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May 23, 2010



That looks really yummy! I love bacon, and chicken. I'm not a huge avacado fan, but maybe on a sandwich like this it would be good. I to stay away from lettuce, its mean to me. LOL.


You had me until "avacado".
Why don't you eat lettuce?


OH yummy! I wonder how many WW points that would be? :) hmmm Looks great though.


I have made a BATS sandwich before with bacon, avocado, tomato and spinach. I think any combo with bacon and avocado is a surefire hit!


Why don't you eat lettuce? For health (pesticide) reasons or because you just plain don't like it?!


Bacon! You know the way to my heart. :)


ooohhh peppered bacon! I want this sandwhich right now for breakfast :)

Avocado tip: Did you know that if you wrap your already cut Avocado in tin foil it won't turn brown??? (There may be a speck here or there but 98% GREEN!!!) no lemon juice required!


YUM! I love bacon, but not peppered bacon. Long (and gross) story, so I'll skip why I don't eat pepper anymore. But let's just say the Bacon from our local meat market is so good it might kill me.


And whatever about cooking. If you dream it up, it doesn't matter is someone else has too. That's my story and I'm sticking with it!


Glad to hear you are having a wonderful time at your parents! Your sandwich looks wonderful and I think I would love it grilled on a panini press.


Not an avocado fan at all. Or mayo. Or tomato. But the bacon and chicken look good!

Queen Mommy

I learned another pretty fab avocado trick a couple of years ago.... When you make guacamole, save the pit to put back into the bowl with the prepared guac. It will keep it from browning MUCH longer than lime or lemon juice! Seriously!

Janmary, N Ireland

Peppered bacon sounds good. The only way I like raw tomato in a sandwich but PLEASE can I have lettuce instead of the avocado?

( Just so you know how to make my sandwich when I pop over from Ireland!!!)

Michelle D

why do you avoid lettuce???


I'm with you on the avocado. I may have to bite the bullet this time!


Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! That looks amazing, except for the tomato! I avoid them, except in sauce and catsup! lol I also love peppered bacon ~ soooo good! Now I'm hungry, but I only have the bread and some turkey bacon from your list of ingredients!

Gramma Teetsie Thompson

Looks really delicious, but if you made it about a month ago I would think it might be a little moldy by now. eeeewwww Just kidding, looks great and can't wait to try one.


I also like to cook my bacon in the oven! Another trick I learned was to place another cookie sheet on top of the first one- that will keep the bacon flat and if you are cooking LOTS of bacon you can do a double decker of bacon or cook something else on the top pan and not have the uneven cooking heat flow issue!



Mmmmm, I recently fell in love with avacado and have been eating it like crazy! I have not heard of that sandwich, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to try it.

And, I have a sandwich for you to try if you haven't all ready. Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly. YUMMY!

You make it just like you would a grilled cheese, but instead of cheese, use peanut butter and jelly. Make the sandwich like you normally would, butter one side of the bread and place that side down on your pan. Butter the other side while the first side is grilling. Turn over and grill the other side. When it's done, you've got warm, gooey peanut butter and jelly!


What a great idea or this kind of weather we have been having(HOT AND HUMID) Anything with avocado works for's my new found love!!!


ooh i love to eat A LOT, too...we will have to do this together one of these days...i make several very similar sandwiches only i'm vegetarian so my bacon is termed "stripples" in the sub-culture i was brought up in and we have various soy alternatives to chicken, too...i like to use veganaise (i'm NOT cheese) mostly for the taste...i like the one made with grape seed oil...also include extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar...fresh spinach (instead of lettuce)...some sort of spicy mustard...dijon works...and i agree with you on the onion roll...can't wait to see your 600 photos! oh, and these food ones are awesome by the way...


YUM! I will have to have Chad pick everything tomorrow at the commissary so we can have this for lunch! I am not a fan of pork bacon, but LOVE and I mean LOVE Turkey bacon and it's healthier for you, a little less fat!


So sandwiches look devine. I think my children will love them. Going to try them this coming weekend


Okay, so my stomach is literally growling now. That looks amazing. Hope you had a great visit. We missed you this weekend.


You say avocado and I say where! Sounds amazing!!

Erica B.

STOP IT!!! This sandwhich looks beyond yummy.

PS - I just wanted to say I love your blog and everytime I come and visit I think I can't wait to be a mommy just like her, she seems so AMAZING!!! Plus I also like the face that no matter when I post a comment you always come by and say Hello, that is the bees knees to me.


Amanda, if I were stuck on a deserted island and could only eat one thing...I think it may be avacados. I LOVE them! I add them to sandwiches all the time. One of my fav's is my "gourmet" grilled cheese--sourdough bread, fried onions, bacon, tomatoes, 3 kinds of cheese, and of course, avacado. Yum!


That is a mighty sandwich!


I thought that I conceptualized bacon in the oven!? No, not really.. but I do love to cook it that way, no grease splatter cursing my darling aprons!
P.S. Thanks for making me hungry.


This looks great, Amanda! And I agree; sourdough would be great!

Have fun at your mom's house!


YUM!!! That is one of my favorite sandwiches! And peppered bacon is SO GOOD!

We have a sub place by our home that bakes their own bread daily and sells you their day old rolls for like 45 cents. This sandwich would be PERFECT on one of them!


What do you have against lettuce?! Poor salad greens...


Looks great - but sorry to say I don't like all---blech! :) I would love everything else - maybe would add some swiss cheese and lettuce - sometimes I will do a hot chicken sandwhich and then put the avocado on the chicken and then melt the swiss cheese over it -- yummy! :)Hope you had a great time at your moms!


That sandwich looks so tasty! I wish I had all the ingrients on hand....I might have to go to the store :) Who cares if your recipe isn't original --- it's the taste that counts!


My mouth is watering! Yummy!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love visitors! Oh and I'm sure you noticed that I linked my post today to your i am baker blog, hope you don't little Audrey's birthday is coming up and I want one of your cakes but I noticed you're booked through August I'm going to have to recreate one of yours-I'm sure it won't turn out though, I'm a falure in the kitchen!! (let me know if you do mind though and I'll delete it!)

bridget {bake at 350}

Why, YES....I DO want a BAT sandwich. Like NOW! How did you know I was starving? Where is that grocery delivery service when you need them?

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I also like to cook my bacon in the oven! Another trick I learned was to place another cookie sheet on top of the first one- that will keep the bacon flat


I did go out and buy some bacon the same day I saw your sandwich and we ate BLT's (hubby and I with guac.)the next day and they were super YUM!

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