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Oct 27, 2009


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Amanda Sikes

What kind of icing do you use as the "background"? The flat white that is the base. Would you mind sharing your recipe? I am looking for something like that but nothing I try dries flat and shiny like I want.

Amanda Rettke


This is the recipe I use for all my sugar cookies! :)




Wow!!! Your website is a feast for my eyes!!! I saw your Baby Shower cookies on the Pineapple Princess's website and I just had to come visit you here. Your sweets and treats are so beautiful and I love your photography!!! You have been bookmarked and I will be back often!

Amanda Rettke

Thank you so much!! What a huge compliment!! I stopped by mommy topics and it looks great! I could get lost in there!:)


Amanda your site is great. Found you on Tasty kitchen and happily followed to your baking blog. Can't wait to try out your sugar cooking and icing recipes this year! Keep your fingers crossed that my will look half as good as yours!


What type of icing do you use to write with? I use the same recipe you do to fill but when I go to write it seems to spread out and run together.


Amanda... you are so talented! Wow.



My son Zachary has an egg allergy, being that he is a twin we judt totally avoid giving either eggs and definately whites...

I picked up the recipe for the icing you make at Taste Kitchen and was so excited to see a "royal" icing with no eggs...I need to make some "eyes"...up til now I have been using marskmellow and chocolate chips...but would like to make something more hard candyish...

So my question, I just love the way your frosting looks so bright and shiney...

Does it harden enough to make "eyes" or Discs for "ears"???

I hope to hear from you soon...


Ive got a MASSIVE project at the moment making cakes for a 1000 bike riders (they eat ALOT) and there not going to be very interesting cakes, so i wanted to make some sugar cookies to go with them (just so i can have a break from baking boring loaves of date and walnuts). Im hoping i can make them look half decent but at the mo i cant afford to buy the really thin nozzles i might just end up making a big mess, but thanks for the ideas! and wish me luck. hehe.

THANK YOU for the inspiration.


I think I am in love with you!

I found your site yesterday and haven't stopped ooh-ing and ahh-ing all day!! Even my husband joined me in my admiration of your creativity. I cannot wait to start baking up some goodies!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Tanya - The Chatty Mom

I love all of these! And let's just say that I will be "taking" your sugar cookie class. :)


Hi there:
I made your cookie and icing recipes for a Christmas cookie exchange and loved BOTH of them - I'll never use anything else again - especially the icing one - that process is amazing - LOVE IT...anyway, I came across this the other day and immediately thought of you! Please do a Google search for: Edible Googly Eyes
I am sure you can put this idea to a fun use! :)

Take care.

Dia Lo

i like how you do the cookies, but how you make them cream shiny &stuff. cause i dont know how, lols. (:

Dia Lo

and also how you make the dough of the cookies in each different shapes?


Oh i just adore your work!! Lovely!


Holy Smokes! Beautiful! You are an artist!


Just found you via Pioneer Woman! WOW! Are you using a teensy weensy tip for lettering? Do you use the same icing for the lettering as for the background?

Someday I'll stop reading and collecting recipes and actually bake something! :o)


I'd like to use your recipe for sugar cookies and mail them to a friend. Any suggestions on packing them?


love love love


Ridiculously amazing! Never seen anything so beautiful! My most sincere congratulations!

I just wanted to ask you if you can share how you spread the icing on top of the cake. Do you use a spatula or a bag with a tip, because it looks perfect. I doesn't have any marks at all.

Just beautiful!


Sorry, I meant to say cookie not cake.

Kara@Cookies in the Cupboard

I want to be just like you someday! :) WOW!! LOVE all your cookies!


wow, you are just amazing!


I got the recipe for the background white icing but can you share the recipe for the icing to write? what tip do you use?

Marie (Chocolate & Wine)

These are unbelievable. How much practice did it take for you to get them to be this perfect???


Wow, these cookies are unbelievable! You are one very talented individual. I was looking for a tutorial to offer my visitors, this is fantastic, and of course you've given me the desire to have a go myself!

Thank you!

Laura @ Our House Of Joyful Noise

I am BLOWN AWAY by your cookie decorating talent!! Holy wow! What a gift you have.



I use your icing recipe on all my decorated sugar cookies - thanks for the recipe by the way! Do you ever freeze your decorated cookies? If so, do you have any tips?

Thanks and much love to you,



Wow Amanda, you rock!!! I wanna be like you when I grow up! :)


Amazing cookies, so clever.


These cookies are insane! What a gift!

Joy Benson

Amazing, with a keen sense of individuality and creative freedom. I love her goodies...and the instructions are spot-on.




Amanda,you are amazing. I have been looking at all your work and am truely impressed. I have been doing cakes and cookies for years and like you, started at a very young age but I can not believe how good you already are.I did your Rose cake the other day and was surprised at how easy and beautiful it turned out. Thanks for posting all the neat ideas. It has been fun to see such amazing work. Great job!


you are amazing.what a creative ideas you have and your all cakes and cookies are very impressed.while i'm serching to make a b'day cake for my 4 years daughter i just found your website.thanks god, your amazing work and neat ideas i will folow onward.thanks again.


Thank you for the inspiration. Some friends and I decided to give decorated sugar cookies a try. I've blogged about it here: http://somesomeandsome.blogspot.com/2011/06/friends-and-decorated-sugar-cookies.html. We've got a way to go before we're as good as you though! Thank you!


I'm super impressed with your skillz - I want to be just like you one day (though that day will probably be a long ways in the future seeing as my frosting abilities are terrible)!

Heather @ Sweet Sins

I am going to make engagement cookies for a friend and I love the pink lovelovelove cookies soooo much I am going to try it out! Wish me luck! I love doing sugar cookies but I never seem to decorate very well!!


Wow! This whole site is amazing! I cannot believe how one person could make all these different, delicious-looking treats! I just added this page to my favorites. I love to bake, but I never can find good, easy recipes, until now! Thanks for giving me more inspiration to bake!


You make the best looking cookies I have ever seen! So inspirational! Please keep up this amazing work!


All your cookies looks amazing. Amazing! I'm drooling a little bit...




Beautiful cookies. My Norwegian husband and I loved your cake flour video... stopped by your blog looking for something to bake today. :)


God bless you for sharing!!!! Your message on i can tell you the way to get to heaven but you have to know for yourself!!! Amen!!Brought a tear to my eye..smile..Gonna try recipe for my sister-in-laws bridal shower at church on Tuesday. Thank you for the cup of water ...refreshing

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