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Oct 28, 2009


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Thanks for kind comments on my blog. I was just visiting your blog to get links for the Rainbow cake recipe. I will probably post about making your cake this coming Monday. I love ALL your beautiful creations.

ashley h

Thankyou Im so happy you shared this recipe. what could be more fun for kids than a rainbow cake


I have heard using gel food coloring produces a super bright color without any bitterness the liquid coloring might add (especially the red!) have you tried any gels? Have you noticed any taste difference?

Sarah in SC

Oooh! I am so excited to try this pretty cake! Thanks for sharing!


Hello, and thank you so much for this great cake! I'm hoping you can give me some direction though. I tried making this cake tonight (as a practice for when I make it for my daughter's 1st birthday in a month). My frosting didn't seem quite right. It was not pure white (had a yellow tinge), and seemed really sticky. Any ideas?

Thanks again!


I made one!!!! I needed a conversation starter dessert for our neighborhood social mixer and this did the trick!!! I used different frosting, however. It was a real hit. Thank you for the inspiration. See it here: http://[email protected]


I made this cake in pastel colors yesterday and it turned out great! Too Cute!!!


I used gel food coloring and a little goes a LONG way. I added the color with a toothpick. Remember you can add more but you can't take it back out. :)

I also didn't use a box mix or this frosting. I used a basic buttercream.

Thanks for the idea and the tips to make it though, I would have NEVER thought of it on my own.

I used four (maybe six?) inch rounds for a smash cake (first birthday) and nine inch rounds for a normal cake. Turned out great!


How could I make this cake ahead a couple days? Is that possible??

Kristin Morris

So in Ode to your vivacious rainbow cake, I give you..... (drum roll please!!!) Rainbow cupcakes!!! TA-DA! Yes you can now start drooling! Saw your most awesome rainbow cake and figured that I would do it to some kuppies. To my surprise, they actually rocked!

Please see here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kuppykakesbykristin/4641304208/

And here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kuppykakesbykristin/4640695775/in/photostream/

HAHAHAHA, OH JUST ONE MORE! HERE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kuppykakesbykristin/4641302908/in/photostream/

P.S. I LOVE YOUR SITE!!! And so far, I think you rock as well!!!


Thanks. I think this is colorful recipe. But where is the picture of Rainbow Cake in your blog. I am not sure but I will make it as soon.


You're MY Inspiration!



I"m going to do your "Mother's Day Garden Party" cake. So is it okay to try to make a basic sponge cake with the fruits and food coloring?

Megan Berry

I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this uber-helpful tutorial! The cake was the highlight of my daughter's rainbow party. You should have heard the ooohs and ahhhhhs (and even a gasp or two) as I cut into the cake! Thanks for sharing!!

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It is awesome idea of making rainbow cake.It looks so different and colourful.I likes this ideas of cake.


Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I finally made this and it was a huge hit! I put Elmo on the outside, but told everyone the cute part was on the inside. It evoked a true WOW moment with the guests. Here's a pic http://tinyurl.com/42g9erf

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