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Oct 30, 2009


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Congratulations on your new blog :-) I've bookmarked it already!
Now I'm off to read everything.

(crossing my fingers that I win your cookies!)



I would love to win cookies =) My MIL's birthday is coming up, so they would be perfect! I WISH I was HALF as good as you at making and decorating yummy treats. I mess up the boxed stuff that comes with stencils and instructions, hahaha.

kari hutchinson

CONGRATS on your leap of faith and starting this blog. Your "cookie work and cake work" is amazing. I have LOVED looking at your creations on your i am mommy blog! :) I've even tried the cookies with my kids. Loads of fun... though not nearly as beautiful or as tasty (cuz the sitter forgot to put sugar in the dough. LOL!) I took pictures and have YET to post them to my blog... been too busy making a paintbrush costume and a parrot costume!

Blessings to you. ENJOY your work.


P.S. Of course I'd love to win the baked goods!!!!

Amanda Rettke

Kari! Remember to submit your pictures to the flickr group.... that is another place you can win cookies!!


I am absolutely amazed that anyone can do anything like you're doing. I LOVE the rainbow cake. Fortunately I have only boys so I don't feel the pressure to recreate! But they are my favorite helpers in the kitchen. They even like checking out your pictures wondering when we can bake! Yea!


Oh I can't wait to see more of your posts! Your decorating amazes me, so this blog I think will be perfect. congrats!


Oh! I love the look of this blog! I will never ever let any of my family see it lest they get discontented with my lumpy chocolate chip cookies and less than stellar Christmas concoctions :o) You truly have a gift, and I don't think amateur is the right title for you at all!


I pretty much always need cookies.




I look forward to reading more of this blog =)

And when is not a good time for some cookies? I can think of a dozen good reasons to win some of your beautiful cookies!

I'm going to go check out your sugar cookie primer now =)!

Blessed Mom

You're very talented, your cookies are so pretty. Congratulations on the new blog.


Congratulations on your new blog I would love to win cookies for our silent auction at work it is all for charity.

Rachel Pettit

You are amazing! I only wish I had the patience and talent for something such as this! Love the new blog!


Now see, there you go, being all bad with yourself again! Love, love, love your designs. If your treats taste half as good as they look - well, I just need to taste them and I'll let you know! :)


Mmmm....I don't suppose you make gluten free? No concerns, that just means more for me!


OH your new site looks wonderful! I am adding this one to my blogroll right away. I am very proud of you for doing this, its awesome! And guess what, I have been working very hard on some cookies that i am making off of your recipe! I am def not as talented as you are though so they dont look the greatest but they sure taste good!
Once again, congrats on your wondeful new blog! =]

Laura Kusik

Oh my gosh! You have a talent! Very cool desserts!


Rachel Watters

Thanks for making this! You're super talented and inspiring. Also, I pretty much wanted to eat everything I saw!

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

I love it!!!


I am amazed! Your creations look too good to eat! :) Well done!


Ha ha :) Another cooking/baking site to add to my favorites! I think I spend about an hour each day checking for updates and new things to *attempt* to make!!! My girls and I love all your stuff.


All the stuff you make is too PRETTY to eat! I love it.

Lisa McAllister

WOW! Your cookies look amazing! I soo hope I win some incredible cookies- they look just scrumptious!! I'm jealous...:)

Chelsea Price

Cute, cute! You are so creative!

Jill Tracy

Yeah Amanda--that is awesome that you are branching off into another blog. You so deserve it--you are so talented and others should share in your joy! Congrats!


I was thinking of making cookies today... not nearly the pieces of art you create, though, I'm going with oatmeal scotchies today!

He & Me + 3

Great job. I love this blog...so pretty.


Love the new blog! Gorgeous! Don't enter me, even if I won, you wouldn't be able to send me food. NZ laws are too strict and I wouldn't want to be fined! Poor me. :(


Yay! How exciting and congrats on your new blog. (Not what I would have guess, by the way! But it would have had something to do with baking!)

Ok, I'm off to check out the flicker group because I have 3 of your recipe's that I made to post! :)


Amazing cookies! And I like your writing style :). I have linked to you from MckMama's blog, and you're now on my list of favorites!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

WooHoo! Love the new blog. This is all so very exciting. I'm always in awe of your creations...can't wait to see what you do next.


Congrats on the new blog! I'm a fairly new subscriber to your other one, but have enjoyed reading it. And, I would love to win cookies!!


You look FAR from amateur! Those cookies look too good to eat, that is for sure!


Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Kristen :)
And I also love baking.
Not that I am the best at it.

Mm ... I am hungry.


Love your new blog! Thanks for the chance to win some of your fabulous cookies!


Your baking is AMAZING!!! I'm so excited to look at the rest of your blog! Congrats!


You know I have been wanting some of those cookies since you first starting writing about them! :-) Glad to see your new space, too...


Your blog is fantastic! I will definitely be back, as I am an aspiring baker myself but need as many tips as I can get!


HOW FUN!! Congrats on the new blog....just what I need, more temptations... :)

Kristin Smith

Love the new blog!! I am so excited for you and can't wait until I see more of your yummy creations! Oh and we had purple pancakes today!! :)

ps. I am so jealous that you got to see that cake-off. What fun!! I am addicted to the Food Network and the Challenges! Next time they have one up there let me know and I might have to make a little road trip! :)


LOVE IT!!! You are so talented! How did the buttercream fondant work?


yay another blog to read from you! :) You know I love reading your blogs - cakes, cookies, kids - love them all! :)

Looks like a great one!



Love your creations! Found you via MckMama's blog! Good luck with your new blog and all your baking!


Congratulations! This is amazing, and to be able to follow one of your passions is remarkable. Way to go!


Hi there Rainbow Cake Lady! I have not stopped thinking about that cake since I saw it on Jennifer's blog. WAY COOL! I want to try it sometime. I love baking and have made a few neat cakes myself - would love to do more of it! Blessings to you on your baking projects. Enjoy!

M'Liss Shurtleff

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! I hope I am a winner.


love love love the new site!! It looks great! I can't wait to see all of your new creations! My sister in law tried your rainbow cake it was great and absolutly beautiful!!

Michelle M.

This looks amazing! I can't believe you already have so many comments! That is incredible. Good luck! I hope your blog takes off :) I'm adding it to my feed reader.


I just found your blog through Tasty Kitchen. I love your layout, looks great! Congrats on starting a new blog. :o)

Kim S

Hi Amanda!
This is Kim from church - remember talking a while back when are little ones weren't captivated enough with Pastor Bob? I so enjoyed you! =) Now, I find out you are doing this baking thing in my backyard --- we need to be driving by more often it looks like ;) Very impressive baking there! Can't imagine what it's going to look like in the future if this is your amateur version. Needless to say, I plan on cheering you on the whole way, and maybe stopping by to make sure they're up to par ;)

I'm sorry I haven't commented yet on your blog - I am horrible about that. Please feel honored as this is only the second time I've ever commented on a blog =) Hope to catch up with you one of these days and share the story of how I finally found your blog after I had forgotten your blog's name.

Amanda Rettke

Of course I remember you Kim... cant wait to catch up too!! We are going to the early service tomorrow... then wont be back for a couple of weeks! :(

But I would LOVE to chat soon!!!



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