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July 14, 2011



Beautiful pictures!


Beautiful! I love rainbows too :) We had one similar a few weeks ago.

janmary, N Ireland

Gotta love a rainbow :)

Fortunately we haven't had so much rain as usual so not as many rainsbows - but I can cope!!!

So, how are YOU?

Heather Is...

Well, after reading this post, I then clicked on the "you might also like" links below it--which led me to fabulous pictures of rainbow pancakes and cakes and a rather controversial discussion about rainbows in general. I wanted to tell you that I love your blogs--they are always inspiring, always humble, funny, and oozing of Christian love. I love the way you incorporate bright colors into your baking, and the photos always make me smile. Keep up the great work and never let the discouraging words of negative people get you down.


Beautiful. :)

Account Deleted

Those pictures are beautiful. I always find rainbows to be so inspiring and pretty, but I never get a chance to capture it on film. Those colours are intense!


I love rainbows too! After my mother's internment (she wanted her ashes scattered over her favourite lake) and we returned to shore, we all went for a walk along the waterfront. A beautiful rainbow stretched across the horizon and my sisters and I all looked at one another and said *Mom* at the same time. Don't see a rainbow today without thinking of her :)


Beautiful, Amanda. I love God's timing for rainbows too. :) They always brighten my day. I hope all is well for your sweet family!


beautiful amanda! It's been awhile since i've visited you. life gets busy, right? ;) the kids are adorable!


Rainbows mean hope and I love that God reminds of hope frequently in nature!


I love rainbows, too. But double rainbows? Are simply uh-mazing! :o)

I remember when I was a little girl and saw a rainbow. Wanted to go search for the pot of gold at the end of it, but it was time for dinner. My mom said I could go after dinner...Then she probably went around the corner and laughed. *wink*


Hi! I'm not sure how I stumbled on your page but it has been such a blessing! I am a born again Christian who was raised in FL. After meeting my wonderful husband in Bible School, we got married and moved to North Dakota so he could take a position as youth pastor/song leader at a church. It was so neat to see the things we have in common! I will definitely be checking your page...your recipes look amazing! Thank you!

Amanda Rettke

What a small world!  My family is from Fargo... I still get up there once every couple months. :) 


It was nice to "meet" you Ashley!




I love this picture and I love rainbows. They remind us of God's perfect promises in our lives!

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