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August 27, 2010



I love, love, love the idea of putting Parker's pictures on one of the banners. So creative and such a loving reminder of his early years!


This is a lovely idea. You are infinitely more creative (and patient) than I am :-)


What a resourceful brilliant idea! Awesome! I love it when we accidentally think of something that turns out awesome! ;o)



Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

LOL! Oh me. You said BANNER not PLANNER. I was reading your post and thinking this has nothing to do with making a "planner" on a budget. Ha! Ha! Then of course I reread your post title and laughed at myself. Don't worry it happens to me all the time! OY!
So, uh, Nice BANNER my friend. Very thrifty thinking.


It turned our wonderful! I sure have been seeing a lot of stuff on blogs now that are made of paint sample swatches...I bet the paint people are wondering why all their swatches are disappearing so fast! They might not be to thrilled if they knew people were taking them for craft things & such :)


What perfect banner decorations!!! I love the pictures, too! So sweet and sentimental! You throw great parties! I see a book in your future! :)


great job! so creative!

Megan M.

You know what you should do now!? The one with all the pictures, stack them up, and tie a couple ribbons through the wholes in the top. Then, it's his Birthday Banner Scrapbook, too. (Without being 30 feet long!)


What a lovely idea! It looks great. I am thinking that would be an awesome thing to have at Katie's graduation party in a few years - complete with pictures of her throughout the years. Love your idea - thank you, once again, for sharing your creativity!!

Aimee @ Just Kidding Around Atlanta

Amy K

That is awesome! I love those colors. 30 ft.? You are a diehard entertainer! I love that you share your talents with us.


Wow this is perfect. Cute banner.


Again, I just love your ideas. I never have any good ones!

Erica B.

I really need to get into ur head, because u always have the BEST ideas. This is so cute!! Plus I bet they do other colors for different holidays so u could switch it up!!

bridget {bake at 350}

You are TOO COOL!


Love this idea!!!


That's genius. I never would have thought to use the plates! Thanks so much for the great idea, I'll be spreading the word.


As a big fan of garlands....I'm thrilled to see this one and am saving the idea!! :)
Great job!

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