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Oct 28, 2009


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Can I use waxed paper instead of parchment?

Amanda Rettke

I dont think so... (please tell me if I am wrong) but I think wax paper can burn! You can just bake directly on the pan if you want...just keep a close eye on your cookies!!

Have a blessed day Kate!


Waxed paper will "melt" and burn in the oven. A lesson I learned the hard way when I was first finding my way around the kitchen.


Stop using flour to roll them out with, i promise! try powdered sugar instead, soooooo much better. the flour makes them tough!


Can you freeze the sugar cookies?

Kelly G

@Brittany: Yes, sugar cookie dough freezes beautifully! Just wrap it up tight. in freezer bags or plastic wrap. Then when you're ready to bake, pull it out and let it thaw for a couple of hours in the fridge. I do this all the time. Make up several batches of dough and bake some, then freeze the rest. Love your site Amanda!

Rachel Watters

How many cookies does this recipe yield?

Jeanette Anderson

This is the best sugar cookie recipe that I have tried, and I feel like I have been searching for a long time. Thanks for sharing your talent, ideas, and recipes.


I have been searching for a great sugar cookie recipe and this one looks interesting and I think I´ll give it a try..but i was wondering..I also saw that you have another sugar cookie recipe called amanda´s amazing sugar cookies and i was wondering which of the two do you prefer...or which do you recommend I use?


Yum! Yum! Yum! I made these cookies for the 4th of July and cut out stars! Everyone said how wonderful these cookies tasted! Thanks so much for this delicious recipe! I loved how my cutout cookies kept their shape! Can't wait to make more!


Thanks so much for this recipe! I used this for my mother's day cookies (using YOUR cookie jar idea- the moms loved it!!) My husband said it was the best sugar cookies I'd ever made! I'm using them again for our daughter's birthday party!


Amanda...i want to bake a huge batch of sugar cookies. Can you please tell me how early i can prepare the dough and store it in the freezer? Is it okaty if i bake and freeze them...Does they hold their shape when i thaw?//Please help me.


Can you use a cookie press with this recipe?? I can't wait to make them again, we used the Cookie Jar idea as well! It turned out amazing and the cookies were SO DELICIOUS!


how many three inch cookies will this recipe make?


What is cream of tartar? It isn't commonly used over here in The Netherlands and your cookies look great so I want to give it a try, but cannot find a store that sells it :(


I love the recipe...I got 12, 1/2 inch thick, heart cookies out of it. I was using a relatively large cookie cutter though...probably 4 inches. Made beautiful cookies that tasted delicious. Hands down the best recipe I have ever tried...I'm going to call my mom and introduce her to something to replace her old recipe with.

I have a double batch waiting in the fridge right now for me to make some more. :) Oh, and I'm at a high altitude and the recipe didn't need any adjusting. :)


Hi ... How long can you keep these iced sugar cookies ( considering the icing has milk ) and how do I store them?




Anu Menon

i am making the dough right now and i see that mine is pretty wet(not the flowing type) and sticky after i mix it up. will it get harder when i keep itin the fridge?
please help!!!

Kimberly Temple

I'm having the same issue as Anu, my dough is still wet. I'll stick it in the fridge for a while and hope it hardens up, I have some Doctor Who cookies in mind, and I'd like to finish those up soon! :D Thanks for the recipe. :D

Amanda Rettke

I would add more Flour ladies... you can add as much as you need... I have even had to add about a cup more depending on the circumstances. :)

Kimberly Temple

I assumed as much! But thanks for the reassurance! :D


What is the purpose of the cream of tartar in this recipe? J.ust looking to see what I can sub it for cuz I don't have any.

Not a skinny cook

I usually use cream of tartar when beating egg whites as a stabilizing agent. It also can help prevent the crystallization of cooked sugar in recipes as well. Cream of tartar has been known to make dough creamier too. I have not tried this recipe without it though (only with it). I may need to do a comparison to see if it makes a difference. As for not finding cream of tartar, I'm sure you can always find it online somewhere.


Just found this site and am absolutely loving it....thanks Amanda.


Hi Amanda
I'm going to make your sugar cookie recipe for my grandaughters 1st birthday in July...........I made them for the baby shower last year and they were a hit, do you have any suggestions for a decoration to do, an easy one please! I wish I could do George the monkey!


love your blog, just discovered it from Pioneer lady. Love family friendly sites. Another great site i have found that is a great family one is: http://www.lighthouseexplorations.com/

also do you have a print button. I would like to print this sugar cookie recipe.


Hi Amanda

Just wondering, how long will cooked cookies last for in an airtight container?

I've just made a batch of dough and don't know if I should cook it now or later this week.



which sugar cookie recipe do you like better? this one or "amandas amazing sugar cookies" and if u like the other one best, then what is this one for? do u have pictures of cookies made by this recipe?


Erin, I've made my cookies then freezed them, just pull out the made ones anytime you want to frost a batch. You can also frost and freeze, I have had no problems with it at all.

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