It's amazing how a cookie can brighten someone's day and make them feel special :)


I want to make these so bad for my little guys preschool class. I have a great cookie cut out recipe but would like to know when you frost them do you do the white and let it sit b4 you do the colored letters? My email is rdlukes@drtel.net Thank you so much!


These are phenomenal, absolutely gorgeous!


I think your make some good points. I really think you cover the topic well.

Lorraine Russo

Hi Amanda. I love your cookies - you are so talented. I was wondering how you did the lettering for the alphabet cookies? How do you get the letters so uniform? Do you pipe the icing on parchment over a template? Just curious is you can let me know.
Thanks in advance.
Lorraine Russo-Harty

Amanda Rettke

Hi Lorraine! I freehand all my cookies. I basically just piped out the letters then fulled them in with icing.

Be blessed!



Thanks so much for your comments. Your work is so inspiring!

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