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Oct 28, 2009


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Your cookies are amazing and I will definitely be trying your recipes. The light color of the fonts on your recipe page are a little hard for my aging eyes to read, tho. Keep up the good work and kiss those sweet little faces over and over again. The years fly by. God bless and happy new year.

Pat WIght


I'd love to investigate your web site but your print on your web site is so light colored that it's very hard to read, especially the colored print. I have to angle my screen almost flat to be able to see it. I see someone else commented on it. I'm not an old person either.... Just wanted to let you know. Otherwise, it's a very cute web site.


Do you have any ood recipes for royal icing? I can never make my royal icing into a stiff enough consistency. By the way, I love everything on your blog... EVERYTHING! Im so excited to have finally found a blog the is AWESOME.


how do you get frosting for cake and sugar cookies to be fushia bpink??? or dark pink?? and lime green??


WOW!!!!!!!!!! You are an amazing baker and artist. Incredible work. I am so impressed.

It was nice to meet you at the Cat Cora event yesterday. Looking forward to getting to know you better.



I was wondering the same thing as Jill....how do you get brigth colors with your frosting recipe for sugar cookies..i have tried it but my color faded out after they dried( i used liquid food coloring)..any suggestions?


your cookies are beautiful!!! what type of decorating frosting do u use?

Shari Thorley

Love your site, and the fact that you post recipies that are definitely worth trying. Your imagination and talent is amazing!


I am interested in the sports cookies. The wedding will be in June 2011. Please let me know what arrangements need to be made and how far in advance.

Email: fs137yas@gmail.com



Ok, I adore you.


I was wondering with the 'white cake' recipe what size pans you use? Would you know roughly how many cups of batter it makes?

I think my pans might be a little small and I don't want to find that part out when its too late !

Thanks so much,


Just found you today! Your cookies are beautiful! You use the same icing as i do to decorate, do you ever have any problems with your icing getting spotty?

Deepali Jain

Hi, I just love looking at your cakes & drooling over them... I would like to know if you have a black forest cake decoration post on your blog. I want to bake & decorate one for my husband's bday next month. This will be my first full fledged attempt at decorating, so kind of panicky.. would really appreciate if you can guide me to the link of an already existing post if you have posted.

I'm a total novice & would like a real step step by step tutorial (am I being too forward & asking a lot? Sorry) it would be great if u can include recipes for making cherry pie filling, icing, chocolate shavings, sugar syrup... even the tools required

and last but not the least, we are lacto-vegetarians, so no eggs or gelatin in the recipe plz

i guess you will ignore such a demanding request :( but atleast i asked.

Jeanne Blandino

I love the look of the Reese's Peanut Butter White Chocolate Ice Cream in cupcake liners. I wanted to ask where you got the dark brown cupcake liners. Love this website.


My brownies suck - nothing I bake comes close to Duncan Hines brownies. I've looked on line - tried all "BEST BROWNIES IN THE WORLD" Nothing. I trust you - do you have a do you have a fudgie - chewie brownie that can beat DH Thanks

Marcie Ciscel

do you have a recipe for zuchinni bread? I am so in love with your site! do you have a facebook link? want to post your site.


Please let me know what frosting you used on your Best Chocolate Cake. I would love the recipe!



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