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Oct 28, 2009


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Thank you so much for the link! I'm gonna try this ASAP!


My family is giving your Sugar Cookie and Frosting Recipes a try tonight to make Christmas Cookies while we watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas." We're so excited!!! Thanks for the recipes. You are one talented Baking Artist!

Amanda Rettke

I hope you have a great time!! Sounds like you are going to be making some great memories along with those cookies!



So once you get them frosted and done, do the cookies need to be refrigerated?

Amanda Rettke

Nope! They can actually sit out for a few days... but if you want to refrigerate them for longer you certainly can! I have heard weeks! :)


i found your site thru tastespotting...i loved your frosted cookies...fabulous...& i cannot seem to find the link for "Please read this for more detailed instructions!"
thanks for your reply..


Is this the royal icing recipe you used for your fabulous NYE sugar cookies? Also, what food coloring did you use? Your colors were amazing!

Chinese Culture Food

Wow, the cooking method of this dish is great, I'll try it later and I hope it tastes the way it look. Thanks for sharing!


I recently found your blog through your "Rainbow cake". You have so much that looks awesome and delicious.....I am so impressed. I have a quick question for you....my 3 almost 4 year old daughter likes fish and wants a cake that looks like a fish bowl for her birthday. Do you have a suggestion on how to get a cake shaped like a 3D circle? Any suggestions would be great. I was going to try your royal frosting on it too.....


How many cookies will this decorate?


Thank you for this recipe! I'm gonna try this tonight :)


looks lovely Amanda!
Remember I emailed you regarding my daughter's birthday? Well, we arent doing a party this time (God had better plans) but Im still going to make a round layer cake with buttercream frosting and butterflies in a garden on it. I'll post pictures in my blog about how it went.


Easy to use and tasty! Thank you!


your blog is beautiful! i've been playing with your sugar cookie frosting, and i'm wondering if you ever have problems with the icing getting a little 'cloudy' after it sets. too many air bubbles? thanks for your help! kat


So I'm curious what is the difference between royal icing with or without meringue powder? I mean do they taste different or is one differn to work with than the other?


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was wondering if your icing hardens?

Debbie Cutelli

My icing keeps clouding up after it sets, what am I doing wrong?
It looses it shine, help.


Hi there, I always wanted to try some cookies with royal icing and this recipe sounds like even I could do it ;)
My problem is, I only have golden syrup, is that similar to corn syrup. I'm from Germany and haven't found corn syrup here anywhere :(


I love how your cookies look! Was wondering how you got the base of the icing to flow and follow the shape of the cookie so nicely. Would really want to try this out!:)


I see in your pictures that you stack sometimes with wax or parchment between....how long before that works?

All of your cookies are adorable!

Pup Fan

I'm so excited I found thist post... I have been making icing with confectioner's sugar and milk but the consistency was never quite right. I think that the light corn syrup might be what i was missing! :)


This is a really cool site, I love all the cookies!! So beautiful! I have been trying to make sugar cookies myself, but I have to practice more!! :)
To Marina: I am from Denmark, and I had that same problem about finding corn syrup. But I found out that you can use Glucose Syrup instead, it is almost the same. With golden syrup you can't make all white icing... Anyway I hope it helps you a bit..

Retro Jordans

Your article give me a lot helpful message, no doubt a valuable blog. Best wishes to you.


thanks for the recipe! i tried it this weekend but my cookies were not as shiny as yours...also i used liquid food coloring but my color were very pale and faded once the icing dried...the taste was great though!
any suggestions??


The Best Sugar Cookies EVER! We had a blast with these!!! I did the frosting as well...but I think I made it to thin! Still delious! My 3 year old an I will be making them again!

Thank you!!!

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oh my God, OH MY GOD! i search this recipe for like a month all over the web, now i can enjoy some sugar cookie FROSTING!


Is this your version of the royal icing that's all over the University of Cookie website?

And what tutorials at University of Cookie would you recommend for a first time cookie decorator?

Thanks for all your help!


Firstly, I must say that your page is a blessing. I've become even more dedicated to my baking since seeing your page and all of the beautiful work you make. Regarding this icing, I was wondering if it actually hardens? I am planning to try the icing this weekend but I will need it to harden, as I am packaging the cookies. Thanks and I pray that God continues to bless you and the work He enables you to create!


Your frosting is great! its easy to make and it looks gorgeous!
I just made a little bit to write on my cake, but I will use the rest on Sunday to cover my cookies! Thank you for sharing!


Sugar cookie and frosting is one of the best dessert ever! We might give it a try tonight.


#1: I LOVE this blog.
#2: I LOVE your sugar cookies and royal icing!!
#3: I'm having trouble with the frosting.. it doesn't always seem to harden.

How do you let yours dry? Do you leave them out on a table to dry overnight or longer? I'm having trouble because they are taking so many hours to dry that I can't stack them and I don't have enough room to lay them all flat. I'm also afraid of the cookies getting stale when I leave them laying out for so long.

Any suggestions?


does this icing dry quick?


i had the same problem with the longer drying time for the icing, i found that putting them in the refrigerator expedited the process, but the longer drying time makes the icing more forgiving, you can correct a mistake before it hardens, just have to pay the price in patience


hi, we do not have corn syrup here in Turkey, what else can ı use instead? ı love your cookies by the way :). thanks...


Hi Serap, I live in Greece and use glucose for all recipes that call for corn syrup.

Tju sylvia

Hi, I really love your work.I was just wondering....is the frosting going to be as harden as royal icing when it dry ?
I'm going to try your frosting recipe for the baby 1 month celebration for my niece & really need the icing on the cookies to be very dry cause I have to put each cookie in cellophane bags for gift....
Thank you so much ...

Simply Dawn

Amanda, I just tried your frosting last night and it was so fabulous. I didn't have the lemon, but I added some peppermint extract instead. I also used heavy whipping cream, since it was out already, and it was fabulous. We didn't wait for it to dry, that will be my next experiment. However, can we say TASTY!!!! Love the alternative to Royal!

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I will try my best to perfect it. Goodluck to me. :)


Sometimes my glaze dries "cloudy" any idea what could be causing this??


Hey Amanda!

I used your "fabulous" recipe last weekend and when i went to write, the icing seemed so slimy. When I piped out the word "love" you couldn't even tell it said it. I even made it thicker with adding less milk. This is a baking emergency...help!


Would you do a video showing how you ice the base of your cookies. It doesn't look like you outline first and then flood, but your icing follows the cookie perfectly...very impressed!


Hi Amanda,
You really are an artist. I admire your work and my aim is to one day hopefully be able to create pretty sweet cookies like yours. Does this frosting dry as hard as royal icing. Can you package the cookies using this frosting?

Carla Corsiga

Hi, is it possible that i can use this recipe like buttercream transfers? Do you think, i would be able to peel them off wax papers or acetate? thank you.


hi, i just discovered your website and im seriously considering setting up permanent camp next to my computer. Is it possible to use this icing for detailed desings, or will it run? Thanks!


It looks so peaceful... You could call it your "Peace of Cake."


Wait!! wrong spot!



I've been following your blog and your posts to LJ's bakebakebake community, but I have never made anything so far because it always seemed too daunting.
I really want to do some Halloween cookies for my students though but we don't have corn syrup here (I'm from Austria).

I found a suggestion that you could substitute by making your own syrup with 1 cup sugar and 1/3 cup water.
Since I have never even seen real corn syrup - do you think the consistency would come close to the real thing? Would this work with your recipe?

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