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October 10, 2009



love LOVE LOOOVEEE! Audrey's banner! So girly and pretty. Great Job! (I write thing with my glue too...)


So, so cute. And it is not unorganized. :)

Say a prayer for our family today would you? Thanks.


Those are cute! Are your flower cut outs fabric or paper? If they are fabric are they all 'stiff' fabrics?
Thank you! I could so do these!


Cute idea.

Amanda Rettke

I used cardstock... I just drew a design out then cut it out.  Then used that design to trace and outline and cut out 5 more!

If you make one, you better send me pictures!! :)



Kami Rude

Super cute!


Looks wonderful! You did a great job, per usual!


I think I might have to try this...I'll send photos of course.

He & Me + 3

Thanks for sharing. I love this. Great job!


Awww! That is so cute! You sure are talented.

My Baby Sweetenss

Great idea! I am SO lacking in creativity, but your tutorial makes it seem like MAYBE even I could do it!

Thanks for stopping by my site! And thanks for the heads up on not needing cereal. I was beginning to worry that the munchkin was trying for baby Atkins (you know - kids and their fads... ;)).

sara @ domestically challenged

Ack! Now YOU scared me with your craftiness! I find it super duper scary, yet motivating. How bout I run for you and you craft for me? Deal?

Amanda Rettke

Yes, I accept that deal! 

Can I feed you cupcakes right before the race?  No?  What do you mean you cant eat cupcakes before the race?  What if I make them cute with a little Nike shoe on them or something?  What do you mean that doesnt make a difference.  It would be a super cute little motivational runner cupcake.  What do you mean that's even more frosting... whats wrong with more frosting?  I know there's a lot of sugar and hydrogenated corn syrup in frosting and maybe even some Red Dye 40 in the swoop... you mean that's not good for you??



I'll just stick to crafting.


Pineapple Princess

So, so super cute!!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High

I think it turned out super cute!


I love the banners, Amanda!
Just curious. Does writing love notes with the glue make the felt stick better? Cuz I used to apply ketchup and mustard to my kids' sandwiches in heart-shapes, and I was always convinced that made them taste better. *grin*


Ok, so, I was so completely going to make that same stinkin cupcake and bring it to your house and make you eat it. But then I got on here and while I shouldn't be surprised at your confection perfections, you had already out cupcaked me.



it's 8am and i am planning on going to work out. i haven't gone to the gym in 3 weeks since i've been so busy. just finishing some coffee, reading some blogs...getting pumped to go...and then i see that ham and swiss sandwich!!!! i guess my stomach saw it cause now it won't stop pestering me! "EAT! EAT! EAT THAT! FEED ME!". to which i say, "amanda doesn't live here. you can't have that sandwich." to finish my peach, banana, cherry, spinach smoothie (that seemed plenty satisfying until i saw something toasted in butter!)



terrific job! I swear you are a regular Martha Stewart!


Adorable! I think I now have an idea for one of the Christmas presents for my girls now! Cool!


oh, and i linked to this in my "not me!" monday blog. enjoy!


I love this! And will attempt to do it.
When my girls saw the banners on your blog they were like Ohh, Can I have that in my room.
So I will try it.
If I am successful, I will blog about it;)

Tina Fisher

Love it! I marked the post.

My question....when do you have time?


So cute...

I am so frustrated that both Walmarts in town discontinued their fabric departments. Fabric is so expensive elsewhere! I did stock up when Walmart had it all on clearance, though.


I haven't been over here in a week and there are way too many good head is about to explode! I love this so much....and am so going to do it....thanks!


Hey Amanda, I just wanted to tell you that I tried out this lovely craft, and it was so much fun! Had a great time, and it only took probably 2 hours total to come up with. Of course, I only had to do 4 letters, but still. ;)

Here's my blog address, if you want to check out the picture of my finished product! And I love your blog, BTW. Thanks for the great idea!


Hey Amanda, I'll admit, I have no idea how I got here, but when making letters out of fabric that I am going to stick to stuff, I just but iron on interfacing that turns my letter into an iron on. It is paper backed, you iron it onto the wrong side of the fabric. Draw or trace your letter in reverse on the paper side, cut it out, peel off the paper and iron it your custom fabric letter onto more fabric or even card stock.

I do love this and may need to bust some of my stash to make one for the end of each of my boys' bunks on their bed.

vibram shoes sale

... I just drew a design out then cut it out. Then used that design to trace and outline and cut out 5 more!

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